I Would (Niall Horan)

Nicole is a normal 16 year old girl, who dreams of meeting One Direction! When her best friend and her get to meet them, life gets complicated. Will their friendship last? What about the relationship?


2. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Nicole POV: I walked to school. Another day. Boring! I looked around in the classroom. The boys were over at Brittany's group's desks. God, I hate them! I sat down at my desk, and looked up at Katie. We had been besties since 3rd grade, when I moved here from America. We were in Holmes Chapel, England. Hometown to the Harry Styles! We never met him, or the boys, but we wanted to. Well, anyways, it was a normal day. I was listening to Take Me Home, when I heard the PA system come on. "Nicole Carter & Katie Simpson you are leaving." Huh? It was only 10:34. Wierd... I walked out of the classroom, getting death glares from Brittany and her crew. I didn't care. I was getting out early!(;


Niall POV: I wanted to meet them so bad! God! I saw a picture of them, and Nicole looked amazing! Katie was okay, but she's more of a Harry type. Not Nialler!<3 I smiled as they walked down the long hallway. Nicole's face was lit up like a Christmas tree, and I didn't know what to say. She ran over to me, and hugged me first! She jumped onto me, and I supported her. Zayn was smiling and saying, "Get some, mate!" I rolled my eyes, and let her down. I locked eyes with her, and I knew it was love at first sight. I tried to play it cool. Liam was about to die for a hug, so I let her hug him, even tho I was completely jealous of him.

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