My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


9. What Are The Odds?!

Morgann's view We were walking down the plaza, hoping that we would find Niall. Ashley was desperate to find him but we could find him another day considering that I might know where the studio that he and the boys work is at. You know crazed fan have stalker senses. We went to find a store to get Ashley a shirt at because she still has that coffee stain on her shirt which was a little embarrassing to her. We finally found a store that sells shirts that are about $10 and they looked pretty cute! She finds a red V-neck that has long sleeves. I really admired that shirt. It was simple and plain. But it should be purple or black. Those are my two favorite colors. I still can't believe that we meet THE Niall Horan! He was a sweet, cute, funny and hot guy! But I kinda saw some chemistry going on with him and Ashley. She just doesn't know that she's falling for him. She says that she has a crush on him but I think it more than a crush. We go outside and start walking around again. Gosh! This place is huge! I feel like I'm gonna get lost here if I don't have a leash around me! Finally a food store! I grabbed a cart and kicked my feet up like I was riding it like a skateboard. Ashley and I had a few laughs out of that moment. We went to the fruit and vegetable aisle, I was being my "mature" self and grabbed two melons and held them infront of me. Ashley snapped a pic of it and sent it on Instagram, we both were cracking up soo badly that I feel like everyone was watching us! But I didn't care. We went to the junk food aisle and picked out a bunch of candy and junk.

Me: We should totally have a movie night!

Ashley: Hmm... Sounds like a great idea!

Me: What can I say? I guess I'm a fricken genius!

We both start laughing but I guess I was laughing soo much that I bumped into a guy.

Guy: Oh god I'm so sorry... Ashley? Morgann?

The Irish accent, the blonde hair with brown roots, the smile with braces, the baby blue eyes. This can only be one person...Niall.

Me: Oh wow! Hey Niall!

I was kinda shocked finding him but I think it's finally time for Ashley to give him her number. She looks really relieved to find him though. I look at Niall and his eyes went a little wife but eventually those eyes settled down.

Niall: Uh... Hey! What are you guys doing here? You guys just can't stay away from me for one minute can ya?

He winks at us. Oh dear that boy has a lot of charm. I mean he's like the whole package for a girl! But what am I saying? This boy is for Ashley! The are mean to be together. But I'm kinda jealous that they have some chemistry going on. Maybe I'll meet my special guy sooner or later. Someday my prince will come and rescue me.

Ashley: Haha! Sure, Niall. Whatever you say, babe.

He looks like he's blushing. Oooo! This is getting good! I'm just gonna stand by and watch all the magic happen.

Niall: Haha! Well I really got to head home to the boys like right now. I'll see you lat-.

ASHLEY! THIS IS THE MOMENT! SING, TOM, SING! (Directioners should remember that! ;p) She grabs his wrist and writes her number on it! Oh my fricken god! Took her long enough! That's my girl! She goes behind his ear and whispers something. Couldn't hear it that well. Maybe it was something dirty. Ahaha! That would be hilarious is she actually did that. She looked at him deep in the eyes like in a seducing way... Oh dear she did say something dirty...right? Oh well. So Niall leaves the store and Ashley starts jumping around like a kid that is hyped up on Monster and candy!

Ashley: What are the odds of us running into him?!

Me: I don't know but you were really lucky this time!

Ashley: I guess so!

She kept smiling stupid but it was acceptable this time considering that she had a case of being lovesick.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I had some turkey and not to mention carrots! ;) mmmm... Oh and LIAM MADE A YOUTUBE!!!! :DDD IM SOO EXCITED LIKE IM JUST GONNA FRICKEN BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS!!!!! :DD I WANT HIM TO SING "Cry Me A River" AGAIN!!!! :DDD LOL! Love you little potatoes soo much! Like, favorite and or comment about what you think of it so far!! Thank youuu!!! :3

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