My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


23. The Revenge Plan with Spoons

Morgann's POV
I can't believe that just happened... I'm talking about Liam! But the kiss with Harry was unbelievable too. Can that boy tie a cherry stem with his tongue? Out of all the guys I've kissed in the past, Harry's was the best. Back to Liam though. He knew that we were hiding but didn't bother to seek us? Oh no. No,no,no,no,no. NO!

Me: Hey Hazza?

Harry: Hmm?

Me: I think we should seek some revenge on him.

Harry: Oh my god! I was thinking of the same thing!

Me: Great! Then were on the same page. What should we do?

Harry: Hmm...

He pops a cheeky grin on his face.

Me: Nothing involving strippers or nothing sex related.

Harry: Ha! Well then I have no clue.

I just then popped an idea in my head.

Me: I think I might have a plan... I'll tell you it when we get back home.

Harry: Ok, love.

He grabs my hand and firmly grips on it. I look at him hand and then to him. I smiled. I haven't been smiling this much since my parents passed away. Yeah, my parents passed away. I lived in a foster home right next to Ashley's house. Luckily, I found that girl and she helped me through my depression. We've both been through depression. But then our friendship made us stronger. When she would get sad, mad or just bored, she would come over to the foster home to hangout. She would always sneak out her home so that she can resolve her problems with me. Back to reality, Harry and I were talking about how we would get back at Liam. Everyone got back together and we all decided to get to a group picture and pose some funny poses. I got a notification on Twitter saying that I was in a mention with Ashley. Louis tagged everyone in the photo and said "Had a nice time around Birmingham!!! Love these people! :) xx". I received loads of followers and I said out loud,"Woah."

Ashley: You see what I'm seeing, right?

Me: Followers?

Ashley: Yeah! Oh my god. Now I have about 6,000 followers!

Me: Same here!

Louis: Don't flatter yourselves, Ladies.

Me: Boobear, please.

Louis: Oh no you didn't!

Everyone: Oh yes she did!

Louis: Whatever you guys. Your lucky that I'm even driving your asses home!

Ashley: But you still love us though!

Louis: Mhm...

So we started to do some sing-a-longs and Harry sang 'The Campfire Song song' out of nowhere. But we all sang along to it as well. Once we got back home, the boys brought us to their house so that we could get our stuff from the sleepover. They walked us to our house like the gentlemen they are. When we got to our flat, they all said bye and Harry was the last one to give me a hug 'goodbye' and whispered to me,"Text me when you wake up so that we can do that little plan of yours, ok?"

Me: Ok. I will. Bye!

The Boys: Bye!

We both walk into the house and plopped down on the couch.

Me: Today was so fun!

Ashley: Yeah, I know right! Sorry that me and Niall left you guys.

Me: Oh that's no big deal. Really. Aha.

She looked at me weirdly. I started to look away.

Ashley: Oh my god! He kissed you didn't he?!

Me: Maybe...

Ashley: How was it?

She winked at me while I started to stare at the ceiling.

Me: I felt like my insides were exploding. I was like 'WOW. What just happened?' Haha.

Ashley: Aww!

Me: Well what about Niall? Did he make any moves on you?

Ashley: Not really. He's trying but he's taking it slow. I can tell.

Me: Yeah... I think it's time to get some shuteye.

Ashley: Ain't that the truth! Haha.

We both changed into some PJ's and eventually talked a bit more then fell asleep.

~*~* Next Morning*~*~

I woke up an immediately texted Harry saying,"Hey, just woke up. We still in for it? ;) x"

He texted back saying, "Oh yes... Make sure to bring as many spoons as you can ;) xx"

I replied,"Ok,"Babe". I'll see you in a few. Actually I'll text you when I'm at the frontdoor, ok?".

He said,"Alright,love. I'll see ya."

I got ready to go to their house. I went to the kitchen drawer and grabbed as many spoons as I can. I grab a plastic bag, put the spoons in it and then headed out the door. It took me about 5 minutes to get there and I texted Harry saying that i was there. He opens the door and hugs me.

Harry: Ready to fill his room with spoons?

Me: Definitely.

We both run into Liam's room and quietly, place about a hundred spoons eveywhere. Now we just gotta wait till he wakes up. Hehe... Good luck, Payne.
Poor Liam! I feel like a bad person now -.-" lol oh well! Go their new cover on replay and LOVING IT!!!!! :DDD I have a project to do, packing and other crap coming up sooo yeah. I'll see if I can write if I have enough time lol. Love you guys!! :D <3 xx
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