Rachel lives and breathes the world of magic. As an heir to the throne of a secret werewolf culture, she stands in the doorway to the spirit world, staring in the face of things her pack can only imagine. That is the way. Her parents understand, as does the next Alpha, Andrew, her predestined soulmate. But when the scale is tipped out of balance, they're both placed in a race against time to save their pack and everything they have ever known, plagued by a question of morality: What is right? Or, more importantly, what's wrong?


9. Andrew


Rachel raced off into the forest, and I bounded after her, my powerful legs bringing me to her side easily. I slowed down to keep pace with her, eyes wide and jaw gaping like a new pup. It was rather endearing, the way she charged through the trees, and my nose quickly caught the scent of where she was headed—the boundaries of the Grounds.

She veered right quickly, finding the control of her powerful wolf body much more quickly and skillfully than most. I followed her, my size making the turn difficult as I followed the trail of the perimeter. I could hear the laughter in her chest, escaping as short, high-pitched howls that nearly got lost in the wind. I yipped at her in reply, and she broke from the boundary to trot in a circle playfully. I followed and sat, watching her flick her tail at a curious raccoon.

After a moment, though, I froze, hairs on my neck bristling with the arrival of an unfamiliar scent. It took Rachel's newer senses a moment longer to pick up on my distress, and she turned to me with curious, trusting eyes. Too late, I recognized the smell of a predator.

I was on my feet and howling the warning call before they charged from the brush, dropping from the branches, but Rachel was netted in that instant. I bared my fangs on the nearest creatures, snarling viciously as it raised the butt of its rifle to beat my face with. I whimpered but took a nip at its heels, catching an ankle in my powerful jaws. With a simple flex, I heard the snapping of bones and blood gushed from the wound.

Suddenly, these predators were the taste of my prey.

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