My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


14. Sleepover with the Boys

Zayn's view

We all look at the front door and hear some squealing. Looks like the pizza delivery girl knows Ashley. She brings her inside of the house and may I say, this pizza girl is beautiful. It looks she dyed her from brown to an auburn. She has dark chocolate eyes and a beautiful smile. Morgann jumps out of her seat, gasping. She runs to the pizza girl and hugs her tightly.

Morgann: Oh my god! Alexx! I thought I'd never see you again.

Alexx: Well I'm here now! Haha!

Ashley: Ok. Now explain why your in London! Tell. NOW.

Alexx: Ok! Ok! Well remember that I leaft school in 10th year? Ashley: Yeah. Alexx: Well... I was qualified to go to college early because I was too smart aperantlly.

Beautiful? + Smart? = Great combo for a girl. Smart girls are hot also and even when they're beautiful, that's just extra points right there!

Morgann: And how come you never contacted us then?

Alexx: Well doesn't it cost money to contact people in the States?

Ashley: Oh... Oh yeah.

Alexx: Yeah but it was difficult to try to contact people back from home. Ya' know?

Morgann: But you could have found us on Facebook though.

Alexx: I didn't know you guys had Facebooks'! Ill look you up when I'm done with work. Ok?

Ashley: Well before you go, I'd like for you to meet the boys. 

Alexx: Ah. Your "children".

Morgann: Their our boys! Ahaha!

They walk her over to us and her eyes opened up.

Alexx: Oh my god! You guys are One Direction, right?

Louis: Yes, love! It's nice to meet another one of Ashley and Morgann's friends! I'm Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson.

Alexx: And I'm Alexx Adams. It's nice to meet you, Louis!

She gives him a big smile. Next, she came to me. I don't know why but my heart was racing really fast. I took my hand out for a handshake but I wanted to be a good impression on her.

Me: I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik.

I took her hand and kissed it. She seemed that she was blushing a lot.

Alexx: Hehe... Hello, Zayn. I'm Alexx Adams. It really nice to meet you.

Zayn: You too, babe.

Alexx: Hehe.

She giggled after I said "babe". She had this effect on me that just made me want her. I couldn't help myself but just stare at her. I know it's kinda rude to stare but she was worth it. She met the rest of the boys but unfortunately, she had to go back to work. We all have our goodbyes to her and I have her a hug. She was warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear. Liam pulled me aside and asked me a question.

Liam: You fancy Alexx?

Me: Uh...

Liam: Don't lie to me.

Me: Yes...

I mumbled my answer.

Liam: It's ok, Zayn. No need to be embarrassed to fancy a girl and not be able to tell me.

Me: Haha. Thanks, Daddy Direction.

Liam: No problem, my boy.

We both went back to the living room and everyone started eating the pizzas.

Me: Aww. Come on! You guys ate without us?!

Niall: Sorry, Zayn. But you know me. Eating anything that's infront of me!

We all started laughing. I grabbed 2 slices of cheese pizza. We all started to talk about random things. We talked about childhood memories, tour, etc.

Ashley: Well I guess it's time for Morgann and I to go.

Louis: Wait!

Louis, what are you thinking of?


Ashley's View


Louis: Wait!

Me: What?

Louis: Maybe since you two live near us, you guys can sleep over!

Sleepover... With boys? Well my parents aren't here with me, I'm 18 now, I don't want to disappoint the boys and I love them already. Hmm...

Me: Well...

Niall: Please?

Harry: Meow! Please?

Zayn: I'm sexy. You can never stay away from me.

Zayn winks at me and I laughed.

Me: Oh I can't stay away from you, Zayn. Like you have this sexy magnet that attracts me.

Everyone laughed like little children. I swear, these guys are soo flirtatious!

Louis: We can all have a "good time"!

He winks at Morgann and I. Both of us laughed it off.

Liam: Please! It would be an honor to hang with you guys! We could stay "Up All Night"! Eh?

Morgann and the boys got the joke but for me, I felt a little left out.

Morgann: It's the name of their first album.

Me: Oh! Haha! I don't pay attention that much.

Louis: Soo? WHAT DO YOU SAY?!

Me: If you stop yelling, then... Sigh... I guess we stay.

The boys: YAY!

Louis: Time to party!!!

Zayn: DJ Malik all night long!

Niall: Ill go get the popcorn!

Me: Of'course, Niall.

Morgann: Wait! We need to get our stuff then!

Harry: Ok. Well we won't start the party without you so go back to your flat and get your stuff! Hurry!

Me: Hazza, calm down. Haha!

Morgann an I left their flat and into ours. We grabbed a pair of pj's and afternoon clothes. I grabbed some silly string from our kitchen cabinet drawer. If your wondering why we have this, it's because we use this for parties!

Morgann: You ready to go?

I held up a can of silly string.

Me: Ready as ever. Hehehe...

Morgann: Ok. When we get to their flat, lets spray them when they open the door. Sound good?

Me: Genius plan.

Morgann: Haha! I know.

She winks at me playfully. We walk up to their flat door and knocked.

Me: Ok. Lets go in for the kill.

Morgann: Roger that!

Niall opens the door and before you know it, Niall was half Irish and half rainbow.

Niall: Crap!!!

Me: Hahaha!

Niall: Your gonna pay, Ashley!

Me: Try to catch me!

I ran into the house and I look to my right to see Morgann spraying the boys with the canned string. I feel someone's pair of arms around me. Oh Niall. I started to laugh. Niall lifts me in the air.

Me: Niall! Put me down!

???: It's not Niall.

I turned around and see Louis.

Me: Louis?! I thought you were Niall for a second!

Louis: Well you definately guessed wrong, babe! Haha!

He swings me over his shoulder.

Louis: Superman is saving you!

Me: Louis! Put. Me. Down!

Zayn: I'll save you!

I remembered that I still had silly string in my hand. I took the can and sprayed Louis's hair.

Louis: Ah! The string!

He throws me on the couch. I landed on someone and it was Niall.

Me: Sorry Niall!

Niall: Haha! It's alright! Now... Time for payback!

He starts tickling me. I have the most sensitive sides ever! I could help but to laugh in pain.

Me: NIALL! Please stop!

Niall goes to my ear and whispers softly in it.

Niall: Paybacks' a bitch.

Me: Your such a tease, Niall.

Niall: Oh really?

Me: Yeah really.

Niall: Whatever you say, babe.

He picks me up bridal style into the kitchen and puts me in a chair. He also sets himself into a seat.

Niall: So... You having fun so far?

Me: Yeah! I having had this much fun since...

The memories were flowing back... About Matt... I remember that we used to have a lot of fun. Going to the park and playing on the swings like we were little kids. He would also take me to an ice cream parlor and he would order a Rocky Road cone for us. I can't cry infront of Niall. It's too soon... I can't tell him about me and Matt... Atleast not yet.

Niall: You ok, Ashley?

Me: Huh?

Niall: You alright?

Me: Yeah! I'm fine!

Niall: Ok then... Want a cup of tea?

Me: To be honest, I've never tried tea before.

Niall: Really? You'll love it!

Me: Well there's a first time for everything... I guess I could try it.

Niall: Ok! I'll whip up us some then.

Me: Ok!


Morgann's View


Oh my god this is so fun! I haven't had this much fun in a long time! With Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam, we were unstoppable when it came to fun! Where's Ashley? And Niall? I walk into the kitchen but I wanted to give them some alone time. But I couldn't help but watching them being adorable around eachother. Unfortunately I had to stop stalking them. I walk into the living room to see Liam and Zayn having a popcorn throwing contest. They kept missing some pieces but I bet they're noobs at this.

Me: You guys need to practice on your throwing. Haha!

Liam: Oh really?

Zayn: And you think you can do better?

Morgann: Heck ya!

I threw the first popcorn in the air and caught it.

Me: Epic win mofos!

I could hear Niall screaming from the kitchen.

Niall: That's my word, mofo!

Me: Haha! Sorry, Nialler!

I had a urge to go to the bathroom but uh... Where is it?

Me: Louis! Where's the bathroom?!

Louis: At the end of the hall!

Me: Ok! Thanks!

Wait... There are two halls. Ill just have to guess which one it is. I walk all the way down the hall, I open the door to... a naked Harry. Great.


Harry: Should have knocked, babe.

Me: This isn't the bathroom then. Well I'm guessing.

Harry: Sorry, love.

Me: Uh... It's fine. Just... Just put on some clothes for Pete's sake.

Harry: Are you sure about that, babe?

He winks at me. I feel my cheeks burning with blush.

Harry: Aha! Made ya' blush.

Me: Please put some clothes on, Hazza!

Harry: Ok! Ok! Will do. Ill see you out there.

Me: Uh... Yeah. I guess so. Haha.

Wow, that was awkward as heck! Can't believe I saw him naked though... But I ain't complaining.


Louis' View


Hehehe... She went down the wrong hallway... Mission accomplished. I decided to text Eleanor. I missed her soo much.

Me: Hey babe!

Eleanor: Hey sweetheart! What's up?

Me: Nothing much. Just hanging with the boys and a couple of new friends.

Eleanor: New friends? Who are they?

Me: Yeah! They're really sweet girls. Niall met them both yesterday and were just hanging around with them. Both Niall fancies one of them and her name is Ashley. Harry fancies the other girl. Her name is Morgann.

Eleanor: Aww! That's cute! I wanna be there soo badly!

Me: In about a month you can though! Then you can see me, the boys an meet the girls! :)

Eleanor: True that! Ok well I gotta go eat some dinner aha! I miss and love you oh so dearly! Ttyl! Bye bye! :* <3

Me: I miss you too and I love you to death! Bye baby! Luff ya! Ttyl! :) <3 xx

God I miss her soo badly... But it's only a month before I get to see her. I want to hold her in my arms right now and cuddle with her while watching "The Notebook". But time flies by though so technically I get to see her before I know it! I just can't wait! I can't wait for her to meet Ashley and Morgann! She'll love them! Until then, I'll have to hang with the crew. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OMG! I am sorry for the long wait! I've been busy with homework and stuff lol like I'm not even kidding! And..... PAYZER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD IM SOOO HAPPY!!! But Haylor is still bothering me... -.-" I love you guys soo much!!! Like, fave, and comment about what you think!!! :) xx

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