when i ran

Macy was abused by her dad dave. one night she decided to run away. she ran and ran untill she was to tired and she fell asleep in a park. she woke up to five boys staring at her. were these boys going to help her or torture her the same way dave did?


5. 20 questions

Mays POV

i woke up, niall was gone but i could hear him downstairs "dont tell her i told you, but, she said she used to sleep on the concrete floor" he said. i decided to get up, i walked downstairs and got greeted by either good morning or hello "hi" i said shyly "are you hungry?" Niall asked, i nodded my head "ok, come with me" i followed him to the kitchen and he started making pancakes.


-back in the loungroom eating breakfast-


"so who wants to play 20 questions with may?" louis asked "whats 20 questions?" "well, we will ask you 20 questions and you have to answer them." "i will play" niall said "anyone apart from niall, i meant" "awwww..." niall moaned "i will" harry said "ok first question" i asked "ummm...... what is your favourite colour?" harry asked "blue" of course blue was my favourite colour "ok what is your favourite animal?" "um, a dog" "what is your favourite food?" "definately pancakes!" everyone laughed "i want to ask some questions" louis said "ok" harry said "do you like carots?" "yes" "do you like pigeons?" "no..." "WHAT WHAT WHY HOW AAAAGGHHHH wait do you know who kevin is?" "umm... should i?" "well kevin is my pigeon" he said all sassy "i think i should take over" liam said...



sorry guys i have to get ready for school i will write after school but starting from next wednesday we wont have internet connection for a week because we are moving into our new house and we are painting it over the weekend.



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