My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


13. Our Five, Lovely Children.

Ashley's view Well... Mega Mind was an interesting game to play. I loved how Louis was always acting like a kid and living while he's young. (Ahaha! See what I did there? ;p) He had sass, spunk, and A LOT of energy. Zayn was a mysterious guy. He was sweet, chill and a little outgoing I guess. Plus he has tattoos! That made him seem more awesome! Harry was such a flirt. No wonder why Morgann likes him. Plus he had a real smooth and deep voice. He was cute, cheeky and weird at times. Liam was protective and acted like he was a parent. But on the other side, he was a true gentleman. He was adorable as well. Wow, how come no one informed me that they would have an affect on me? When we finished getting them to know us, we all agreed to watch a movie. Liam: Can we watch "Toy Story"?! Louis: No! Let's watch "Click"! Niall: Haha. No! We are definitely watching "The Possession"! Harry: You guys can just be quiet cuz were hands down, watching "Love Actually"! Zayn: I really don't give a flying crap about what we watch. Morgann: Oh my god, you guys. How about a marathon of movie then? Me: Yeah! That seems fair enough cuz we get to watch all of your movies! They all nod to agree with Morgann. The boys took their place on the couch and didn't give me nor Morgann space to sit down. So I sat on the ground, resting my back on Liam's legs. Morgann say next to me while she had her back on Harry's legs. Liam: You girls shouldn't be sitting on the floor. It's very uncomfortable. Me: It's fine, Liam! Liam: Let's switch places! I don't mind sitting on the ground, plus I wanna be close for "Toy Story". Me: Ok, then. Lets switch! He grabbed me by the waist and put me in his seat. I was now sitting next to Louis and Niall. Harry: Morgann, you don't look comfortable either. Maybe you should sit with me. He winks at her. Her lips formed a smile while blushing. He takes his hands and grabs her waist and sits her in his lap. He whispers something in her ear but it was faint. She starts giggling. What did that boy say? Me: Zayn, put on a movie please! Zayn: Ok, calm yourself girl! He snaps his fingers in a 'Z' formation. This boy had some sass in him as well. Haha! Liam crawls towards Zayn and grabs his legs. He puts on one of the most adorable puppy faces in the world! Liam: Zayn, Can you pwease put on "Toy Story"? Morgann: Oh my god that's so adorable! Me: I know right? They all looked at us weirdly. Me: Puppy faces are adorable! What do you expect us to do? Put on straight faces? Zayn: Yeah, possibly. We all started laughing. Then after 30 seconds we stopped and looked at the screen. We all saw Woody being played by Andy. Gosh, this movie brings back childhood memories. Well memories when I actually had parents. I started to think about them and started to tear up a bit. I can't do this infront of the boys. Not now. It's time to have fun with them an just watch movies. I looked over at Morgann and Harry, which they seemed "comfortable" around eachother. Harry had his arms around him and puts a huge grin on his face. Morgann leaned back a bit and rested her head on his shoulder. I wanted to take a picture of that moment with them. It was a cute sight to see. Niall starts looking at me. He smiles at me then comes close to my ear and whispers in it. Niall: You ok? You have a few tears. Me: Uh... I'm fine. I get emotional during these movies. Lie. I never cry at a Disney movie. I looked down at Liam and notice that he's crying. Aww! It's kinda cute when a guy cries. I bend down to Liam and whisper to him. Me: Are you ok, sweetheart? Liam: Shh! This movie gets me emotional! Me: Aww. That's cute. Liam: I guess it is. I rested my back on the couch. I tilted my head to rest my head on Niall's shoulder. I got a glimpse of Niall looking at me. He started turning red. Aha! I guess I have that effect on boys! We finished "Toy Story" and then we were kinda tired and plus it was about 6:24. There is no way that we would finish watching all of the movies! I got up and stretched while yawning. Me: Hey guys, we should probably eat. Niall: I can agree you with that. Harry: Has Niall told you that he likes to eat a lot? Me: He mentioned about loving food. Harry: He has? Well then would you like to know more about me? He comes closer to me like legit. Right infront of me. I started to blush a lot. No, no, no! No more blushing, Ashley! I can feel my face getting warm. Harry: Well I already know that you blush easily. He winked at me. That little tease. I smacked him on the arm, playfully. Me: I'd like to know more about you. Considering that we live near eachother. Harry: Really?! That's so cool! Now we can barge into eachothers flats! Me: Well...Lets not do that, please? I like my privacy. But if you knock then that's fine. Haha! Morgann: Oh I don't mind if he comes into our flat. I REALLY don't mind. She winks at him and a smile danced across his lips. He showed his dimple which, I thought was cute. Harry: Ok! What time, babe? Morgann: Anytime. Anywhere. We all started to crack up! I had to stop this before anything else was gonna happen. Me: Ok well I'm gonna order some pizza. What do you guys want? Most of them yelled cheese and pepperoni. I didn't mind. I fricken love cheese! If I could, I would marry cheese. I ordered the pizza and then sat down on a kitchen stool. I feel my phone vibrate and checked who the text was from. My heart dropped when I saw who it was from... Matt. I feel tears streaming down my face. Remembering that I had a life with Matt before. Now he should be glad to have that slut-of-a-girlfriend. I opened up the text and it read: Ashley, I really need to talk to you. I'm sorry I left you for Victoria. Please forgive me. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I love you. xx -Matt Oh god. Please kill me now. I don't want to deal with this crap right now. Wait a minute... He's in Pennsylvania. I'm in London. Would I even dare to text him back? I forgot to tell him that I moved to London. I still don't want to tell him. I don't want him to be sad. I had some faint feelings for him but then again he still had a hole in my heart that wouldn't go away. On the other hand, I want to tell him that me and Morgann are on the other side of the world. Ugh I need to get this done and over with! I decided to text him back which, I said: Matt, I love you too. But only as a friend. I can't hide this anymore but I moved to London with Morgann. We can never get back together no matter what. I have a new person that I like. He is a gentleman unlike you. Which incase you didn't know when we were drunk that one night at Lizzy's party, you took advantage of me and almost had sex with me. He wouldn't do that to me. I know it in my heart. So I'm sorry if I sound harsh but I think we should just forget about eachother and move on. Goodbye, Matt. -Ashley I threw my phone down on the counter. Everyone looked at me. I don't know how to handle this. Zayn got up and looked at me. Zayn: Are you ok? Were you crying? I wiped my tears and sniffled. Me: Yeah. I'm fine. He gave me a hug. I hugged him back. I feel like we're gonna be great friends/neighbors. Zayn: Do you want to talk about it? Me: No. Not right now. Maybe later, ok? I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and answered it. It was our pizza! Finally! Delivery girl: Here's your pizza and that will be... Uh... Ashley? I scanned her face. She seemed familiar. Wait a minute... Oh my god! I do know her! Me: Alexx?! Oh my god!!! I dropped the pizza on the floor safely. I bear hugged Alexx and she did the same to me. Alexx: Oh my god, Ashley. I missed you soo much! Me: Me too! Besides may I ask why YOUR in London, missy? Alexx: Well... It's a long story. Me: Well Morgann, I and the boys have time. Alexx: Morgann?! And the boys? You and Morgann have children already?! Me: Oh yes... The boys are our children. Definately our crazy children whom Morgann and I love the most... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok... I got little bit in trouble but I really need to focus on school. So if you don't see an update then you'll probably know why then. I saw pictures of Liam and Danielle together in NYC and I started to fangirl!!!! If they get back together, oh dear lord help me get up when I fangirl too much! XDD ahaha! Ok well anyways, thank you for reading this story so far and if you like it, please favorite it, like it or leave a comment about what you think of it so far! Thank you soo much! I love you guys!! :) xx

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