Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


2. Surprise

I heard a loud knock on the window. It was the middle of the night, maybe around 1 or so. I was scared that the vampire, Victoria, was out there, ready to climb through my window in a flash. Instead, Jacob was outside, throwing rocks. I looked out.
"What are you doing?" I asked through the open air.
"Back up" he replied, getting ready as if to make a run up. He leaped onto a branch of the white musky tree outside my window. He flew around and onto branches until he reached my window. He landed on my carpet with a soft *thud!* and took a couple of steps. He stopped in front of me. "I'm sorry Bella" he said. "Have you ever had a secret.... That's not yours to tell?" He asked, knowing the answer but still saying it like a rhetorical question. "That's the situation I'm in. I want to tell you.... But I literally can't" he grimaced. He noticed the puzzled look on my face and decided to drop a hint. "Do you remember the legends I told you?" He asked. I remembered. That was when he first revealed the secret of vampires. He didn't tell me straight forward, though, I figured it out soon enough. I was curious to see if it happened this time; only with his secret.
"The cold ones" I commented involuntarily.
"I should know why you only remember that...." He grumbled. "Try to remember the other ones.... The Quileute legends" he pressed, hopeful.
"I....don't remember" I told him, a frown growing on my face. He scowled at me.
"Let me know when you do" he snarled as he turned to leave.
"Wait" I requested. I didn't know why I was doing this. I didn't expect it. "Jacob" I edged forward. "What?" He snapped.
"I need to ask you something" I explained, my head down. He stood there, expectantly. "I don't have any hope.... He's not coming back... I need to move on" I continued, breaking at this statement.
"I already knew that" he mumbled under his breath.
"If only I could explain what I'm trying to say, Jake. I...." I said. Jacob interrupted me
"Bella, go out with me" he said. He didn't ask, he just said.
"Yes" I replied. We smashed our lips together passionately. Quickly, though, he pulled away.
"I have to go; I need my sleep too"
"When will you come back?" I asked despairingly.
"Tomorrow. Billy's coming over to Charlie's to watch the game"
"Good. I'll see you then?"
"Yeah, see you then" he lightly kissed my forehead and leaped out my window. I lay down in bed and thought hard. A thrill rushed through my veins every time I thought of Jacob, how he asked me out. Then it was ruined by my unmistakable misery for Edward. I realized in those moments, though, that my longing for Edward was slowly fading as it got further and further from my reach.
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