My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


20. Birmingham Palace and I'm Sorry!

Morgann's view

We've finally arrived to the Buckingham palace and Louis is still irritated about what happened in the van. We all walked to the palace which was about a mile or two away. All of us needed some exercise anyway. But i feel like I'm a fricken skinny twig. I was walking between Harry of'course and Liam. Ashley was in between Louis and Niall. I never thought that I would live to see me hanging out the these guys. They seem pretty cool. Even we've only hung out for like 2 days, i've actually grow attached to these guys. We all walked near the Birmingham palace at stared at it.

Me: Uhh... The hell are we supposed to do now? Stare at this fricken building?

Harry: No. Well... I hope not. But I'm sure that there are other things to do here, Morgann.

Me: Hmm...

Zayn: Probably we should go catch a movie after this. Anyone in for it?

Everyone agreed but we lost in track of Ashley and Niall.

Liam: Oh-no! We lost those two! Oh-no, oh-no, oh-no-


Liam: But-

Louis: No but's! Their grown up and if they want to be alone, then let them be.

I whisper to Hazza.

Me: Wow. And I thought Liam was the responsible and calm one. Haha.

Harry: Well when Liam is freaking out, Louis turns into the leader all of a sudden.

Me: Hmm... Seems legit.

We catch our attention to Birmingham palace and I took out my camera to take pics of the palace for like 20 minutes to try to get a good shot.

Me: Dammit. My camera is being a bitch to me.

I feel a pair of strong arms surround my hips. Harry. He whispers into my ear.

Harry: What's wrong, love?

Me: Oh! Hi, Hazza. Nothing. My camera just doesn't like me right now.

Harry: And how does it not like you?

Me: I'm trying to get a great shot for my portfolio for collage.

Harry: You're studying photography?

Me: Yes. I've always wanted to be a photographer ever since I was little.

Harry: That sounds cute. Haha.

Me: It's not! Haha.

Harry: Oh yes it is!

Me: I beg to differ! Haha!

Harry: Well... I could probably help you.

Me: With what? The camera?

Harry: Yeah. To take the perfect shot.

Me: Oh. Well...umm... Thanks! I guess. Haha.

Harry: Alright now. Tilt the camera a little so that the angle isn't dull, boring and straight.

With still his arms around me, he tilts the camera with his hands on mine. I started to feel my face turn hot.

Harry: Ok now. Do you have black and white film or colored?

Me: Original. Black and white.

Harry: Ok good. It will be a great picture then because the black and white makes it a little fancy and cool. Ya' know what I mean, Jellybean?

Me: Yeah! I can picture it! Haha cheesy joke right there. And what the hell? "Jellybean"?

Harry: *sigh* It's supposed to be a rhyme that my mum used to say to me.

Me: Oh... You miss your mom, don't ya'?

Harry: Lots. I wanna visit her soon. Maybe you should come with.

Me: Huh? Really? When?

Harry: I don't know. Maybe next week or in two weeks. I don't know.

Me: Well, if you miss her so much then visit her in a few days! Don't wait for two weeks. I'm sure that she'll love seeing you come early to home.

Harry: You know what? You're right. I should. Thanks, Morgann.

Me: No problem, love.

Harry: Are you mocking me?

Me: Haha! Maybe...

Harry: Your gonna pay!

I ran away from him like we were playing tag. He was hot in my trail and I knew that this was gonna be fun.

Harry: Gotcha!

He starts to tickle me, which he knows that I'm ticklish.

Me: Haha! Alright, alright! You can stop now! Haha!

Harry: Ok, babe.

He winks at me then looks into my eyes. Wow. His eyes were just sparkling emeralds that shine in the light.

Harry: You're really beautiful, Morgann.

Me: Your not too bad yourself, hun.

He leans down, closing a gap between us. I knew what was gonna happen. I've only known him for a few days. I can't let this go too fast.

Me: Harry...

Harry: What's wrong, love?

He whispers with his lips inches away from mine.

Me: I-I can't kiss you. Atleast not now. I want to. But I feel like were going too fast.

Harry: Oh... Ok. No problem. I totally respect that.

Me: Thank you for understanding, Harry.

Harry: It's alright, Momo. But I wanna ask you something.

Me: And what would that be, Mr. Styles?

Harry: Haha. Well umm... I was wondering if... Uh... You would like to...

I knew what he was gonna say.

Me: I'd love to.

Harry: Huh? Wait. Really? You would?

Me: Of'course. But under one condition.

Harry: What would that be, Ms. Everson?

Me: Hey! Watch it. Haha.

Harry: Well?...

Me: I want you to treat me like me. Not like some girl that's all like "ERMAHGERD! I'm soo popular!" and stuff. Ya' know? Just treat me like a normal girl.

Harry: I will. I won't treat you like that. Trust me.

Me: Ok. Well we should go and fine the others. Hehe.

Harry: Haha. Yeah. Let's go, babe.

We walked back to the palace. He slipped his hand in mine and I smiled to myself knowing that I was falling for Harry. Not falling for Harry Styles in One Direction but the Harry Styles that I knew.
Oh My God! I'm sooooooo fricken sorry that I haven't updated in like a month! I'm just really busy with school and grades and such and such. But Thanks to one of my great friends that read this story, kinda forced me to write this. Ahaha. Thought it was funny though lol XD Oh and...................... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!!!!!! CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE'S 19 ALREADY!!!!! :') THEY GROW UP SOOOO FAST!!!! Haha. Well I'll try to write and update more often...well... I'll try. Ahaha!
Love you, little carrots!!! :D xx
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