Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


6. Unexpected visitor

As Jacob drove me home from the hospital, I found that I was struggling not to tug at my stitches on the deep cuts on my arm. It seemed that even though Jacob was driving perfectly straight, his eyes never seemed to move from my continuous gashes. I couldn't keep my eyes off him either, though the itchiness of my stitches were the main focus of my mind. His morose expression, his eyes blank and cold unlike their usual shining colour. It wasn't the easiest way to push memories into the back of my mind where they were meant to be, but I wasn't going to freak out. Not with him in that state.
"Bella" he interrupted the tense silence. I craned my head up to look straight at his.
"I'm sorry"
"What are you sorry for?!" He exaggerated the word 'you'.
"I upset you. This wouldn't have happened if I didn't care so much, you know, for....Edward"
"Damn it Bella, stop being so hard on yourself. If I wasn't so jealous, this wouldn't have happened"
"But..." I started.
"You did nothing wrong, I need to be more careful around you" he said, his voice flat and lifeless.
"It's ok, it's only a few scratches" I whispered.
"No it isn't! I dug into your arm!" He yelled.
"Jake, calm down. It's ok" I calmed him, flinching at the mention of pain.
"Come on, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Time for you to go and get some sleep" he advised. I realized that this was my cue to leave. I turned to the side to face Jacob and gave him a kiss on the cheek, ignoring the pain that I felt to move my arm.
"See ya" I whispered. I fell out of the car, catching myself on the door handle. I struggled around the car to my front yard, where I met Charlie, who was leaning against his cruiser waiting for me. I waved goodbye to Jacob, but he was already driving away. Charlie looped his arm over my shoulder when I got to him, and then we strolled through the dim light of twilight to the house.
"Bella" Charlie started. "What happened" he asked.
"A wolf..... It attacked me" that was the truth, I just didn't need to mention Jacob.
"What about Jake?"
"He scared it away. Seriously, it's not hard for him to do that. He is freaky" I explained, grimacing.
"Why wasn't he in the ambulance with you?" He pressed.
"They wouldn't let him in. He had to drive to the hospital" I continued. I was pretty sure that Charlie had given up, because silence followed my last statement.

I heard the familiar tapping on my window as I lay in bed that night, and let Jacob in. He leaped in effortlessly, immediately wrapping his arms around me. "Bella, we've discovered something terrible" he whispered blankly.
"What?" I asked, a worried tone coming through the words.
"When you're scratched by one of us.... If it's deep enough...." He hesitated, "well... You turn...into...one...of...us..." He trailed of. Almost on cue I started shaking, anger bubbling up inside of me. "Jake, no" I hissed.
"Get outside right now. We can't risk this happening inside" he instructed. He picked my up with one arm and jumped out the window, landing with a soft 'thud' on the grassy ground. I trembled in fury, annoyed that it had to happen to me. I didn't want to put my friends in danger! I snarled involuntarily, and then, suddenly, I phased. "Wow" Jacob whispered. I stood, growing up to almost his height in an instant. "You are such a beautiful animal" he described. "Long auburn coloured fur, and you stand so... So gracefully" I never thought I would hear someone describe me as graceful.
I grumbled under his touch, bowing my head as if asking for a pat. He ruffed up the fur on my head, which comforted me. "Hold on" he said. He ran into the forest, coming back as the russet coloured wolf I knew so well, but barely knew at all.
'A new visitor has arrived' I thought, knowing he could hear me. I finally understood what he meant about the whole mind-reading thing being annoying; I could hear so many voices in my head, as if I already belonged to the pack.
'And who is that?' Jacob replied, making me jump. I hadn't expected his thinking-voice to be so much the same as his real one.
'It is a surprise at first, but you'll get used to it' he comforted me.
'The new visitor is Bella.... Bella Swan, the werewolf' I announced proudly, sending gasps- how do people gasp in their minds?- buzzing through my mind. Bella, the werewolf. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get used to that.
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