Love has a price

Anna and her best friend Jade have moved to London together to get away from family, and while they are there Jade meets a boy and instantly falls in love, but what happens when Anna falls for the same man?

One direction fiction :D

please no hate this is my first fanfic :) thank you


2. What an adventure!

Jades P.O.V

I'm so glad anna didnt see me leave the house other wise I would of been stuck unpacking all the knives and forlks. (not important stuff, I break things a lot). I was happy I was free.

I was walking when all of a sudden a boy with curly was running in my direction and didn't see me and he ran into me. We both fell to the ground, in the background I could here girls screaming and calling a name, I couldn't quite understand. The boy picked me up and covered my mouth and we both hid in the bushes. we both watched all the screaming girls run past, after the last one was gone we waited there for 5 minutes just in case there was others. We got out of the bush and he started apolagizing.

"Im so sorry, the fans were after me and I ran into you and I wasn't sure whether you were a fan or not thats why I covered your mouth.." he tried explaining before I cut him off.

"Its ok, and I have seen you before but im not quite sure were im sorry" I said feeling my face going red.

"Im in a band, you know One Direction?" he said with a shocked face.

"OHH thats were I have seen you, Oh well im Jade" I said pulling my hand out for him to shake. He accepted the hand shake and replied.

"Im Harry, Harry Styles" putting a smile on my face when he said it.


hey guys im sorry if this is bad.... its my first book so i hope u like it :)  

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