The Boys Who Share My Heart

This story is about 2 one direction boys fighting over a girl named Skylar. Harry and LOuis will be the boys fighting over Skylar.


1. The Abuse

I woke up to my father coming into my room and slappung me in the face telling me to get up.He abuses me he slapes he punches me he pulles my hair.He waked out of my room witch left me on the floor in tears. I got up and ran to the bathroom and got in the shower.I got out and put on this and went down staries to see my dad back asleep on the couch. I quickly got my bookbag and ran out the door.



                                                           20 mins later at school




I went to my locker and got my Geometry book and went to my class. (after class) I walked up to my best friend Katie adn she was talking about one direction like usual. She turned around and said "I got one direction tickets for u and me and the concert is tonight!" We jumped up and down and she asked " Do u think u can sleepover after the concert Sky" "ofcorse katie" i ryplied and we where off to class.




                                                               The End Of The Day



Katie and I walked on the side walk on the way to my house to get cloths for tonight my dad is not home yet from the bar he will not even notice i am gone.I ran up stares to my room and gabbed my cloths and ran back out side and Katies brother was waiting in his car out side for us i got in and we drove to Katies house.








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