1. writing

Even after all your lies
There's a part of me that still cries
Wishing things wouldn't have ended so bad
And you weren't the one who made me feel so sad
I feel like burning all those poems i wrote for you
Maybe then all those feelings that are left would go away too
I wish i could just wipe
All those memories, well maybe that will make me feel alright
But then my friends just hold my hand
And say with you is where we stand
He's not worth all those tears
You're way too beautiful for him my dear
Only if i could tell them that my heart
Seems to have a hobby of breaking itself apart
And how i hate and love the moments we spent
I wish i could've leant
A few more minutes from time
But maybe you were just not meant to be mine
So i just carry on
Try helplessly to move on
And i do partially succeed
Happiness and love is no.longer what from you i need
But still at times when i wish we were together
I wish i could leave writing forever
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