I Would (Niall Horan)

Nicole is a normal 16 year old girl, who dreams of meeting One Direction! When her best friend and her get to meet them, life gets complicated. Will their friendship last? What about the relationship?


1. Characters<3

Katherine (Katie): 16, long brown hair, blue eyes, skinny

Nicole: 15, long brown hair, green eyes, medium sized, tall

Amanda: Katie's mom

Justin: Katie's dad

Amy: Nicole's mom

Josh: Nicole's dad

One Direction: You know them(;

Brittany: Popular, 16, blonde long hair, hazel eyes, skinny, tall

Brittany's 'group': Ashley, Samantha, and more (but they don't talk)

**There will probably be more, but I didn't add them right now. I will come back and add them as I go. Thanks x**

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