Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


23. The Beach




I get out of the car, the nice warm breeze hits my face with the smell of the salty ocean. I intertwine my hand with Jessica as we walk down to the sandy shady spot by some palm trees. We open up our beach chairs and sit down for a bit enjoying the view and breeze. "Let's go for a swim!" Harry said before sprinting out of his chair, "Yeah, let's go" I say before standing up. I look down at Jess and Jay "Coming?" I ask them both, "I'm going!" Jay said getting up, Jess looks down and says "Later yeah?" "No, why not now?" I say pouting my lower lip, she looks up at me and says "I'm a bit tired, later please?" "Okay." I turn around and see that Harry and Jay are already by the shore, I start running to catch up to them and I make it to them. Us three start swimming for the next 10 minutes.


"Why don't you go get her?" Harry asked looking at me, "I don't know, I mean should I? I just don't want to bother her since she's tired." I reply looking back at the shore to where Jessica is. "Go! She's been there for too long" Harry said before shooing me out of the water. I walk over to Jessica and notice shes not doing anything, So I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, "Liam what are you doing?!" she asked trying to get down, "We're going for a swim, you've been sitting down for too long" I say before running to the shore with her on my shoulder, I get into the water and Jessica starts pouting.


"Please let me down!"






I walk a bit further into the water until the water reached my shoulders, I throw her into the water and notice that she isn't coming up.. "Liam where's Jess?" Jay asked looking at me, "I threw her into the water, she hasn't come back now for 30 seconds.." I look down to the spot in the water where I threw in, Jay then says "SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM LIAM!!!! SHE'S DROWNING IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICE!!!"  My eyes widen and I look at her, "Wait, what? What do you mean she doesn't know how to swim?!" I say widening my eyes and starting to panic. "SHE NEVER LEARNED NOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET HER OR DO I HAVE TO?!" Jay said looking at me with her eyes widened. I quickly put on the goggles I had laying on my head and dive to the spot where I threw in, I search around and find her holding her breath trying to swim, I quickly swim to her as fast as I can and pull her out of the water. She still hasn't passed out so she's fine, I swim to the shore with her on my back. I reach the shore and Jess walks over to the sand and lays down and shuts her eyes. Jay and Harry were following behind, Jay gets out of the water quickly and sits next to Jess.


I look at Jay, she's taking Jess' wrist to check her pulse. Her face drops, she lays Jess' arm on the sand softly, and looks at me and Harry, tears were starting to form her eyes. "What's wrong?" I ask looking at Jess then at Jay "Why are you crying?" I start to panic, Me and Harry dash out of the water and sit around Jessica. "She-she has no pulse" Jay says before breaking down to tears, Harry quickly pulls her into a hug and tries to comfort her. My heart just stopped when she said that, she's dead. Jessica is dead, the girl that I love is dead. Cause of me... Jay gets out from her hug with Harry and crawls over to Jessica, she sits next to her and looks at her then makes a face filled with confusion. "What?" I say as the tears start falling from my eyes, "Look" she said pointing at Jess, I crawl over to Jess. I look at her motionless body, I hug her for the last time I ever will. I pull back and Jay says "Look" "Look at what?" I ask wiping the tears from my eyes, "Jess, look" she said pointing at her face. I lean in closer to her face to see what Jazmine was talking about.


"BOO!" Jess yells, I jump back and scream, Jessica sits up and starts laughing and Jay joins her too. I look at Harry and see him clutching his heart. "WHAT?!" I say looking up at the girls, "You pranked me? Why?" I ask giving them both glares, "Dunno, we just got bored so yeah" Jazmine said giggling. Jess crawls over next to me and says "You really care about me huh? You cried and everything" she hugs me tight and giggles. "This isn't fair!" I say looking down at her. 
"I'm sorry" she said looking up at me and kissing my cheek, I smile softly and hug her back. "You really scared me you know?" "I see I did" she said giggling. After the scene the girls decided to go tan and Me and Harry went to go swim for a bit more. 





Me and Liam talked for a while as we were swimming around, about the boys and the upcoming tour in Fall. We got really bored so we decided to go to where the girls were, we walked to our spot at the sand and met up with them and sat down. "Hey there!" I say happily sitting down next to Jay. "Hi" she said smiling as she was laying down on her tummy. I decided to mess with her so shook my head, making the drops of water from my hair fly all over the place. "Harry!" she pouted as the water landed on her back, "Yes love?" I ask acting innocently as I can ever be. "Never mind." she said shaking her head and going back to listening music. I shake my head and start to think of something else, I look over to Liam and Jessica.


They're taking pictures on his phone. I go and sneak into the background and pose for a picture without them noticing, they take it and post it on Twitter. I quickly crawl back to my spot and look at Jay, I notice that Liam and Jess are getting up and start going for a walk. I lay down next to her and say "Mind if I join?" "Sure" she replies smiling, she gives me one of her ear buds and we both listen to music. I look up and notice a crowd coming towards us, it's the paparazzi, we both stumble to get up, Jay grabbing her bag and Jess' bag too. They start taking pictures of us as we try to walk away. Jay starts running when she gets the chance and I do as well following her behind. We quickly make it to the car and get inside, I look through the window and notice the paparazzi coming towards Liam and Jess. I quickly take out my phone and call Liam waiting for him to answer



Me: "Liam hurry up! The paparazzi is coming for you and Jess! Get to the car"

Liam: "WHAT?! OK Batman is on the way"

I hang up and put my phone away and look at Jay, "I hope they make it back...alive." I then look down, she bursts out laughing and says "Of course they're going to make it back silly!" I look up and say "How would you now? Hmm" I say raising one of my eyebrows. "Dunno, I just know it" she said smiling. I spot Liam and Jessica running towards the car, almost slipping every time cause of the sand. Paparazzi taking pictures non-stop. They quickly get in the car and close the door, the paps surround my car not letting us drive away. We manage to control the craziness and get back to Jessica's place, the girls run upstairs and take quick showers and change into their pj's. Liam and I go when they finish, shower and get dressed. We all finally fall asleep after this long day.


A/N: Hey! Sorry for the wait but here is chap. 23! We're working on Chap. 24 now so stay tuned. (:

Stay tuned for more! Love you guys.

Stay Beautiful


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