My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


6. A Pretty Little Liar

Niall's View I walked away from the beautiful redhead and into Starbucks. I go up to the counter when a few girls came up behind me. To be exact, a blonde, brunette and a girl with black hair came to me.

Blonde: Oh my god! You're Niall Horan!

Brunette: Can you take a picture with us?

Black hair: Please?

Me: Umm... Sure? 

We got together and took a group pic.

Black hair: Thank you soo much, Niall!

Blonde: Yeah! Thank you, Niall!

The two girls left but the brunette stayed behind.

Brunette: Is that you're girlfriend out there?

She points to Ashley, thinking that she's my girlfriend.

Me: No. We're just friends.

Brunette: Well I think you two would be a cute couple. She's really pretty.

Me: Well I'll mention that to her but thank you, love.

Brunette: Ok! Well anyways if you two get together, take good care of her. Alright?

Me: I promise.

Brunette: Well I gotta catch up with my friends. Bye, Niall! I love you!

Me: Love you too, babe!

I smiled at her and waved 'goodbye'. She was sweet. Still can't believe she thought that Ashley was my girlfriend. But then again, she said that we'd be a cute couple. Hmm... I'll take that under consideration. I walk out of Starbucks and I intruded their conversation. I sneak up to listen to what they were talking about then I hear Ashley and Morgann talking about something interesting.

Ashley: Well he's cute, Morgann! I can't just be like "Oh hey you're cute! I'd tap you!"

I was kinda shocked then I went in the convo and made my move. I went up right next to her ear and whispered in a seducing voice.

Me: Oh really?

She turns around looking like a tomato. I winked at her playfully. She kinda stuttered a little then she finally spit it out.

Ashley: Umm... We were talking about... Uh...-

Morgann: A possessed remote!

Ashley kinda hesitated but then went along with what Morgann was saying.

Ashley: Uh... Yeah! Possessed remote controller!

I knew that she was lying. But I wanted to play along as well.

Me: Sure... And since when were "possessed remote controllers" cute?

Ashley was a pretty little liar but not a very well taught liar. I bet that she can only be honest. Just by looking at her sweet, innocent face.

Ashley: Gosh it's like you don't know about how cute the buttons on it and you just wanna tap them!

Cute buttons? Ok, now I know that she is a terrible liar. Sorry Ashley. But to be honest, you can't lie very well, sweetheart.

Me: Hmm... But a "possessed" remote though?

Morgann: Yup! Exactly!

She puts a little pop on the 'P'. I cleared my throat a little.

Me: Well anyways. Here's your drink.

Ashley: Thanks, Niall!

I handed her, her drink and gave her a smile. She smiled liked an angel. Her teeth are soo perfect. I've been meaning to ask her and Morgann where they were from. Considering that their accents were a bit different.

Me: Your accents are weird. Where are you from cuz I can tell that you're not from here.

Ashley & Morgann: Pennsylvania!

Morgann: Born and raise there!

Well that makes much more sense. They were from America. Loved the American accents. Always did, always will.

Ashley: Yeah! Haha!

Me: Haha! Are you two sisters or something?

Ashley: Best friends!

Morgann: Yeah. We have always been wanting to move to London and now look at where we are!

I smiled at them. Showing off my braces. Both of them are really sweet,funny, beautiful and amazing. Still boggling about the 'I'd tap you!' conversation though but no biggie. I wonder if I was destined to meet her but if it's true, it's gotta be her.


Wow! Already have 111 views! :D thank you so much for reading this so far! I'm trying to update as much as I can but I'm gonna be stuck with so homework over this week. -.-" which I'm not really excited about... But... I'LL UPDATE MORE NEXT WEEK! Got 5 days off of school! Can't wait! But again, I'm enjoying writing my story and sharing it with you guys! I love you guys and I promise I won't let you down! Favorite, like and comment about what you think about it so far! :D love you carrots oh so much!! :3 stay strong! xx

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