My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


17. Breakfast with The Boys

Morgann's View
Man, that was a crazy dream or wait... Was it? I opened my eyes to see a certain curly-haired boy with his arms around my waist. I looked down and see that he didn't have a shirt on... Great. I didn't want to wake him up nor I didn't want to leave this spot. I moved a little just to adjust my body. With Harry, still not waking up. I laid my head on his chest. Hearing his steady heartbeat. This could make me fall asleep, even though I just woke up from my slumber. I can also hear his soft snoring. It was cute but I could barely hear it. He started to mumble some words but it was hard to make out what he was saying. I giggled a little bit but then felt somewhat tired. I closed my eyes for a few seconds but I was too awake to fall asleep. I looked up at him and looked at his eyes which were covered. He moved a little bit, but then woke up. He finally opens his shining, emerald eyes and looked straight into my blue-ish gray eyes.

Harry: Morning beautiful.

He bends over a little and kisses the top of my head. I slightly laughed and blushed.

Me: Morning handsome.

I winked at him. His lips grew a cheeky smile.

Harry: How long have you been awake?

Me: I don't know... Probably about 10 mins.

My hand accidentally stroked his bare chest.

Harry: We're you enjoying the view... Again?

I laughed. This boy is so naughty. Haha! I never knew that he would be this flirty in real life.

Me: Uh... Maybe... What happens if I was just admiring your tattoos?

Harry: Highly doubt that, babe.

Me: Haha! Well how many tattoos do you have anyways?

Harry: Well... Umm... I actually don't know.

Me: Haha. I've always wanted a music note tattoo on my hand. But I heard that getting tattoos, hurt like hell! Is it true?

Harry: It stings but it doesn't hurt much really.

Me: Well, I guess that's good to hear then.

There was a loud silence in the room. I broke the silence.

Me: Soo... Do you want to make some breakfast?

Harry: I'm comfortable just staying here... With you.

Me: You're such a flirt, Hazza.

Harry: I know that, babe.

Me: Come on! Lets make some breakfast! Pwease?

I gave him my famous puppy dog face. This look is soo irresistible.

Harry: Sigh... Alright. But just because your cute puppy face won this time. You're gonna pay, Morgann.

Me: Haha. Now come on, lazzybutt! Get out of bed!

I kept pulling Harry until he would get out of bed. He finally gave up and stretched. We both walked through the hallway and into the kitchen.

Harry: Wanna make some pancakes?

Me: Yeah!

We got out the pancake mix and poured it in a bowl. I put the water in the bowl and started to mix the pancake mix.

Harry: You're doing it wrong!

He yells from the other side of the kitchen. Harry comes up from behind me and puts his hand on mine.

Harry: Let me help you, love.

He whispers into my ear, suductively. Harry starts helping me mix the batter nice and slowly. I started to giggle and my face would feel hot.

Harry: There you go! Your getting it now.

He looks down at me and let's go of my hand. He leans down closer and closer. I knew what was gonna happen. Right before then I didn't even realize that the whisk I had in my hands was now in his. Our faces are inches apart then he splats some pancake mix infront of my face.


Harry: Hehe... Told you that I would get back at you, babe.

I pouted my lips and crossed my arms.

Harry: You thought that I was gonna kiss you, huh?

Me: Psh... No. Besides we've only known eachother for a day. Haha.

Harry: Well then...

He pulls out a chair next to me while I was still mixing the batter.

Harry: Why don't you tell me more about yourself? I mean like I got to know you more by Mega Mind. So why don't you let me get to know the real you.

Me: Hehe. Ok well...

We started to talk about our childhood, music, the band and then he pulled up a weird question.

Harry: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Uh... Why do you wanna know?

Harry: Just wondering. Plus I'm getting to know you. Duh!

Me: Haha. Well in that case... No I haven't had a boyfriend in a year.

Harry: What happened between you and your boyfriend? I mean ex-boyfriend?

Me: He cheated on me. That boy was no bueno. I knew he was trouble.

Harry: How did you know?

Me: He had girls perfume on. A hickey on his neck. He said that he was at the mall looking for cologne. Then for the hickey, he said that he was drunk then he got into a fight with someone. Plus he had a few scratches.

Harry: I'm sorry to hear, love.

He came to me and embraced me into a hug. I felt safe in his arms. I didn't want to leave him.

Me: It's fine, Harry. Besides, Hakuna Matata!

Liam storms into the kitchen singing "Hakuna Matata". I joined along with him then we started a little conga line. Harry sang with us also then he joined the conga line with us. He had his hands on my waist. I felt a little shiver go up my spine. We all got tired of it then I realized that we were still making pancakes.

Liam: Ooo! PANCAKES!

I heard loud foot stomping from the hallway. Niall.

Niall: I heard pancakes. Oh wait! Let me go get Ashley.

Me: Haha. Ok, Nialler.

Harry and Liam set up the table in the living room. Liam put out all of the plates while Harry was cleaning up the table. Niall came out with Ashley and Zayn. Louis was just chilling on the couch, filling in his throne.

Me: Louis! Why aren't you helping?

Louis: Because I'm the sass master! Ahaha!


Ashley: Aww... Is Zaynie still asleep?

Zayn: Yes. In fact, I am.

Ashley: Maybe this will help ya.

She pecks him on the cheek. His hazel eyes widen. He starts singing.


We all started to crack up but Niall looks a a bit serious. But he laughed a little too.

Me: Ok guys, I think the pancakes are done soo... SIT DOWN! NOW!

They all sat in different spots. Ashley next to Niall. Niall next to Zayn. Zayn next to Liam. Liam next to Louis. Louis next to Harry. Oh gosh why do I feel like a Larry moments will come up? I put the plate of pancakes on the table. Niall and Louis licked their lips. Then they started to eat like animals.

Louis: Wow! These are good!

Niall: The best!

Zayn: I'm still tired. But I gotta admit, these are pretty tasty.

Liam: Delicious! Why don't you sit and eat with us, Morgann?

Me: I will. Let me just wash my hands cuz you know... I made these.

Harry: With a little help.

Hazza winks at me.

Me: Yeah. Thanks, Mr. Styles for helping me make these.

Harry: Anytime, babe.

I go into the kitchen to wash my hands then left. I took my seat next to Harry. Which he pulls me onto the ground next to him and puts his arm around my shoulder.

Ashley: What time is it?

Me: Uh... 11:26 A.M. Why?

Ashley: Not in a rush but just wondering. Unless the boys have an interview or something.

Liam: I don't think that we have anything today...

Me: Wait a minute... I have an idea!

They all stare at me.

Me: We haven't even checked out all of London! Maybe you guys can give us a tour of it.

Zayn: I don't know... There will be LOTS of fans wondering in the streets.

Louis: Yeah. True that. But usually they would chase after us and say, "Oh my god! Harry, have my babies!"

He starts death hugging Harry. See! I told you that there was gonna be a Larry moment!

Ashley: Don't you guys wear hoodies and crap?

Me: Yeah! Don't you?

Niall: Yeah we do but sometimes, it gets annoying.

Ashley: Come on... Can we please go tour around London?

Me: Come on! If any fans recognize you, then you guys will run and we'll stay behind!

Harry: No! That doesn't sound nice!

Me: Hazza, don't worry. We know our way back home!

I winked at him, playfully. He giggles.

Liam: We can't do that to you guys! That wouldn't be fair!

Zayn: I'm fine with it.

We all turn our heads to him.

Ashley: Your still tired. Aren't ya'?

Zayn: Yeah mostly.

Niall: I'm fine with that plan but on one condition!

Me & Ashley: What?

Niall: You guys have to run with us.

Harry: Don't worry. I'll hold your hand if your scared or if you slow down while the girls chase us.

Me: Hmm... I like the sound of that. Right, Ashley?

Ashley: Sigh... I guess so. Haha.

The boys: Yay!

Me: Ok then! Lets get ready then we'll be on our way. Alright?

The boys & Ashley: Yup!

Going on a tour around to see the rest of the sights of London with One Direction? Well this will be interesting. But also it will be loads of fun!

Verrrrryyy sorry that I haven't updated!!! Feel very terriable! But I have an excuse though! Because of school and exams and crap lol XD but I hope that you like this story so far! And wait a minute... 600 VIEWS?!?! Wow! Thank you all soooo much!!! I will update more this 2 weeks because its Christmas break! :D like, favorite, and comment what you think about the story so far! :) love ya!! xx and happy holidays!!! :DD xx
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