My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


12. Mega Mind & Falling For Eyes

Morgann's view

I was fangirling in the inside. I was soo excited to meet the rest of the boys! I'm pretty sure that Ashley is gonna be happy to see her sexy Irish boy. I wonder what Harry thought of me. But now it's time for Mega Mind!

Louis: Hello! I'm your host Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson! And this is... MEGA MIND! Now we have two new contestants. State your name, young ones!

Me: Uhh... Morgann Everson.

Ashley: Ashley Chavez.

Louis: Ok so we're gonna ask some questions and you guys have to answer as fast as you can. Alright? Ok, here we go. 3,2, banana!

Louis: How old are you?

Me & Ashley: 18!

Ashley looked at me and we both started to laugh in sync.

Louis: Ok, Ok. Calm down you two! Now focus!

Harry: What is your favorite color?

Me: Purple is my first and black is my second!

Harry: Nice choices, love.

He winks at me. Oh my god. Harry winked at me. Harry winked at me? Oh god I need to stop fangirling! Ahh! Morgann, stop blushing!

Ashley: I can agree with Morgann about the black part but that's my second fave. My first is red.

Louis: Nice choice, ladies.

Liam: Can I ask a question, Louis?

Louis: Yeah, daddy!

Liam: Wait a second. I'm the dad which I don't need permission!

Louis: Screw you, dad!

Liam: Louis William Tomlinson! Go sit in a corner for 5 minutes!

Liam points a corner right behind the couch where Ashley and I sat. I swear to god that I was dying of laughter!

Louis: Whatever... Peasant.

Liam: Wanna go for 10 minutes?

Louis: No...

Liam: Ok then! Continuing with Mega Mind. What is your favorite movie?

Me: Alice in Wonderland!

Ashley: Hercules!

Liam: Ahh! Disney movie! I love you already!

Liam gives Ashley a high-five eachother. I don't usually watch Disney movies often but if there was nothing on tv but Disney then I would watch it. Louis yells from the corner.

Louis: If you were a boy, Which girl celebrity would you have a crush on?

Liam: Ok, 5 more minutes for you!

Louis: Darn...

Me: Demi Lovato!

Ashley: Beyónce!

Yeah. Demi is fricken beautiful! She's awesome, pretty, talented, what else can't that be? Ashley loves Beyónce! That's like one of her idols. I mean don't get me wrong, she's beautiful but I think Demi is kinda better than her.

Me: Ok I think Louis should get out of the corner! You guys kinda asked some lame questions. Ahaha! No offense , boys.

Harry: Psh. Offense taken, love!

He called me "love"! The way that he says it with his deep, sexy voice makes it soo cute! I just can't help it! I couldn't help but to blush soo much!

Harry: Love, your turning red. Are you ok?

He snapped me out of my thoughts/day dreaming.

Me: Huh? Oh yeah, yeah! I'm fine!

He stares at my eyes. He smiles at me then sends me a wink.

Harry, why do you keep doing this to me?! I wish I can say this out loud but you are a sexy British god! Hehe... I think it sounds better in my thoughts... For now.

Liam: Fine. Louis, your out of the corner!

Louis: Yay!

He runs up to me and embraces me really tightly. Oh no. Asthma is reacting

Me: Louis... Let go... I have asthma...

Louis: Oh my god! Sorry, Morgann!

Yeah I have asthma. It sucks cuz if my friends give me a bear hug, then I react in about 10 seconds. I hate having asthma... And plus I have claustrophobia but it only happens when there are too many people huddling around me. It feels like a cloud of darkness comes over you and next thing you know, I'm out like a light.

Me: I-It's fine, Louis. I'm ok. Now can we continue the questions?

Louis: Ok, ok! Lets continue. Who would you do in this room right no-

Ashley: Ok! I think that's enough questions for today! Thank you very much! Haha!

We all started laughing. I felt like these boys were my brothers already! They were sweet, hilarious, adorable, cheeky, and hot. I felt like 'love at first sight' hit me when I first saw him on the "What Makes You Beautiful" video but when I saw him in real life, I fell into his emerald eyes and I felt lovestruck.

Hey guys, I won't be able to update for a few days cuz I'm kinda in trouble soo ya... Until then, please be patient! (You know who you are! ;p) but be sure to like, favorite, comment about what you think so far! :) love you all!! :) xx
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