My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


2. London's sights & Cute Boys

This is gonna be awesome! Can't believe we're here already! Who knew that London would be so peaceful once landing there? To be honest, I had miss home already. But, for now on I guess I just gotta suck it up! Morgann kept jumping up and down do too much excitement. Gosh, all the things we could do here! I don't even know what to do first. Should have planned further ahead of time. We needed to go to our flat first to drop our crap off. We took a taxi there and Morgann was singing "Live While We're Young". Personally, I think the taxi driver was annoyed. But, Morgann didn't even care. She's just a carefree girl that has talent! She can sing like a fricken angel but she always says that she can't dance for crap even though she took dancing class in high school. We arrived at our flat and don't get me wrong but it was somewhat like a Telly-Tubbie gathering hut. Don't ask me why but it's just me.

Morgann: Flat, sweet, flat!

Me: Haha! Ok well after we put our stuff away, we should grab a vanilla bean!

Both of us never liked coffee. I know it's crazy but it's true!

Morgann: That sounds great! Let me just blast my music while at it.

She puts her iPod on shuffle and Taylor Swift came on.

'Loving him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street...'

We knew this song by heart. I remember when it came to the 'Re-e-e-ed' part, we would point at something red in the room. Oh, Taylor Swift. Why do you have to make such great music? Once we we're done, we both headed out to get ourselves a drink. I have to say, the sights here are beautiful! Wasn't raining. The sky was blue and a few clouds we're flying across it like a ship sailing across the ocean. We looked around for at least one coffee shop. Finally found a Starbucks, got our drinks and walked outside.

Me: Mmm... Vanilla bean are the bomb!

Morgann: Haha! Who even uses that term anymore?

Me: Apparently, I do!

We both laughed so hard that I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going and bumping right into someone. Oh my god, my skin was burning like hell! This person spilled their coffee all over me!

Me: Oh my god! God, that fricken burns!

Stranger: Oh god! I'm soo sorry!

Sounds like an Irish accent. An Irish person in London? Hmm... Weird but ok. I looked at the person and he had the most beautiful Sapphire eyes that I've ever seen! Well and Morgann's eyes too but his was like lighter and on top of that, an Irish accent and blonde hair! Looks like it was dyed because I could see some brown streaks in it.

Stranger: Are you ok?

Me: I'm fine...

I looked at him up and down a little.

Me: I'm REALLY fine...

He giggled at my comment. What did I just say?

Stranger: Well I'm glad you like what you see.

I blushed a little. Then I giggled.

Me: I'm sorry. Haha. Gotta watch where I go next time.

Stranger: No. It's my fault. I was looking at my phone. You know technology these days can be distracting.

We look at eachother. Not loosing eye contact then Morgann interrupted us with a 'Hello-I-Am-Still-Here-You-Know?' Cough.

Me: Oh umm... I'm Ashley. Ashley Chavez and this is my partner- in-crime, Morgann.

I smiled at him and Morgann came up close to him to give him a handshake.

Morgann: Morgann. Morgann Everson.

Stranger: Niall. Niall Horan.

Morgann: Yeah I know who you are.

What?! How did she...? I tilted my head in confusion.

Me: What? How do you know-

Morgann: One Direction.

He's in One Direction? I took out my iPhone out and looked at their cover. There he was. I guess that I SHOULD have done my research on them.

Niall: Again I am really sorry. Oh god I even ruined your shirt. 

Me: It's fine, Niall! I'll just go to a store while walking here.

Niall: Okay then... But atleast let me get you another drink. Yeah?

Wait where was my drink? I thought I had it in my hands. But the pain from the coffee hurt soo much, that I dropped my vanilla bean... Crap.

Me: Ok. I didn't even realize my drink dropped. Haha!

Niall: Haha. I'll be right back, love.

Oh my god the way he said 'love'. God I just want to... Uhh... Never mind. But I guess I could get used to London now!

Hello! I can't wait to write more! >:) got a lot of ideas coming up in my "rebellious" mind! But I hope you like this story so far! Please comment what you think! Like or favorite it, if you like it so far! :) thank you! :) xx

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