Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


8. The Reservation

Lying in bed under that thick quilt was what I needed the least at that moment. I was sweating like a pig, and struggling to keep my morphing under control. At least until Charlie had already checked on me. "Bella?" He asked, opening my door slightly.
"Dad?" I replied, my voice husky and scarcely deeper.
"Bella are you ok?" Charlie asked.
"I think I have mono" I lied. "Can you take me to Billy's? He knows how to take care of mono after Jake's experience" I asked pleadingly. He couldn't be around while I was in this state.
"Umm... Sure" he seemed hesitant, but seemed to have agreed. "Can you get up?" He asked.
"I'm not sure" I answered. "I'll try"
I didn't need Charlie accidentally having his face clawed off by his mutant-werewolf teenage daughter, so I got up and slowly hobbled to the door. When I reached Charlie's Cruiser, he got in and unlocked my door from the inside. I pulled it open weakly and slid into the seat. We drove away to the Black's house, and when we arrived, Jacob was already outside.
"Bella, Charlie" he greeted us calmly as we arrived. He shook Charlie's hand and then strode around to the front of the cruiser to pick me up and take me inside. "What's wrong?" Jacob asked, not even a hint of worry in his voice. He obviously knew what was happening.
"Bella has mono. She suggested that I bring her to Billy, seeing as he's already experienced this"
"I understand. Bella?" He whispered my name, "lie down on the couch and try to sleep. It will ease the symptoms" he instructed. I didn't try; I knew that when Charlie was gone, I would go outside and run around with the rest of them.
"I'm going to leave now" Charlie whispered in my ear after an urgent talk with Billy, and then he just... Went. I didn't expect it to be that easy.
"Here is your suitcase. You're going to need a lot more clothes than that. We'll just have to make a run up to get more when what you've got is shredded to pieces" Jake laughed. I sat up and
play-punched him in the shoulder. Suddenly I realized that I was shaking violently. I snarled and sprinted outside. I tore off my clothes immediately, ignoring the rips I heard from the seams. I leapt out into the forest and changed. The annoying voices starting rambling on in my head. Ugh.
'Guys' I hissed. 'If you want my thoughts to be positive, you're going to need to control yourselves'
'Bella, our thoughts are our secret voices. We can't just control them' Sam replied.
Someone's voice ran through my head, making a low growl develop in my chest. 'Jared!!' I roared. Why did he have to think what I think he did?
'I'm not used to having girls here! It's not my fault that I wish they would just go away!'
'If you didn't realize, I didn't exactly choose this path'
'Girls weren't meant for this! Go to some other pack' Jared snarled. I gaped. Or, however I could've in that form anyway. It reminded me of how Edward had practically told me to go to a new family, to go to a new life. I flinched internally. 'Well fine, considering you obviously love them so much' -Jared exaggerated the word them- ' go find your little friends! Then you'll try not to rip them to shreds! Really, you don't know how much fun it is to kill vampires' he suggested, sarcasm coating his voice.
'Enough!' A new voice rumbled. 'Embry, you're out of tonight's hunting trip. You'll be on gaurd instead of Seth now. Seth is going to hunt with us'
I recognized that the voice was Sam's. I was more concerned about the so called 'hunting trip' the boys were organizing.
'Hunting trip?' I asked.
'Yeah. We ran one of the blood-suckers all the way to the border on the edge of Canada' Jake bluffed. 'But she'll be coming back tonight'
I saw the image of her in his head. She was blonde with piercing electric red eyes. We were to hunt. As soon as we could. That was going to be the best hunt we would ever know.
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