My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


15. Burnt Tongues & Trusting

Ashley's view

Niall handed me a cup of tea which reminded me of yesterday when we met.

Me: Thanks, Niall.

Niall: No problem. Now try it!

I raise the cup to my lips and drank the tea. Bitter yet sweet at the same time. Plus it burned my tongue.

Me: Ow!

Niall: Burned your tongue, didn't ya'?

Me: No crap, Sherlock! Haha.

Niall: Sorry, Ash.

Me: Now you're nick-naming me by a Pokémon character! Haha!

Niall: What do you want me to call you then?

Me: Lady Ginger!

Niall: What the-

Me: Long story about how I got that name.

Niall: Well we got time, babe.

Me: Ok well, in 7th grade, I was dressed up as Lady Gaga-

Niall: Oh well this is getting interesting.

He pulls out a bag crisps out of the cabinet and slides his chair next to me.

Me: Haha. Well anyways. I spray painted my hair half black and half white. I was going to a Halloween party by the way. So I arrived at the party and I find my friend CJ and went to him to give him a hug. So I go up to him and he's like,"Who are you supposed to be?". Then I said,"I'm Lady Gaga! Who else would I be?". Then he says,"You look more like a Lady Ginger. If you ask me." I guess that was the birth of my embarrassing nickname.

Niall: It's not embarrassing! I've heard worst. Besides, I think it's a cute name.

I smiled generously at him and blushed a slight bit.

Me: Haha. Thanks I guess. Soo... How about you?

Niall: Me about what?

Me: Got any cute, embarrassing nicknames?

Niall: Umm... Unless "Leprechaun" counts then, no not really. Haha.

Me: Well I get called that too.

Niall: Guess I ain't alone. Ha!

I drank another sip of my tea and realized that when I burnt my to tongue, the burning was saving me from the terrible taste of the tea. I swallowed what was in my mouth and gave a nasty look.

Niall: Haha! Don't like it, I'm guessing?

Me: Ya' think?

I started to cough the taste out.

Me: My god, man! How can you deal with this crap?!

Niall: I don't know. It's just really good when your sick or when your stressed which it seemed you looked stressed.

Me: I'm not! I swear!

Niall: Ok whatever you say... Lady Ginger.

Me: Stop calling me that! Haha!

Niall: Try to make me stop!

Me: Ok then. You asked for it, babe!

I got up from my chair and chased him to the living room. I tripped on Louis's foot. Epic fail.

Me: Ow!

Louis: Haha! I love doing that prank soo much!

Me: Tripping people is soo old school though!

Louis: Yeah. But that's how I roll!

Me: Wow, Louis. Haha!

Zayn: Soo... You were pretty loud with Niall in the kitchen... Care to explain?

I started to blush, furiously.

Me: I tried some tea, which it burned my tongue.

Zayn: Mhmm... I'm pretty sure.

Me: Besides, I just met him yesterday. I would never, ever do that to a guy when I first meet him. I need to get to know a guy more if I were to date him.

Liam joins in our conversation when he was just listening to the conversation.

Liam: What do you look for in a guy?

Me: A guy who is carefree and chill. A guy who is cheeky, cute, funny and sweet. A guy who doesn't take things seriously in life, ya' know?

Liam: That's cute.

Me: Haha. Thanks.

Our conversation grew quiet. The quietness grew louder until Liam said something.

Liam: May I talk to you in private?

Me: Uh... Sure?

I got up from the couch and back to the kitchen with Liam.

Me: What's wrong, Li?

Liam: I just wanted to ask you a question. That's all.

Me: Ok then. Shoot it at me.

Liam: Well... Do you like Niall?

I started to blush and looking at the ground.

Me: I-I...Uh... Yes... I do.

Liam: No need to be nervous about it, love.

Me: Well I wanna take things slow and get to know him, ya' know?

Liam: Yeah I understand.

Me: Thanks.

I gave him a hug and he embraced it. God I love this guy. He's a true gentlemen. Gotta say, I can trust this boy anytime. I could probably tell him about Matt...

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