My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


5. Possessed Remote?

Ashley's View

I watch Niall go into Starbucks to get me another drink considering that my other was ruined. Morgann looks at me with a 'Admit-It-You-Like-Him' face. I started to blush into pink.

Me: What?!

Morgann: It's obvious that you like him!

Me: But we just met...

Morgann: You know there is such thing as "Love at first sight" and that's your situation right now.

Me: But I don't love him... For me it's defined as a crush. Not love.

Morgann: But you got feelings for him.

She winks at me and I started smiling and nudged her playfully.

Morgann: I mean like who wouldn't wanna tap that hot Irish boy.

Me: Oh my god, Morgann!

I started to crack up and clapping my hands. He is pretty hot but she's says it's "love at first sight". I don't see myself falling hard for a boy by just looking at him. But he's a different one. Seems so...Innocent. But I know one thing of how to get a guy to like you, all you gotta do it make them chase for you. Teasing him more likely. But I wouldn't do that but I do know a friend that would do that. I haven't talked to her since year 10 in high school. Her name was Alexx Winter Adams. Morgann and I used to call her "Double A" . We were close friends but then she left my school in year 10 in the middle of the year. We were kinda sad but we haven't talked to her since. I wonder where she is now?

Me: Well he's cute, Morgann! I can't just be like "Oh hey you're cute! I'd tap you!"

Niall: Oh really?

He says it in a seductive and flirty way. I turn around blushing like a rose! He winks at me and starts giggling.

Me: Umm... We were just talking about... Uh...-

Morgann: A possessed remote controller!

Me: Uh... Yeah! Possessed remote controller!

Niall: Sure... And since when were "possessed remote controllers" cute?

Me: Gosh it's like you don't know about how cute the buttons on it and you just wanna tap them!

Niall: Hmm... But a "possessed" remote though?

Morgann: Yup! Exactly!

She makes a popping noise on the 'P'. I was embarrassed that he heard our conversation still. But then we made the most random excuse. EVER. "Possessed remote"? Really Morgann?? Oh well.

Niall: Well anyways. Here's your drink.

Me: Thanks, Niall.

Niall: Your accents are weird. Where are you from cuz I can tell that you're not from here.

Me & Morgann: Pennsylvania!

Morgann: Born and raise there!

Me: Yeah! Haha!

Niall: Haha! Are you two sisters or something?

Me: Best friends!

Morgann: Yeah. We have always been wanting to move to London and now look at where we are!

He smiles at us. Ugh... His smile makes me just explode! Darn you Niall! Why are you soo cute?! I can't even believe I was talking to him. But he feels like a normal person around us. You know what they say, "Treat others the way that you would like to be treated."


Hello!! Ahh!!! I can't believe their new album came out today! COMMENCE THE FANGIRLING!!! :D well anyways, thank you for reading this! I hope you like it so far! Don't worry! There are more to come from my mischievous mind! >:3 muhaha! Soo anyways, Comment, Like an or comment about what you think about it so far! :) love you all!! xx stay strong!

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