My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


7. One Last Time

Ashley's view Oh my god... I still feel embarrassed that Niall heard our conversation. God knows what's he thinking in his head right now. I still feel like my cheeks are burning due to blushing like a tomato. I actually want to get to know him a little better. Probably have a few banters, you know?

Me: So since I've never knew that you were in One Direction, what's it like to travel around the world?

Niall: It's really cool. Getting to meet fans, well mostly girls.

He sends me a wink. No, Ashley! Don't you dare blush!

Niall: And trying out new food!

Morgann: Haha! That's sounds cool!

Niall: It really is though.

Me: But don't you get homesick most of the time? Like thinking about your family and stuff?

This conversation got a little serious but not too serious.

Niall: Oh definitely. I worry about my family's safety everyday. But I call them as much as I can to see what's going on. They always worry about me also like if I ever get trampled by a fan or something.

I giggled at the fact that a fan could actually jump on him. They just keep trying to steal his heart but I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend already.

Me: What about your girlfriend?

Morgann looks at me weirdly. But then looks at Niall.

Morgann: Sorry. She doesn't do her research as well as I do.

Me: What are you talking about?

She comes closer to me, trying to whisper something in my ear. Gosh, we're making the BEST impression on this boy. Already whispering things in front of him

Morgann: He's single.

She whispers. My eyes kinda grew. Oh god. I feel stupid now. I looked at her and playfully punched her lightly in the arm.

Me: Well anyways! Tell us about yourself or matter of fact, tell me about yourself. Since this brainiac knows too much about you.

Niall: Haha! I'd be glad to tell you about myself. I smiled at him when he kicked his feet up on the table and leaned back his chair. Niall: I'm Niall Horan from Mullingar, Ireland. I love food. I love when people have a great sense of humor. I love watching scary movies. I love Nandos! I love...

So he basically told me all of the things that he loved. I'm off to a great start in this friendship/relationship! Very sweet, honest and adorable guy! I started to grow a little attached to him.

Niall: Well enough of me! Tell me about yourself!

Oh god... I'm not really good at this. No worries, Ashley. Just go with the flow. Leave out Matt and his girlfriend, your family, and your problems from two years ago.

Me: Well ok then. I'm Ashley Chavez from Pennsylvania. Grew up with Morgann Everson right here.

I pointed at her. We started to laugh together.

Me: I was born with red hair. So technically all-natural girl!

I laughed at myself then Niall giggled at me. I could get used to this!

Me: I love making new friends. I get shy a lot. I am an only child. I love scary movies also but not "The Woman in Black"! That movie scared the living crap outta me!

Niall and Morgann laughed at me.

Me: What?! It's true! I really didn't like that movie and I'm totally not amused to say that...

Well maybe a little. It was scary though. I even heard that the play itself was scary!

Me: Psh... Whatever you two.

All of a sudden we hear a ringtone go off. It was a very familiar rap song. Oh I know it! "N****s in Paris"! Oh I love that song! Can't blame a girl to like rap music! Niall answered it.

Niall: Hello? Oh sorry I got caught in a little jam.

He looks over at us and gave a wink. I smiled and Morgann started to giggle. A lot.

Niall: Oh shoot. Yeah sorry. I'll head over there I just need to go stop at one more place, ok? Alright see ya. Bye!

We looked at him during the whole conversation. First of all, my eyes were already glued to him. Second of all, he was talking on the phone. So either way was fine.

Niall: Gotta go. I wish I could stay and talk to you guys longer but the boys were getting worried.

Morgann: Oh, no problem! Besides we need to get some stuff for our flat anyway. It was soo nice meeting you, Niall! Before we leave, can we take a quick snap of all three of us?

Niall: Yeah! No problem!

We got together to take a cute picture. Niall smiled while me and Morgann stuck out our tongues like rocking out in a ACDC concert. I wish that we could hangout a few more minutes. He came up to me and looked me in the eyes then embraced him into a hug. I felt safe in his arms. He was really warm. Then he went to Morgann and did the same.

Morgann: Bye, Niall! See ya!

Niall: Bye babes!

He smiled at us and waved 'Goodbye'. After he ran off down the street, I realized that I forgot to give him my number.

Me: Oh crap! Morgann! Should have gave him my number...

I looked at the ground, sadly I was a little too late.

Morgann: No worries, Ashley!

I looked up at Morgann. She looked happy even though I didn't give him my digits.

Morgann: I'm sure we'll run into him again. He technically lives here in London with the other boys.

Yeah... Maybe she's right. Maybe we will bump into eachother. I think that we were destined to meet eachother. Not sure why but it feels so right. Oh just remembered that we needed to go grocery store to stock up in our flat.

Me: Well we had our fun and meeting a new friend but we need to go to the store to pick up some food for the flat.

Morgann: Oh true that!

We started frolicking around the streets of London when we finally find a grocery store. I couldn't get his image out of my mind. His light blue eyes, blonde hair, smile that was covered by wires, his kindness, his everything! If only I got to see him one more time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just saw Breaking Dawn part 2 and it was amaZayn!!! :DDD personally loved it! If you like/love it, please favorite, like or comment about what you think! :3 love you little potatoes! :)

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