Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


15. Twitcam




Me and Jazmine look at each other with mischievous grins. Jazmine goes and presses the 5th floor button and we look around for the boys, we come back to the elevator and go to the 20th floor. We start looking for them, making sure they don't find us. We keep up with our little game for 10 more minutes, we give up they are never going to find us. We go up to the 50th floor, to our room, Harry and Liam have the keys to our hotel room so we decide to just sit by the door until they come. We sit there on the floor for about a good 10 minutes until Jazmine gets a text. "Did they give up yet?" I ask her, "Yeah, they're coming up here now. They were on the 3rd floor." She says laughing softly.


They finally make it over to us, trying to catch their breath. Jazmine starts giggling and I join her, "You guys really looked for us" I say. "Yeah, w-we did" Liam says panting. I get up and Jazmine does as well we get the key and open the door to our room. My mouth forms a perfect O shape, this room is HUGE! It's so perfect and clean and decorated. The walls are painted a beautiful gold with designs, It had a small kitchen with 2 bathrooms and 2 beds. It was very nice, In my opinion of course.  "Jessica and Jazmine, I know you girls take longer than guys do to get ready so go get ready!" Liam says, "For what?" I asked him curiously. "We're taking you girls out tonight" he says smiling at me. "Ok." I grab Jazmine by the hand and pull her over to our bags, I take out a strapless black and peach dress, like the top part is black and the skirt piece is peach, I also take some black heels and a few accessories. Jazmine takes out an aqua blue dress, like the one that Ellie Goulding wears in 'Lights' but without the crystals.


She takes out some gold heels and a few accessories as well, we both head to the bathrooms, I go in one and Jazmine goes in another, when we finished changing Jazmine heads over to the bathroom I'm in so we can do our hair. I decide to straighten my hair and Jazmine curls her's, we start doing our hair for about an hour.


When we finish we peek our heads and look over at the boys, they are using the laptop. We walk over quietly and sneak up on them and scare them, "BOO!" we both yell and the boys jump up screaming like girls, Jazmine and I start dying of laughter. I lay on the bed next to Liam and Jazmine sits next to Harry. I look at the computer and wonder what they are doing, Liam puts his arm around me and says "Isn't she lovely?" "Who are you talking to?" I ask curiously, "We are talking to 94,651 people right now" Liam says smiling. "Wait what do you mean?" I asked. "We're on twitcam right now love!" Liam replied and kissed my forehead.


"This is my girlfriend" he said while pointing the laptop at me, I smiled and waved at the camera. I see Jazmine on the corner of my eye getting up and walking to the kitchen. Harry gets up and follows her, I look back at the computer and notice many people asking what's my name and who am I. Liam looks at the questions and answers one of them, "How'd you guys meet? From: @Loving_1D_589, well one day the boys and I were hungry and we decided to eat some ice cream, so we went into the store and ordered and there I met my lovely girlfriend." He then gives me a warm smile and I smile back. I look at some of the questions and pick one "Do you love her Liam? From: @Nialls_Princess" I look over at Liam and see him turn a little pink he then looks at the camera and says "Yes I do" he then places a small kiss on my cheek.


I smile and notice that Harry has Jazmine thrown over his shoulder, I start laughing and Liam notices and he joins me too. "Put me down!" Jazmine says, Harry puts her down and says excitedly "Put the camera on us!" I turn the laptop at Jazmine and Harry, Harry wraps Jazmine into a hug with his arms around her neck and squishes her face with his "This is my girlfriend!" he says proudly, Jazmine turns red and covers her face. Liam turns the camera back at us and reads a few more comments. Harry and Jazmine walk over to us and sit on the bed behind us, I look at a few of the question and one of them really hurt me, I looked down and Liam notices. "What's wrong babe?" he asks me worriedly, I shake my head and mumble "I'm fine". He reads the comment that I read and It said, "Why are you guys dating them, they are so ugly! From: Mrs_Styles_Payne" He looks at me and hugs me, "Well we are going to go, see you guys soon!" Liam says and ends the twitcam. He looks back at me and says "Ignore them, they are just jealous that they aren't as beautiful as you." He gives me a small kiss on the cheek. "Well are we going or?..." Harry asks getting up. "Yup, let's go" Liam said grabbing my hand.




A/N: Hey there! Sorry for the chapter being short, Just school and all that. Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully tomorrow a long chapter will be out.


Stay Beautiful



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