Rachel lives and breathes the world of magic. As an heir to the throne of a secret werewolf culture, she stands in the doorway to the spirit world, staring in the face of things her pack can only imagine. That is the way. Her parents understand, as does the next Alpha, Andrew, her predestined soulmate. But when the scale is tipped out of balance, they're both placed in a race against time to save their pack and everything they have ever known, plagued by a question of morality: What is right? Or, more importantly, what's wrong?


7. Andrew


The chill night bit at me when I Changed, my tanned skin for my pelt. I shivered once and pulled my clothes on, dismissing the men who had patrolled with me. I sauntered back to my cabin, small in stature and just big enough for my full bed, walking space around and my duffle beneath the bed frame. The door opened slowly, the warm smell of another body already present piquing my interest instantly.

My eyes adjusted to the lighting quickly, a smile softening my expression and my entire being when I saw who was curled on my bed, snuggled deeply in the blankets and pillows. I sighed and closed the door behind me, sitting on the empty side of the bed as gently as I could. Even so, Rachel moaned groggily and picked her head up to stare at me blearily.


“Sh-sh,” I hushed her, crawling under the blankets where it was like a fire was roasting my skin. I opened one arm in offering to her, and she accepted, cuddling close to my side. I kissed her hair and tucked the blanket around her, happy. Simply happy.

This was what we had been lucky enough to be born to. Every responsibility and every life entrusted to our care, the worry and the aches, this was our thanks. From our pack, from Luna. That after every day, I could return to a warm home with welcome arms to greet me. That I had the luxury of such beautiful company, that was enough.

For the everything of my pack, this thanks is perfection.

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