Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


3. Revealed

The dream I had was horrific. Most of the time I didn't even know what was going on.
"Bella" Edward yelled. I turned to face him.
"She doesn't need you" I heard Jacob yelling from my left. Edward growled in reply.
"Bella. You need to get away from him before its too late" that part I didn't understand. I heard a low snarl tear through Jacob.
"Bella, now" Edward demanded, looking away from me. I turned to look in the direction of where I thought Jacob was standing. Instead, his figure had been replaced by a giant russet coloured wolf. It came to stand next to me, bowing its head for a pat. I reached out my hand slowly to ruffle the fur, knowing it was only Jacob. Despite his size -he was about triple the size of a normal wolf-, I knew I could trust him. He was my wolf.

And then I woke up.

I didn't know why Edward was being so.... Protective of me. Jacob wasn't going to hurt me, was he? No, I decided, he couldn't. He loved me too much. One thing I knew for sure; he was a werewolf. I had to tell him I had figured it out. I got into a black long-sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans and drove over to the blacks. When I pulled up there, I noticed that the sky was almost completely lit, just a thin layer of grey hung over the horizon. I knocked on the door and was automatically let in by Jacob's dad, Billy. "Bella" he said.
"Is Jacob home?" I asked
"No, he isn't" Billy lied. I saw right through him.
"He is so"
"Bella, that isn't the best idea" Billy called while I trapsed around the house. I found Jacob's small room, and shoved the door open. He was sprawled across his single bed, snoring loudly. I closed the door quietly, noticing through the window that Sam, Paul and Jared from the Quiletes were walking towards Jacob's house. I stomped outside until I reached them. "What did you do?" I yelled. "Making him get his hair cut and a tattoo" Paul glared at me.
"We didn't do any of that, he had no choice" he shouted, a growl developing from his chest. I stormed up to him and slapped him in the face. Stupid reflexes. He snarled for what seemed like forever, approaching me as he got taller and more muscular. He then had one last gruff growl and then changed into a massive wolf, just like the one I dreamt about except the fur colour was a mix between brown and grey. He was about to lunge at me when I heard Jacob yelling out my name. I ran toward him. "Jacob run" I yelled. He kept running towards me.
"Run!" I yelled again. Jacob ran straight past me, shaking. He leaped into the air and changed into a wolf and started attacking Paul. I stood in astonishment. Jacob and Paul fought, rolling around until they reached the forest and were out of sight. "Looks like the wolf's out of the bag" Embry joked. I still stood there, no emotion on my face. "Let's take her to Emily's" Jared suggested. "I'll go to break up the fight" Sam said before lunging off into the woods, transforming mid-air. That gave me a bit more reassurance that Jacob would be ok.

I got out of my truck as we arrived at Sam and Emily's house. "Don't stare at Emily, it bugs Sam" Embry warned me. "Why would I?...." I started to ask. Then she came outside to greet us, and I noticed it. Scars of what looked like scratch marks ran down the right side of her face and down her right arm. It probably went even longer, but was just covered up by her clothes.
"Who's this?" She asked as we walked inside.
"Bella" Jared answered.
"So you're the vampire girl?" She asked. "I've heard lots about you from Jake"
"Well not really anymore. He didn't tell you?" I asked, surprised he hadn't told his pack about us yet.
"Tell us what?" Jared and Embry asked at the same time.
"I'll let him tell you when he gets back." I was surprised that it hadn't spread around yet. Secrets didn't seem to be safe from everyone here. Simultaneously, a roar of laughter came out from the forest. Before I could look to see who it was, Jacob, Sam and Paul were walking through Emily's door, laughing and play punching eachother. I scanned Jacob several times before registering the fact that he wasn't hurt. "Aren't you hurt?" I asked Jacob.
"Nope. Not even a scratch"
"I thought he bit your head off or something..."
He laughed at that.
"You know, I think it's time I told them"
I scowled, remembering. I imagined their reaction; laughing, play punching. Jacob caught on to my expression. "What?" He asked.
"Their reactions are going to be priceless" I explained, "and not in a good way".
"Guys gather round" he continued anyway, slinging his arm over my shoulder.
"Me and Bella are going out" he announced when they were all listening.
"Alright!" Embry slapped Jacob's shoulder.
"Older woman" Jared winked at Jacob, getting a slap in return. Jared just laughed at that.
"Congratulations Jacob" Sam congratulated us maturely. The others just horsed around being idiots for a while. Typical teenage werewolves. Jacob lead me into an isolated corner of the room where the others couldn't hear us. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Bella. I couldn't let Paul do anything to you" he apologized.
"It's ok, I already figured it out; last night, I dreamt that you were a werewolf. I came to the conclusion that it had to be true" I said.
"At least we're together now" he grinned. I snuggled into his warm, bare chest.
"Awwww" the crowd that had gathered around us cooed.
"That reminds me Jake" I realized. "I'm meant to be at home! And you're meant to be coming over for the game!" I reminded him.
"Shoot" he muttered. We said brief goodbyes and then ran out to the truck. Jacob drove me back home.
"Now we have to tell our Dad's" I grinned at Jacob. He laughed back.
"Yay" he said sarcastically.
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