My name is Ashley Chavez. Just a normal girl from Pennsylvania moving to London with my best friend, Morgann. Both of us finished high school. When we get to London, crazy things started happening like running into a beautiful blonde boy with an Irish accent in a famous boy band. Wondering what a wonderful life this will be!


1. The New Life

My name is Ashley Chavez. I just finished high school with my best friend, Morgann Everson. We have been meaning to move to London with eachother for college. Stuck in Pennsylvania since I was born! Morgann has been with me since 2nd grade. We have been best friends since like... Forever! We have a lot of things in common but I can kinda disagree with a few things. We get along together like peas in a pod. We are actually moving in 3 days! Morgann keeps talking about it like the way she talks about One Direction. Yes, you heard me right. One Direction. The next generation of The Beatles. She is the biggest fan of One Direction. Actually, let me correct myself. Directioner. I'm kinda used to her blasting their music a lot. I listen to them once in a while.

Morgann: Ahh! I can't believe that we're gonna move to London soon!                         

Me: I know right! We finally have freedom! Until college starts.                                       

Morgann: Yeah and that's like 2 months away! We got time to party and hangout!         

Me: True that but...                                                                                                            

Morgann: Ashley you have to let go of Matt. You guys broke up a while ago!

I had a boyfriend... His name was Matt. He was sweet, smart, hot, etc. I could go on with the list. He broke up with me in April. After he broke up with me and went out with a slut, I could help but crying everyday. I missed him. I trusted him with my heart but he just tore it apart.

Me: I'm sorry but it just kills me everyday that I log in on Facebook and see him with that...girl.                                                                                                                          

Morgann: I'm sure you'll find someone in London that will be better than him. Does he even know that your going to London?                                                                            

Me: Nope. I don't even want to bother him and Victoria.

Victoria was the girl's name. But I just didn't want to mention her name in the first part. She used to be my friend but then she just... Changed. She used to be an natural girl that never put on make up but now she looks like a clown threw up on her. Then she started wearing short-shorts and small tops. She was a loser just like me. But now she's one of the popular kids.                                                                                                            

Morgann: Well once we move to London, your new life starts from there. You hear me, Ashley?                                                                                                                                       

Me: Yeah. I understand.                                                                                                 

Morgann: Ok now let's go and get packing!                                                                    

Me: Haha. Fine.

She puts on "What Makes You Beautiful" and we both start dancing around like lunitics but just can't handle it! We start laughing about how weird we are but that's what BFF's are for! We start packing and I found my long blue dress that I wore in my prom. Well when I was with... Ugh it's like Harry Potter when you can't say "Voldermort". Oh crap I just said it!

Morgann: Oh my god. I remember that dress on you that night. I was stuck going with Spencer but as a friend, you know?                                                                                        

Me: Haha! Yeah I know.

I winked at her playfully. She pushed me lightly after I did my little act there.                 

Me: Well I remember what you looked like! You and your medium length black and purple dress! 

Then she says her most famous quote in the history of her quotes!

Morgann: Don't judge me!                                                                                                  

Me: I'm not! You looked fricken amazing! Curled hair, black heels, purple clutch, mascara, black eyeliner, and gosh girl! I could go on with the list!                               

Morgann: Psh. Please girl, you got me blushing!

We had our moments here and there but we're about go on an adventure to continue our journey through life! Which that starts in London.

~3 Days later~

Ahh!!! Today's the day! Morgann was soo excited. I was excited. Gosh I'm gonna miss this place. Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Wondering why I didn't say goodbye to my parents? They kicked me out of the house at 16. I was the rebel in the house. Broke a few rules. Well maybe major rules. Snuck out of the house to visit Morgann when she needed me, when I got bored or when I'm in need of someone to talk to. They kicked me out because they didn't understand me. Morgann was the only one I could have trust. I almost died without her. Falling into deep depression leads to bad things. Morgann was there when I needed her but now were starting a new life together in the other side of the world! A different country. A new life. A new life...


Hello there! This is my first fanfiction! If you liked it, please do a favor and comment of how you think of it so far, favorite or like it! Thank you! I'll try to do an update whenever I can! :) love you all! xx

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