Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


4. Charlie

We pulled up to my house just around 8:30. I was sure that Charlie would be awake and that Billy would be there; Charlie promised to pick him up and bring him over around 8:00. He must've picked him up when we were at Emily's. As I shut the car door, Charlie stalked out. "Bella, where were you?" He asked, a worried expression masking his face. "I went to see Jacob" I told him.
"Oh, that's fine. Just tell me next time, or at least leave me a note, will you?"
"Sorry. I'll let you know next time" I apologized. We walked into the house.
"Bella, Jacob" Billy greeted us.
"Billy" I replied.
"Dad" Jacob mumbled. "I need to tell you something" this got Billy's attention from the game. "Me and Bella do, actually." Jacob stalled.
"Give it to me straight boy" Billy impatiently pressed.
"Well....." He paused.
"We're going out. Me and Jake" I finished. Billy and Charlie stared at us, and Charlie started to smile.
"Good for you!" Charlie beamed, slapping Jake on the back.
"I'm happy for you" Billy grinned at us, the shine in his eyes showing that he really meant it.
"C'mon Bells, lets leave them to watch the game" Jacob instructed.
"Have fun" Billy called after us.
"But not too much!" Charlie added. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking.

When we got into my bedroom, I plonked onto my bed. Jake sat down next to me, making the bed bounce. I giggled.
"Why aren't you scared of me; your werewolf boyfriend?" He asked suddenly.
"Because I trust you"
"So you don't care that I turn into.... That..... That thing?"
"No, you're still Jake. My Jake. And....well.....you're kind of fluffy as a wolf...." I childishly admitted. I really did like patting his chestnut coloured fur- it was like I was wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket, happy and comfortable. He laughed at that comment, bringing me back to reality from my daydreaming. He cracked me up by patting my hair. "I have another question" he said, eyeing me as I continued to bounce up and down on the bed.
"Bella" he asked me, changing the light mood to a serious one. "Why did you chose me?"
"Jake...." I explained, "he's not coming back. I know I love you, and soon that will overcome the loneliness. Heck, it already has. It's just that..." I struggled for words.
"I understand. It's just I don't want to be that guy who you go out with because you're lonely"
"That's not what I mean"
"It sure sounds like it"
"Wait. Let me explain... I want to be with you, it's just that I need to get over him. You're helping me realize that being with Edward is almost impossible. I want to be with you"
"I believe you. So you really want to be with me?"
"Why do you need confirmation of that?!"
"I'm sorry...... I'm just.... Jealous...."
"Because you love him so much"
"But you don't know how much I love you" I pleaded. He considered for a minute. He leaned forward after a moment.
"I believe you" he said, still holding his face just inches from mine. He latched his hand into my hair and pulled me towards him. As our lips met, I noticed a sort of electric charge pulse through my lips. It was like how it felt with Edward; I couldn't get enough. I leaped into the kiss enthusiastically, shoving Jake down on the bed. We both got up after about half a minute, gasping for air.
"That proves it" I joked, and Jacob gave me a half smile.
"We belong together Bella" Jacob whispered, still puffing.
"I know that now" I said. "I only just realized it when we started going out though; my eyes were still shut before we were together" I continued. A simultaneous knock on the door startled us, making us both jump. "Jacob, you and Billy are going now" I heard Charlie yell.
"I'll come to the door with you" I decided immediately. Jacob slung his arm around my shoulders and inched towards the door. "I don't want to go" he whined quietly.
"I don't want you to go either, but you have to. Go and have a rest and come back later" I replied, hopeful. "See you then" he smiled again, and walked out onto the stairs. We strode down to see Charlie and Billy waiting for us, both grinning. Jacob took his hand off me, pecked me on the cheek and then wheeled Billy out to their car. I waved goodbye as they drove out, taking what felt like forever. "Don't go" I whispered to the air when they were gone.
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