Love has a price

Anna and her best friend Jade have moved to London together to get away from family, and while they are there Jade meets a boy and instantly falls in love, but what happens when Anna falls for the same man?

One direction fiction :D

please no hate this is my first fanfic :) thank you


1. Finally

Anna's P.O.V

Finally me and my best friend Jade are getting away from our fighting families. We have known each other forever and have planned this trip since we were 15. Both our families are fighting and we both have had enough! Jade and I are both 17, and we are both studying music, ( we have started to become a band). We decided to move to London and see how it worked out there first. We were thinking of trying out on the X factor but to be honest we didn't think we were that great but singing was our passion. We decided to go to a university/ college and see if that worked out.

We arrived in London on a friday afternoon, so we had the weekend to unpack. Before we left we found a place to stay, and to be honest it looked really good and it was cheap. We arrived at our appartment and both ran into the house and we both just smiled. We are finaly free! Now were to start with the unpacking :(

Jades P.O.V

Wow our place is awesome so roomie and its quiet!!! Anna started to unpack boxes but I decided to sneak out to look at our new neigbour hood. I hated un packing!


hey guys sorry its short but its my first book and yeah soo im sorry :) thank u for reading  

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