My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


19. Visiting Places & Annoying Louis

Liam's View

I had the best breakfast of my life! The pancakes that Morgann and Harry made were fantastic. They make a cute couple and a great team. Once we finished our breakfast, we all got ready to go show the girls the rest of London. They have to meet Danielle! I love her to death but lately she has been busy cuz you know... Dancers these days are very busy. Rehearsing for big events. Just like us. Well except that we can't dance for crap. I wish that I was just a normal guy sometimes. It just pops into my thoughts out of the ordinary. When we all finished our breakfast, we all got ready to go out sightseeing. I got ready first because I already plan what cloths I'm gonna were everyday. When we all the boys got ready, the girls were taking a while.

Louis: Come on, girls! You need to hurry! It was YOUR idea after all!

Morgann: Calm your tits, Lou! We're almost done!

I started to laugh at her comment. Harry kinda whispered to himself a bit.

Harry: That's my girl.

Me: I heard that, Hazza. Technically, she's not yours... Yet.

Harry: I wanna get to know her a bit better though. She's got something that she's hiding. I can somehow tell.

Me: What would it be though?

Harry: I don't know... That's what I wanna find out. But I don't want to pressure her to tell me. I wanna earn her trust and not to force her to trust me.

Me: Oh Harry. You always have a way with words.

Harry: Thanks, Liam.

The girls enter the room, looking flawless. Ashley was wearing a mustard yellow dress that stops at her knees, with a tan jacket and some sandals that go up her ankle. Morgann was wearing a lacey, purple dress that was knee length as well. She also wore a little black jacket. Plus, some black boots. Niall goes to Ashley and wraps his arms around her waist. She jumped a little bit, not knowing he would do that.

Niall: You girls look amazing.

Me: Yeah! Beautiful girls.

Zayn: You girl took your time well. Louis should have calmed down a bit though.

Louis: Well THEY wanted to tour London! Haha.

Harry goes to Morgann and whispers to her loud enough that I heard what he said.

Harry: You look great, babe.

She blushes a new shade of red. Personally, I loved these girls already! Even though we just met yesterday. I have a feeling that Dani would be fond of them as well. We all exited the flat and Morgann stopped us for a minute.

Morgann: Wait a minute!

We snap our heads around to her.

Morgann: Could we go to our flat for a sec? I wanna get my camera.

Me: Sure, love.

Morgann runs to the stairs to get to her flat while we go into the parking lot. She literally lives right below from our flat! We arrive at the van and wait for Morgann. Louis was complaining a bit.

Louis: I gotta drive this time. Ugh.

Me: I could drive if you don't want to.

Louis jumps to the passengers' seat.

Louis: I'm ready.

Me: Well, we gotta wait for Morgann. DUH!

I heard giggling in the back of my seat.

Louis: I know that, smart ass. Haha!

Morgann finally came down from her flat and to the van.

Morgann: Oh my god! Is this the van that you guys rode on in the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video?

Harry: Yup! God, I miss the old times.

Me: Yeah, I know right? Can't believe that was almost 2 years ago. Time flys, doesn't it?

Ashley: I guess so. Even though I have never seen the video.

We look at her like she's some kind of psychopath.

Ashley: What?! Not my fault that I didn't do my research!

It got quiet in the van for a few seconds until I broke the silence.

Me: Well uh... We should be heading out... LET'S GO HAVE FUN!

Everyone: Yeah!

Niall's View
The girls looked beautiful today. I could take my eyes off of Ashley, noticing her beauty. She had a great fashion sense. Maybe she should be our fashion designer! Haha. Once we started to head out, Liam put on the radio and 'Glad You Came' came on. I didn't really like The Wanted. They were annoying, stuck up people. Especially, Max. I remember that Zayn called him, 'Clemidia boy', on twitter. Got a good laugh out of that conversation though! We all sang along to the song and had fun. We first stopped near Big Ben.

Ashley: Oh my god!

Morgann: Big Ben... Wow this is beautiful.

She snaps a picture of the tall clock tower.

Ashley: Should have brought my photography camera.

Me: You do photography?

Ashley: Yeah. I've took photography since I was in 9th grade.

Me: That's cool! Have you gone in the dark room?

Ashley: Duh! That's the only way I could develop photos and film.

Since I sat next to her, I put my arm around her and brought her closer to me.

Me: You should teach me how to develop film.

Ashley went behind my ear and whispered to me.

Ashley: I'd love to.

I smiled at her and she shot me one back.

Morgann: Hey, lovebirds. Why don't you stop whispering eachother sexy things and talk to us.

I started to crack up while Ashley's face turned red in embarrassment. She facepalmed herself.

Ashley: Oh my god, Morgann.

We drove to the London Eye next.

Morgann: I can't believe that we're here! I've always wanted to see the London Eye!

Louis: This is my favorite part of London personally.

Harry: Yeah. Me too.

Morgann kept taking pictures of the Eye.

Harry: You love taking pictures as well?

Morgann: Yeah! I think that photography is a great way to waste some time. Plus, it's very relaxing.

Liam: Ok then. Where to next?

Zayn: How about the Buckingham Palace?

Louis: Oh yes! Haven't been there in a while. It will take about 45 minutes to get there.

Me: Then step on it!

While we were on our way to the Buckingham Palace, we all started to bust out 'Crazy Train', trying to copy the car commercial. Haha. It was a fail, yet hilarious! Liam started to beatbox and Morgann tried to spit out some rhymes but no one can free style that well in this van. Well... Maybe Zayn but that's not the case. We all stopped the music and started to talk about eachother and our stories when we were little.

Harry: I think when I was about three, I held a tarantula for the first time and it didn't seem that bad.

Morgann: Oh my god. Eww! Spiders are my worst fear!

Zayn: Really?

Louis: Psh... Wimp.

Morgann: Keep you mouth shut and you eyes on the road, peasant!

Me: Dang, girl! Got some of that sass in ya! Love it!

Morgann: Thanks. Gifted i guess! Hehe.

Ashley: Hey guys. I have an idea.

We all huddled to see what her idea was.

Ashley: Let's all bother Louis by telling him, 'Are we there yet?' while poking him.

She whispered. We all nodded and giggled a bit. Louis looks in the rear-view mirror then gives us a suspicious look.

Louis: What are you kids doing?

Me: Oh nothing.

Hehehe... This is gonna be fun.

Me: Harry you go first.

He nodded his head.

Harry: Punpkin, are we there yet? Huh? HUH?!

He kept poking his shoulder. Louis looked very annoyed and sighed loudly.

Louis: No, Pumpkin. Not yet.

Harry was done with his turn and now it's mine. I started to poke Louis neck a bit. Then he got a little annoyed again.

Louis: What, Harry?

Me: Not Harry, BooBear.

Louis: Oh hey, Niall. What's up?

Me: Oh nothing. Just wondering, are we there yet?

Louis: Like I told Harry, "No".

Me: Oh ok.

I passed my turn to Morgann. She went next to Louis' ear and whispered to him.

Morgann: Are we there yet?

Louis: You guys really wanna piss me off, don't ya?

Morgann: We're not pissing you off.

Louis: Ok then. If someone bothers me again, then I will stop this van on the side of the road.

Morgann: Ok, Lou.

She taps Ashley on the shoulder. Ashley shakes her head 'No'.

Morgann: Why not?

Ashley: I think that Zayn should do it.

Zayn: Well... I do like pissing him off... Ok! I'll do it. Thanks, Ashley.

Ashley: No problem, Zaynie.

Zayn: Zaynie? Now your giving me cute nicknames. Haha.

Ashley: Just go, pretty boy.

Zayn: Haha. Alright, Alright.

Ashley is such a caring person. Thinking of other people before herself. How more amazing can this girl be? Continuing, Zayn taps Louis' shoulder and Louis gets real irritated.

Louis: Oh my god. Please tell me that it is something important.

Zayn: It is! It is! Trust me.

Louis: Ok what is it?

It got a bit quiet but then Zayn finally told him.

Zayn: Are we there yet?

Everyone jerks their bodies to the left, knowing that Louis was ACTUALLY pulling the car over. I realized that Ashley was close to my body. The force of the car was pulling her to me like a magnet.

Ashley: Oh! Uh... Hey!

Me: Hey there!

Ashley: Well uh... This is kinda awkward.

Me: A little.

My lips laid next to her ear, as I whispered to her.

Me: But you look beautiful close up.

She looks at me and blushes.

Ashley: You're not too bad yourself.

She winks at me. I let out a laugh after what she did.

Ashley: And I thought Louis was joking.

Me: You can't usually sense if he's joking or not.

The car stops at a parking lot.

Ashley: Well I guess we learned our little lesson.

Me: Yeah. I know right?

We both laughed at how our idea was a bit childish but it WAS fun! I opened the door, got myself out then I let out my hand for Ashley to grab it. She gladly took it. Everyone else got out of the car as well.

Louis: Ok you guys... You really pissed me off but thankfully we are here!

Uh... What? Everyone looked at eachother with confused faces.

Me: But you told us that we went there yet.

Louis: I heard you guys giggling and whispering. Don't you think I can't hear from behind me, little children.

Ashley: Hehe... Sorry, Lou Lou.

Louis: It's alright. I remember when I was your age, I would act like that.

Morgann: Uh... Louis, you know we're 18, right?

Louis: Oh I know! Gotta live while you're young anyways! Am I right?

Everyone: Heck yeah!

I was still holding Ashley's hand , which she didn't notice until I looked at my hand. Then she looked down as well and never let me go. I feel like I'm getting closer to her than I expected. Just gotta get to know her a bit better then ill ask her out!


Again, I'm VERY sorry that I haven't updated! (Well except for the author's note lol) but I feel like this chapter is a bit cheesy but oh well! I think it's a long chapter, to make up for not updating lol XD well anyways, I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and a great New Year! I saw a picture of Louis, Harry and Niall drunk on New Years Eve. I thought it was fricken hilarious! XD lol all of them were sticking out there tongues lol! I love you guys soo much!!! :) xx
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