Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


12. The Big Surprise




We all head inside and dry off, we walk into the kitchen and get some water. After a few mins of the dead silence Harry speaks up. "Me and Liam think that we should get going, since well we have to pack and everything. We're coming to pick you girls up at 4 am since the flight will be 10 hours." "Alright" I reply smiling. "That's a LONG flight" Jessica says emphasizing the word 'long'.  "Yeah it is" Liam says hugging her. Me and Jessica walk the boys over to door and say our goodbyes. 


We walked upstairs and sat on our beds. "Well we already finished packing so what should we do?" Jessica asks me. "We can clean up your room?" I said looking around. "No!" Jessica says. She really doesn't like cleaning, only when it comes to the point where everything is really dirty, then she will clean. "Ok why don't you make food and I'll clean your room?" I ask her. "Deal!" she says running downstairs to the kitchen. I start cleaning her room, It took me about 20 minutes to clean everything. When I finished I walked downstairs into the kitchen and sat on the counter. "Your done?!" Jessica asks surprised. "Yeah" I reply. "Lies" she says nodding her head. "Go look yourself" I tell her. "Fine" she replied sticking her tongue out at me, before leaving to go upstairs. I see that she was about to start making ribs so I go and wash my hands at the sink and start cooking. About a few minutes later she comes back downstairs and attacks me into a hug. "You left it spotless!" she says overreacting, I laugh and said "I guess I did". 


When we finished cooking we ate and cleaned up the kitchen. We took turns taking a shower then went to sleep.



-Next Day, 3:30 a.m.-


I wake up hesitantly from the alarm beeping. I sit up and shut it off. I look at the time  '3:30 a.m.' Why the hell am I up this early? I lay back down, I'm about to fall asleep again when I remember that the boys are coming to pick us up in a few minutes. I shoot up and run over to Jessica and jump on her and start screaming "THEY ARE COMING IN A FEW MINUTES GET UP!!!!!" she pushes me off causing me to fall on the floor. Why am I ALWAYS on the floor? I get up and get to the shower before Jessica could. I lock the bathroom and get ready. About 10 minutes later I come out and Jessica dashes in. I go downstairs and start to fix up some pancakes. Jessica comes out about 15 minutes later with sweat pants and a tank top. "Eat, like really fast" I hand her the plate of food and take mines and eat. When i finish I dash upstairs and brush my teeth. Jessica runs in about a minute later and brushes her teeth as well. We walk downstairs with our luggage and wait for the boys to arrive.




I walk over to the door and open it, Harry's standing there and Liam's waiting by the car to put our luggage in the trunk of the van. "You girls ready?" He asks giving me a tight hug. "Yeah" I reply smiling. Harry gets our luggage's and takes it to Liam, Liam puts them in the trunk, we get in the van and Paul starts to drive. "We'll arrive in about 10 minutes" Paul tells us. We all talk and goof off in the car until we arrive at the airport. It's surrounded by fans, like a lot. I look at Harry and he notices I'm nervous, "Just ignore them" he says taking my hand "Ok" I give him a small smile before we get out of the van. Fans start screaming like crazy, Harry pulls me close to him and covers my face so no one knows who I am. Liam does the same to Jessica, we dash inside as fast as we can. "That was crazy" I say softly. "Yeah" Jessica says agreeing with me. We run over to the terminal as fast as we could so we wouldn't be late. We take our seats in first class and put on our seat belts. Paul took care of the luggage, we start talking as we wait for the plane to take flight. The lady came on the intercom and says "Flight 269 to Paris is now ready to take off." Me and Jessica look at the boys and say surprised "you're taking us to Paris?!". So that was The Big Surprise.     



A/N: Hope you enjoy the chapter! New one might come out tomorrow. (: Go check out Jess' story, Her account name is : Directioner4Lifexxx 


Stay tuned! Thanks for reading. 



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