My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


10. "Call Me Maybe ;) "

Ashley's view

Ahh! I can't believe that we found him! I finally gave him my number so that we can keep in contact. When me and Morgann got home, we put our groceries away and put out the popcorn and candy! Movie night!

Morgann: What should we watch?

Me: I don't know. It's your choice!

Morgann: Hmm...

Oh no. She has that troll face on her. What is that girl thinking? She gets up and puts in a movie which started of with screaming girls. This wasn't a scary movie. It was more like a... Concert. I start hearing some boys singing beautifully.

Me: Uh... Morgann? What are we watching?

Morgann: One Directions' Up All Night tour movie!

Me: Oh dear, Morgann.

Morgann: Well you gotta listen to their music more often!

Me: I'll think about it.

'Then we're like Na, Na, Na! Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah. Always like Na, Na, Na! Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah! No we can't make up our minds! Cuz we think we got it right! We go Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na!'

I have to admit, that song was cute and so were the boys. Especially my blonde with blue eyes... Niall. Morgann fangirled over one of them named Harry Styles. I have to admit that he's hot and adorable but I find that Niall is my type. The movie was over and we ate all of the Skittles, Junior Mints, Jolly Ranchers and Airheads . We never ever eat the green apple ones because its our little joke about green apples! Those boys have talent, I mean like REAL talent! They're actually pretty good live in concert. Well at least they don't lip-sync like Britney Spears does in her shows. Both of us fell asleep on the couch and not even moving into our bedrooms considering that we had an adventure today.

~Next Morning~

I woke up to the smell of bacon. The smell was good but I don't know why but I just hate the taste of it. Well I remember my dad would make me bacon in the morning when I was little. Maybe that's why I'm sick of it. Ugh... The pressure in my head just thinking about my parents and the night they kicked me out, just bringing me to tears...

Morgann: Ashley, are you ok? Are you thinking about them again?

Me: Haha. You definatly read me like a book. Don't ya, Morgann?

Morgann: I guess that's my specialty! Haha!

Me: I guess so. Soo... What's for breakfeast except that-

Morgann: You hate bacon. I know, I know. I've heard it all!

She raises her hands but in one of them was a spatula.

Morgann: We gonna have some eggs!

She sings out loud which lead me to laughing. Gosh, this girl is hilarious! My phone starts ringing.

'Hey I just met you! And this is crazy! But hears my number, so Call Me Maybe?'

Yup. That's my kind of ringtone. I see that it's and unknown number. I picked it up anyways. I was curious who it was.

Me: Hello?

Unknown: Hello? Ashley? You sound way... Different on the phone.

Me: May I first ask who this is?

Unknown: Niall. And this is the redhead that wrote her number and 'Call Me Maybe? ;)' on my wrist?

Me: Yes, indeed I was the girl who did that. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the blonde, short, cute leprechaun I met yesterday right?

Niall: Hey! I'm not short... It's just in the family! And why yes indeed I am that blonde cutie that you met yesterday.

Me: Don't worry, sweetheart. If it makes you feel better, I'm a leprechaun shortie too.

Niall: Hmm... Yeah I guess it does. Haha!

Me: Psh... Whatever, Niall. So what's up?

Niall: Oh nothing much. Just wondering if you would like to come over and meet the boys since you only got to know me and not the other boys.

Me: Umm... Ok! Sure, why not!

Niall: Oh and can you bring Morgann too?

Me: Ok hold on. Let me go ask her.

I muted the phone just invade this situation adds up with some intense fangirling and screeching.

Me: Hey, Morgann.

Morgann: Jup?

She has a mouthful of eggs in her mouth. I gotta warn her to swallow her food before she screams.

Me: First, finish your food that is in your mouth.

Morgann: Ok. Now tell me!

Me: Niall wants to know if you would like to come over to meet the boys with me.

Her eyes widen and also some mouth dropping. Please no screaming! Please no screaming! I hear her saying something like "Be mature. Be mature."

Morgann: Ahem. I would love to attend this meeting.

Me: Your soo dorky when your trying to be mature.

Morgann: Well you don't want any screaming. I can tell.

Me: Touché.

I unmuted my iPhone.

Me: Niall, are you still there?

Niall: Yup! I'm here, babe!

He's soo cute when he says "babe"! It makes me smile soo much.

Me: She said yeah.

Niall: Great! Want me to pick you up?

Me: Umm... Sure that would be fine. When are you even picking us up?

Niall: Now.

Me: What?! Ok well uh... If you get here early then the door is gonna be open and if Morgann is done getting ready first then she'll answer the door. Ok?

Niall: Ok! Just tell me the address and I'll be there.

Me: 175 Vineyard street.

( Fake address lol :p)

Niall: Wait a minute...

Me: What?

Niall: I live in 162 Vineyard street.

Me: Really?! That's cool! I can meet you when Morgann and I are done then.

Niall: Ok! That sounds great! I guess I'll see ya!

Me: Yeah! I'll see ya too!

Niall: Bye, love!

Me: Bye!

He hung up the phone. I can't believe that we live near eachother! This is gonna be awesome!

Me: Well, Morgann. I guess we're gonna walk to his house.

Morgann: Seriously?

Me: Yeah...

Morgann: How far away does he live from here?

Me: Let's just say uh... Downstairs.

Morgann spit her bacon all over my face. Eww... BFF germs and bacon bits...

Morgann: Oh my god! We live right near Niall?!

Me: Yup! And I suggest that we get ready right now!

Morgann: Alright. Let's go!

We both rushed to our rooms to pick out our outfits. Morgann wore a black and white striped shirt, ripped gray skinnys, knee high converse and a black headband with a black flower on it. On the other hand I wore a white V-neck, black and red plaid jeans, black ankle high converse and my favorite music note necklace. We are so ready to meet up with Niall and the other boys! And plus I guess we can call ourselves neighbors.


Ahh... I love the surround sound of Beats Audio :') blocks out the world while I'm concentrating on my writing! :3 ok well anyways, thank you for reading my story so far! I'm honored to be writing this for mine and your entertainment! (Wow I feel like I'm giving a fricken speech for the Grammy awards :p lol) Like, favorite and it comment about what you think about this story so far! :) love you little potatoes! :) xx

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