Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


6. The Mall 2



Harry was very absurd for kissing Jazmine out of the spot. Like I don't need him to start going around and breaking girls' hearts. Especially Jazmine's she seems like a really sweet girl. This is just like a game to him isn't it? I scream at Harry "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO HER?!" "Doing what?" he replies calmly. "Playing with her heart.." I say calming down a little. He snaps "I am NOT doing that!" "Are you sure?! 'Cause you do this to pretty much every girl you meet." I reply. I get more furious every second, then Liam comes next to me and says, "Calm down" I snap back "And you?! you just got out of a relationship just about a few weeks ago. are you just using her to fill that empty spot inside of you!?" Liam turns red with envy and he screams "I'm not using her at all!, When I saw her I just knew that I had to be with her, call me cheesy but it was like love at first sight, so don't you start telling me how I should feel!" At this point everyone at the mall was staring at us. "Just give Liam and I some time and we'll prove to you that this isn't just a game, we actually love them." Harry says calmly so no one hears them. "Fine, we'll give you guys some time" Zayn says. "How about right now? Why don't we leave and let the boys prove to us that they actually care" Louis states. Me, Louis, and Zayn start leaving the mall to give the guys a chance to prove it. They better not hurt the girls.






Me and Liam start walking towards the bathroom where the girls ran off to. Liam and I start knocking on the bathroom door and no one responded, so we decided to just sit next to the door and wait for them to come out. Then it got really serious, "You really like her don't you" Liam says. "Yeah" I reply back. "Do you really like Jessica?" I ask him. "Yeah I do" he says. "Like when we went into that ice cream shop yesterday, I was planning to leave with just like ice cream but instead I left with someone on my mind. And it was her, I seriously couldn't stop thinking about her, I was up all night thinking about her smile, her eyes, and her long hazel hair picked up with her bow...Sounds crazy doesn't it? I just met her yesterday and it feels like I've known her my whole life." "Seems like you really got a bad case of the love bug." "I guess I do, now what about Jessica? It seems you just can't stop thinking about her." I look over at Liam and see him turning red at the mention of her name. "I guess the love bug got you really bad too" I tell him letting out a small chuckle. "Yeah, like I mean, she's perfect to me. Her long silky red hair and her brown eyes. She makes me want to be with her so bad but I'm not sure she feels the same, I wanna ask her out but I'm just a bit nervous. I mean like what if she says no..." "Liam it's pretty obvious she likes you. Well I think it is" "You sure?" "Yeah, and if you want I can ask Jazmine so you can know for sure." I reply. "Haha thanks mate" "Welcome"




I stood there waiting for Jessica to say something, she's still in shock I guess. I think it should be the other way around 'cause I was the one that got kissed not her. "Jessica?" I ask quietly. "Yeah?" she says calmly "You ok? Like you seem shocked, still" I say letting out a small giggle. "Oh yeah I'm good, you know me. Just being myself" she says finally out of shock. "Alright good, you had me scared there, thought you weren't coming back." "Of course I was silly, I just mean Harry freaking Styles just kissed you" she says almost shouting. I start laughing. "Why are you laughing? You're like the luckiest girl on earth at the moment." she says "Don't worry you will be too...soon." I said smiling. "With who?" she asks. "With Liam, silly!" I say. She starts blushing insanely. "Ok now let's go, we don't need them to thinking that you crapped yourself." She bursts out laughing and I join her too. After we calm down we decide to finally get out of there, I open the door and before I could take a step some grabs me by the ankle causing me to eat the floor. Jessica starts laughing so hard that she falls to the floor crying. All of a sudden Liam and Harry start tickling us. After the tickle fight ends, Jessica is barely breathing from all the laughter she has gone through. "What took you girls so long?" Liam asks. "Yeah Louis thought that the toilet sucked you guys in and took you girls away forever"  "No! we were just talking" I reply back. "By the way where is Niall, Louis, and Zayn?" Jessica asks looking around. "Why do you care about them so much? Do you like one of them?" Liam asks. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't.." she says with a playful smirk on her face. Liam looks down sad, but Jessica hugs him and whispers into his ear, "Maybe it's you" she then runs off and pulls my arm and we take a head start and scream at the boys "CATCH US IF YOU CAN" and with that we run off. 


Liam quickly catches  up to Jessica and picks her up and spins her around, I take a quick look back and see Harry catching up to me, I decide to run faster and run into "Wet Seal" and stand next to the mannequins and striking a pose. I see him running from a distance and then he stops in front of the store to take a quick break. He scans the store and he sees me blink. He quickly runs inside and grabs me. He gives me a peck on the cheek and I turn pink.  I see Jessica and Liam laughing and holding hands. How cute. Harry looks at me and says "Hey Jazmine, by any chance does Jessica like Liam?" "Yeah! Isn't it obvious?, well for me it is cause I'm her best friend. Does Liam like her? I ask him. "Yeah he does, like a lot." He says letting out a small chuckle "He wouldn't stop talking about her while we waiting for you two outside of the bathroom." "How cute" I said smiling. "why doesn't he ask her out then?" I ask curious. "He's to scared to get rejected by her, but now he won't so there's no problem anymore!" He replies with a cheeky grin. I adore his smile. "Hey Harry I dare you to say 'Look at Ms. and Mr. Payne' when they come over here." I tell him. "You bet." He says smiling mischievously. I scream "JESSICA, LIAM OVER HERE!" they both run over to us when Harry screams "LOOK AT MR. AND MRS. PAYNE!!" we both start cracking up when Liam and Jessica turn red.
Jessica hides her face in Liam's arms.


After all that they drove us to Jessica's place. They boys gave us hugs and kisses on the cheek. Wow what an interesting day.



Hey There :D
Hope you like the story so far, new chapter coming out tomorrow.
Stay tuned! (: x.




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