My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


4. The Perfect Two

Morgann's View We finally got to our flat and it was a cute little place but smaller than it looked online! Stupid real-estate websites. But it looks like it could fit a party of like 15 people. When me and Ashley are together at a party, no one can stop us! We went to a party once with me her and Matt, then Matt and Ashley were almost about to... You know. They were kinda drunk but I thought it was flipping hilarious the way that they acted but Matt was kinda pushing her to do it with her. I couldn't let that happen. She would probably regret it if she had his kid with her. So I grabbed her and took her with me back to home. Now look at her and I! We're living together and having fun on the first day. Ashley told me that we should get some vanilla beans as a treat after we were done unpacking our stuff. I started blasting my 1D throughout the whole flat but I'm a carefree girl. If anyone tries to turn off my music, oh I turn evil. You could ask Ashley. I love music soo much that I'm gonna get a music note tattoo on my hand. We finally finished unpacking and left the flat to get our delicious drinks! We walked about 2 blocks just to find a little plaza. The plaza had a lot of restaurants and shops then finally we found a Starbucks. We go into the coffee shop and I could already smell the aroma of coffee. Couldn't stand coffee, so that's why I drink vanilla bean. Ashley payed for our drinks and we left the shop.

Ashley: Mmm... Vanilla beans are the bomb!

Me: Haha! Who even uses that term anymore?

Ashley: Apparently, I do!

She all of a sudden, bumps into a familiar blonde-haired boy. Why do I know him from somewhere? I studied his features. His Irish voice, blonde hair, blue eyes, the braces on his smile... Oh my god. Niall Horan is in my best friends' presence! I was freaking out in the inside but I had to get Ashley's attention anyway. I fake coughed, they both start staring at me.

Ashley: Oh umm... I'm Ashley. Ashley Chavez and this is my partner- in-crime, Morgann.

Hehe... That's more like it. I go near him and put my hand towards him. He shakes it with a smile on his face.

Me: Morgann. Morgann Everson.

Niall: Niall. Niall Horan.

Me: Yeah I know who you are.

Ashley looks a little confused. I know she's gonna ask how I know him.

Ashley: What? How do you know-

Told you so.

Morgann: One Direction.

She takes her phone out an looks at it then looks at Niall. She looked quiet surprised but I wasn't because I ACTUALLY do my research on One Direction. I guess research pays off whenever in need. Knowing that Ashley only listens to them but never pays attention at the cover of their album. Oh my god I feel like I'm fangirling too much in the inside! I swear my face has the most straightest look right now but in the inside, I'm just screaming my head off! But just gotta keep it cool so that I don't wanna scare Niall. He looks like nothing would scare him away right now because I see some "connection" going on between Ashley and him. Wink! Wink! They look like they could be a cute couple. More like the perfect two.

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