Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


5. The Mall



We slouch on the couch, intensely staring at the clock. As every second goes by we get more, and more nervous. I can feel my palms sweating, I can create a river. Finally the clock strikes one. I look over at Jazmine, she looks down. I could see that she was in doubt that they weren't coming. Then we hear a knock on the door. We started running toward the door, practically falling over each other. I opened the door and try to look attractive. It turns out to be the pizza guy. I got so envious that I threw the pizza in his face. Then all of a sudden  Louis pops out of nowhere and falls to the floor laughing. My face turns bloodshot red and Jazmine tries to hide my face by standing in front of me. Fail. She's so short. I'm 5'7" and shes 5'3". "LOUIS!" she screams. I saw Liam in the corner of my eye.The sun was beaming down on him, he looked like an angel. His beautiful brown eyes reflected and sparkled. I start getting butterflies in my stomach. I never knew someone as perfect as him can exist.


All of a sudden I snap back to reality and notice Liam is talking, to me. "Hello babe" he says as he smiles. God that boy is perfect. I smiled and got on my tippy-toes and hugged him. I realized that I was being impulsive. I tried to let go, but he wouldn't budge. "Hey" I reply cooly. He then says "You give really good hugs" I whisper awkwardly "Thank you, are you thinking of letting go sometime?" I say "Not quite-yet" I couldn't help but smile, ear to ear. I peek over his shoulder and notice everyone staring at us laughing. Louis then says "oooo!" Liam notices that everyone is staring too. He turns red, like really red. Like my hair. He pulls away and takes my hand. "Ready to go love?" he asks. "Yeah" I reply. We both start walking towards the car and everyone starts making kissy noises. "Oh be quiet" Liam says laughing. We all get in the car and head off to the mall. This is gonna be great.




We all sat in the car talking until we got to the mall. When we arrived the whole mall was surrounded by fans, screaming and yelling. Paul opens the door and tells us to just try and walk inside as we can and buddy up. Liam goes with Jessica, Niall and Zayn, and Harry, Me and Louis. We get out of the car and whole bunch of the fans start asking who we were. Paparazzi were taking pictures of us as we rushed inside. "I'M BLIND!" Louis screams from all the flash that came from the cameras. "Me too" I said. rubbing my eyes. "Where do you wanna go first girls?" Niall asks calmly. "I'm starving" Jessica says. "Same here" I say. "I have a feeling I'm going to like these girls very much" Niall says as we all start walking towards the food court.


After we finish eating we decide to go shop. Me and Jessica run off to "Forever 21" with the boys trying to catch up behind us. We pick out a few outfits and run into the dressing rooms separately. "Don't think you're going to get away from modeling those for us!" Louis yells. We both let out a small giggle. We try on every outfit and model them for the boys each time making a funny pose. After we pick our outfits we go to pay. As Jessica and I take our wallets out to pay Liam and Harry stop us. "No, now put them away. We're paying" Harry says. "But-" "No But's now wait outside with Jessica" "Fine" I say. We both start walking outside of the store and sit at the bench. "I feel bad, that was lot of money." Jessica says. "I know, me too". The boys finished paying and walked over to us with loads more of bags than what we had. I look at Jessica with a questioning look on my face. "Didn't we have less than all that?" I ask. "Yeah way less." she replies.


The boys finally make it next to us and give us the bags. We look through the bags and notice a LOT of expensive stuff. We take our bags and only get what we had originally and take the other bags back. We run as fast as we can to return the rest but Harry grabbed us by the waist and held us back. Liam took our bags and walked off. "What are you doing?!" I almost yell at him. "Jessica and you are going to keep those." He replies cooly. I kept on talking and whining to him, telling him that he NEEDED to return all the extra things when Harry decided to shut me up with a kiss. Jessica looks at me with an "OMGEEE" face and all the boys turn around and start making "ooo's". He pulls away and smiles mischievously and walks off like nothing happened. Jessica is still looking shocked, I speed over to her and pull her away from Liam's grip. I lead her to the bathroom and lock the door so no one comes in.


"I can't believe that just happened."  

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