My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


8. We won't make that mistake again, Sweetheart.

Niall's view

I really like her. She's a bit shy but I'll help her get out of her shell. Not to sound selfish but who hasn't heard of me? I'M NIALL FRICKEN HORAN! Haha! She started to ask me some questions about myself. I was glad to answer them for her. So if I was gonna answer few questions, might as well sit back and relax. I kicked my feet up on the table without any worries or anyone telling me to put them down. I saw the girls giggling as I made myself a home at Starbucks.

Me: I'm Niall Horan from Mullingar, Ireland. I love food. I love when people have a great sense of humor. I love watching scary movies. I love Nandos! I love...

So yeah you get the point that I love this, I love that, I love everything! Except, Plastic Biber... I was getting quite tired about myself so I man up and asked her about telling me about herself.

Me: Well enough of me! Tell me about yourself!

She got a little nervous like it was her in a spelling bee. Her eyes also widened when I said that. Oh dear, hopefully she's alright with it.

Ashley: Well ok then. I'm Ashley Chavez from Pennsylvania. Grew up with Morgann Everson right here.

She points at Morgann. I started to stare at both of them. They were both adorable but I have my eyes on the redhead more.

Ashley: I was born with red hair. So technically all-natural girl!

Wow. Do you even know how many gingers are out there in the world? Only 3% and that's fricken cool to be apart of that little population! That made me like a lot more. I giggled when she said that though. An "all-natural girl"? Hmm... This might be alright.

Ashley: I love making new friends. I get shy a lot. I am an only child. I love scary movies also but not "The Woman in Black"! That movie scared the living crap outta me!

What?! The Woman in Black? Seriously? How can you be scared at that movie? Me and Morgann looked at eachother and laughed.

Ashley: Psh... Whatever you two.

My phone goes of and all you hear is "Fall so hard mothaf***ers wanna find me!" I thought it was funny and besides I listen to those kinds of songs. Yeah, you heard me right! I love rap music! I take out my phone and look at Ashley fist bumping in the air. That was pretty hilarious but unfortunately I had to answer the call.

Me: Hello?

Liam: Where are you, young man?

Me: Oh sorry I got caught in a little jam.

I winked at Ashley. She laughed silently but in the most cutest way.

Liam: Well whatever kind of jam your in, you need to go now cuz we have an interview at 4'o'clock.

Crap. Totally forgot about that. Oh and I almost forgot to get the Sass Master his carrots so I might as well swing around to get a bag of carrots.

Me: Oh shoot. Yeah sorry. I'll head over there I just need to go stop at one more place, ok?

Liam: Sigh... Fine but be careful out there. Bye, Nialler.

Me: Alright see ya. Bye!

I was sad that I can't talk to Ashley and Morgann anymore. Why does being a celebrity suck so much? I mean seriously, you don't get to hang with your friends, management goes out of control sometimes and plus your busy everyday. If I could only turn back time.

Me: Gotta go. I wish I could stay and talk to you guys longer but the boys were getting worried.

Morgann: Oh, no problem! Besides we need to get some stuff for our flat anyway. It was soo nice meeting you, Niall! Before we leave, can we take a quick snap of all three of us?

Me: Yeah! No problem!

I was on the right side of Morgann while Ashley was on her left. Gosh I wanna switch places with Morgann just to be with Ashley. I mean don't get me wrong about Morgann, she's sweet, funny and beautiful! But Ashley... There's just something about her that intrigues me. I was the only one smiling in the picture while the two best friends stuck out their tongues. Cute. I better get going before they start to think that I'm in the streets, drunk and doing an Irish jig. We say our goodbyes and shared our hugs. Both of them were kind and loving girls. I feel like this is gonna be a great start of a new friendship.

Morgann: Bye, Niall! See ya!

Me: Bye, babes!

I ran down the plaza and turned around to wave 'Goodbye'. I found a grocery store while in the little plaza. I went inside and went to the vegetable section, got Louis his bag of carrots. Ugh if Louis only got off his lazy, plum bum then I would have stayed with Morgann and Ashley. Plus if I didn't have an interview with the boys, I would have stayed longer with the girls. I also went to the candy isle and got me some junk food. I turn around and bumped into a familiar face.

Me: Oh god I'm so sorry... Ashley? Morgann?

Morgann: Oh wow! Hey Niall!

Me: Uh... Hey! What are you guys doing here? You guys just can't stay away from me for one minute can ya?

I winked playfully at them and both of them started to burst out laughing.

Ashley: Haha! Sure, Niall. Whatever you say, babe.

Did she just call me babe? If so then, sweet!

Me: Haha! Well I really got to head home to the boys like right now. I'll see you lat-.

Ashley then grabs my wrist and writes on it. She pulls me towards her and whispers in my ear, this time it was her turn to say it in a seducing way.

Ashley: Now we won't make that mistake again, sweetheart.

She sends me a flirty wink and I then had to say my goodbyes...again. Ok now this is gonna be a great year! I hope that I'll hang with her and Morgann before the tour starts. The boys definately have to meet them!


I've been hearing about this Haylor rumor and I'm not even sure if its true but if it is then I'm gonna go in my room with Ben & Jerry's and watch the Titanic.. But if Taylor is dating Harry then I hope she doesn't make a song about him. Cuz if she does, there's gonna be finna beef up in here! >:( well back on topic c: if you like this story, make sure to favorite, like or comment about what you think and plus I'm not hating on Taylor. I fricken love her to death and I always will but she better watch out of what she does to Harry. He has a young and fragile soul and I don't want to see him cry or brokenhearted..

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