My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


11. Meeting The Boys

Niall's view

I'm soo excited to see Ashley and Morgann! Can't believe that they live near us. I told the boys to get up their lazy, sleepy butts up and get ready to meet some new friends. Zayn didn't really take this well considering that he loves his sleep more than anyone in this flat plus Perrie broke up with him last night. We all felt bad for him. He needs to meet Ashley and Morgann. Who knows? They might end up as great friends!

Me: Zayn?

His hair was sticking in all directions , his eyes were red and puffy.

Me: Zayn... You gotta get out of bed.

Zayn: Why should I?

Me: Because we're gonna have a couple of friends over.

Zayn: Well too bad cuz I am not leaving this bed... I loved Perrie but noo. She had to cheat on me and go with some douchebag name William.

( I'm not hating on Perrie! I love her and Zayn together! I just want this to have some drama! That's all!)

Niall: Well you're gonna have to get over her sooner or later. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Zayn: Yeah true... But I still love her though.

Me: Listen to me, Zayn. I promise you that you will find a better girl than Perrie. I swear. Now please get up and get ready before they come.

Zayn: Fine.

I got up from the edge of his bed when he called my name.

Zayn: Oh and Niall.

Me: Hmm?

Zayn: Thanks.

Me: That's what best friends are for.

I went up to him and gave him a brotherly hug. We broke apart and got ready for the girls' visit. I went to my room and opened up my drawer to find an outfit. I picked out a green tank top, baggy tan pants, and a green SnapBack. I exit my room and into the living room where I find the other boys there.

Harry: Soo... Who are these "friends" that we're meeting?

Me: They're really cool. Trust me.

Liam: Who are they?

Me: They're two girls.

Louis: Ooo! Two girls, eh?

He winks at me.

Me: You guys will love them! They are real sweethearts!

Liam: When did you meet them?

Me: Wow you guys are full of questions today. Aren't ya?

Liam: Answer the question, Niall.

Me: Gosh, Liam! Being very protective lately. But I met them yesterday. They are hilarious, sweet, nice, and infact pretty.

Zayn: Can't wait to meet them.

Me: Me too! But except I'm excited just to see them again!

A few minutes later we hear the door knock. All of us ran to the door but Louis go there first. He opens the door and I see the same two pretty girls I met yesterday.

Louis: Hello, loves!

He greets them with a gentle hug.

Louis: My name is Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson! You can call me Lou, Carrot King , Sass Masta but the list of nicknames go on for me! Ahaha!

Ashley starts laughing which her laugh is a little squeak but a very loud squeak. Dear god, her laugh is like an angel!

Zayn: But he doesn't like when people call him "BooBear" though.

Louis: Zayn!

Ashley: Haha! BooBear? Louis, I think that's a cute nickname though!

Louis: But it's embarrassing.

Ashley: Don't be embarrassed! I've been called worst!

Louis: Really? I'd like to hear!

Ashley: Well I've been called Pippy Longstocking, Gingy, Carrotop but ill stop there for now. Haha!

Louis: Haha! Well those ARE kinda bad though!

Ashley: See? I told you so!

I pushed my way to get to Ashley and to see her beautiful face.

Me: Hey.

She looks down at the ground and smiles while blushing a little.

Ashley: Hey!

I also greeted her with a hug. My head rested on her shoulder. I went to her ear and whispered to her.

Me: I'm really glad to see you again, babe.

I can feel her body warm up a bit knowing that she's probably blushing right now.

Ashley: Well I'm happy to see you too, Niall.

She smiles like the bright, shining sun.

Me: Come and meet the others, you two!

I took Ashley's hand and lead her to Liam.

Liam: Hello, love! I'm Liam. Liam Payne.

He grabs Ashley's hand and shakes it. She smiles at him.

Ashley: And my name is Ashley Chavez.

Liam: Well it's very nice to meet you, Ashley.

Ashley: Nice to meet you too!

She goes to Harry and greets him.

Harry: Well hello! I'm Harry Styles. You can call me Harry or Hazza.

Ashley: Hazza?

Harry: Haha. It's a long story but ill explain it to you later.

Ashley: Haha! Alright well "Hazza" I'll talk to you after I'm done talking to the others, alright?

Harry: Hmm... Sounds fair, babe.

I grabbed her hand again which first I wanted her to meet them but then again, I wanted to hold her hand as long as I can.

Me: This is Zayn Malik. Zayn, Ashley. Ashley, Zayn.

Ashley: Nice to meet you Zayn!

She grabs his hand and shakes it. Then she scans his tattooed-covered arm.

Ashley: Wow! I love your tattoos!

Zayn: Thanks!

Ashley: I especially love the "ZAP!" and the microphone tattoo. Those are pretty epic.

Zayn comes close to my ear and whispers to it.

Zayn: I like this girl already! Great taste in tattoos.

Me: Haha!

Ashley looks at me with a confused face.

Ashley: It's not polite to whisper and not share info!

Me: Sorry but it's was private, babe.

I winked at her and a smile escapes through her moist-looking lips.

Me: Well I think you met all of the boys now-

Louis: Let's play Mega Mind!

Ashley: What?

Louis gasps in a shocking way.

Morgann: Uh. She doesn't really watch you guys. She more of a fan of only your music.

Louis: Ok well it's just a simple game like 21 questions. But you have to be quick with your answers. Plus, it's a great way to get to know you better!

Ashley: That sounds fun! But I think that Morgann should go first!

Morgann: What?! Uh...

Harry: Aww... Come on, Morgann! Please?

He puts on a puppy-dog face which works with all of us.

Morgann: Ugh... Fine.

I go near to Harry and whisper to him.

Me: You fancy, Morgann?

He nods his head. Well I guess we got a cute couple over here! Ahaha! Green eyes meeting up with bluish-gray eyes. Personally if I look at them side to side or next to eachother, they might actually be able to be an adorable couple. He'll probably get to know her a little better from Mega Mind.
Hmmm... Liam Payne making a YouTube + Eating Cookie Dough Bites + Watching "The Campaign" = Awesome week so far!! :D ahaha! Sorry if this was a short chapter. I promise to make a HUGE chapter next chapter! :) like, favorite or comment about what you think of it so far!! I love you little potatoes!! ;) xx
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