Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


29. The Airport & A Morning With Liam



I wake up around eight in the morning from the alarm going off. I quickly get up remembering that JJ and Ashley are coming at ten. I go over to my closet and pick out an outfit to wear, I pick out pink crop top and a pair white cut off shorts from my closet. I make my way to my bathroom and take a shower. Once I finish I get dressed and put my hair up into a bun and brush my teeth. I walk into my room,  I reach over and grab my phone from the night stand. I slip on my white Converse and walk downstairs quietly so I won't wake anyone up, I walk to the kitchen and start making pancakes. After a while of making many pancakes I make my way upstairs and wake everyone up. It's around 9 now so it's a good time to wake everyone up, after everyone is up I walk back to the kitchen and serve myself two pancakes and start eating.


Everyone joins a while later, after I finish eating I wash my plate and put it back where it belongs. I sit with everyone at the table, Brooke, Nina, Hunter, and Ethan. Harry didn't want to get up because he said it was too early in the morning. I smile as they were all talking to each other, I really miss having them around. I take out my phone and check the time it's 9:30 am. Where is Jess? I unlock my phone and text her


Me: "Hey. Good morning! Where are you? :p"


Jess: "Eating breakfast in bed, Liam made me some (:"


Me: "Haha alright, are going to come pick up the girls with me?"


Jess: "No sorry! :( I'm really tired, too much stuff happened yesterday and I'm talking with Liam about stuff."


Me: "Okay, I'll pick them up with Harry then. Come over soon! We'll be waiting. (:"


I hit send and lock my phone.  I quickly get up from my seat and hug everyone at the table "I'm gonna go pick up the girls. Please don't break the house down." I say to them giving them a smile. "Us? Break the house down!? Please we're angels." Hunter says defending them. I laugh a little and say "Yeah yeah sure, Nina and Brooke are in charge while I'm gone. So behave" I say before walking out of the kitchen and head up to the guest room that Harry's sleeping in.


I knock on the door and he doesn't respond. I open the door slowly and skip over to him. He's still sleeping, I sit on the edge of the bed and start poking his cheek. "Stop.." he lets out in a whisper turning over to the side, "Harry, please wake up. I need you to take me to the airport please." I whisper. "But I'm tired" he pouts turning over to look at me and covers his face with his hands, I giggle he's so cute when he's tired. "Please, we only have 30 minutes to get there." He uncovers his face and looks at me "Fine, only for you. Cause I love you" He sits up, picks a pair of clothes and heads into the bathroom. I sit there shocked, did he just say that? Of course it did, it just came out of his mouth. I wonder if he actually meant it, I look over at the clock and notice is 9:40. I walk over to the bathroom door and say "Harry hurry up, we have only 20 minutes 'till 10." He responds "Okay okay, calm yourself love."  After waiting a few more minutes Harry came out of the bathroom. I got up from the bed and ran over to him, I grabbed his hand and dashed downstairs. I see that everyone got dressed an were sitting on the couch, when they saw me Nina spoke up and said "Hey, we were thinking about going to the mall so we'll be back later." "Alright, let's go" I say making my way over to the door. Once they head out I lock the door with the spare key Jessica gave me. I walk over to Harry's car, him waiting inside. I get inside and we head off the the airport.


I smile as Harry pulls up into a parking spot. and pulls the keys out of the ignition. I get out of the car and walk over to him, he takes my hand and intertwines our fingers together. I close my eyes for a moment and open them again, it's nice when it is peaceful with no one bothering us. Just us two, walking. We head inside and walk over to the waiting area. They're supposed to be here already, I look around and the announcer comes on the intercom "Flight 236 has arrived" I smile and look up at Harry. He just smiles and shakes his head, I giggle and look back looking for the girls. Harry's phone goes off,  "I have to take this, I'll be right back." He said letting go of my hand and walking away. I watch him leave and then I hear two familiar voices "Jazmine!" I quickly snap my head toward the direction the noise is coming from and see the two little munchkins, Ashley and JJ. I smile and run over to them and they are running over with their rolling bags being held with their hands.


Once I reach them I pull them both into a big hug, "I missed you two so much!" I said letting go. I bend down to their height and see them smiling ear to ear, "I missed you too!" JJ said, "Me too! Wait where's Jessica?" Ashley said making a little pouty face. I say "Jess was tired and felt a little bad, but don't worry we're going to see her later." They both jump in their spots from excitement. "I can't wait!" JJ squealed, I let out a small laugh and stood up. "Oh look what we drew on the plane!" Ashley said looking through her bag as JJ helped. I turn around looking for Harry until I spot his tall figure making his way over to us, "Sorry love I had to answer, it was management talking about things" he said when he was next to me. I smiled and said "It's okay" I heard little squeals from behind me, I turn to face Ashley and JJ. They were both staring at Harry, "It's-it's Harry Styles!" Ashley squealed and JJ nodding her head. Harry chuckled and said "Yeah, who are you two cuties?" he bent down to their level. They both giggled and then JJ said "I'm JJ and that's Ashley" she said pointing at Ashley when her name was mentioned. "Well JJ and Ashley those are beautiful names" Harry said giving them his signature smile. "What are you doing here?" Ashley said to Harry. "I'm here with Jay" he responded smiling when he said my name. "Oh! Well Jazmine never told me that you two were friends!" Ashley said looking at me and then back at Harry, "Yeah me too!" JJ said giving me a little death glare. Harry chuckled, looked at me and then back at the girls, "Girls, Jazmine is my girlfriend." Harry said and then stood up, he looked down to see the girls priceless faces. I giggled as they turned their head to look at me and said "Oh my gosh!" and after they started giggling.


Harry got the girls little suite cases and I took their hands, Ashley to my left and JJ to my right. It was getting pretty crowded in the airport so we all decided to stay close. As we made it outside there were a few fans, they acted calm which was nice. We really didn't need anyone to attract attention especially with JJ and Ashley, I wouldn't want them getting hurt. We stopped for a few minutes because they wanted an autograph or picture, I didn't mind honestly I mean their his fans. With out their support or them he wouldn't have his career. After Harry finished taking pictures or giving autographs we headed for the car, I got the girls into the car while Harry put the suitcases in the trunk, I climbed into the passengers seat and waited for Harry to come. I heard giggles and whispers coming from the girls so I turn my head to the back to face them "You okay? You girls are so giggly and bubbly. Do you like someone?" I joked teasing them and smiled. "No!" they both said in unison laughing, I just shook my head and said "Then what's up?" "We were just wondering if we could meet the rest of One Direction, well since you know Harry and all" JJ said and Ashley nodding. "We'll see" I said and turned back to the front and I heard them start whispering and giggling again. How I missed them, not seeing them for a year has been tough but now it's all great. Harry got in the drivers seat and said "Why don't we go eat something?" I nodded and turned to face the little munchkins, Harry turned to face them too. "Can we go to McDonald's?" Ashley begged, "Yeah!" JJ said looking at us. I looked at Harry and nodded. "McDonald's it is."


(Jess wrote these two P.O.V.'s :D)



Jessica's P.O.V


"Jessica! Jessica! Jessica!" I hear my name being called. I turned around and rubbed my eyes "Oh you're awake" I see Liam smiling from ear to ear "Only because you woke me up dummy!" I pout. "Please don't be mad baby." He says. I wonder why he woke me up he knows I hate waking up early, "Why did you wake me up Liam" I practically scream. "You know cause I can" he playfully replies laying down next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. I turn to my side so our eyes can meet, I decide to snuggle up on him. He kisses my forehead and smiles. "Liam?" "Yeah babe?" He replies "Want to go and eat breakfast?" I said tracing his abs "That's exactly why I woke you up wait here" a smile appeared on his lips, then he got up and left. "Mhm okay" I grinned, I looked around the room I sure haven't been here in like ever. It's so neat and clean I look around at the walls and see picture frames I stand up and walk across the room to see them I see Liam when he was about 5 years old he was such a cutie, I swear! Then I see him with his mom dad and sisters, what a beautiful family. Then I look to the next frame It's a picture of me and him I never knew he had a picture of him and I, he's so adorable! I feel arms coming around my waist squishing me slightly he places his chin on my shoulder and chuckles "Do you like it?" "Yeah you're so cute Liam," I  say .I start going in for a kiss a long meaningful one I love him so much, but instead I end up hitting our teeth together "owe" he laughed "Damn it I'm such a klutz " I told him covering my face with my hands "No you aren't princess" "Yes I am! What kind of a person does that ugh!" I groaned "You and I find it 100 percent cute." "Shhhh," I smile pulling down his shirt that I am wearing, it keeps on rising. "Baby come back to bed" he said taking my hand. "Now sit down and don't stand up okay?" He implies "Okay!" I say carelessly what's up with me sitting down? Mhmm sneaky Liam.


A minute passes by and my eyes get heavier and heavier and heavier "Liam! I'm so tired!" I look to the left where the door was and see him coming in with a big tray he places it on my lap and says "Here Jess, eat" "awe baby you don't have to awe I love you." I said smiling from ear to ear I've always wanted my boyfriend to make me breakfast in bed. "Welcome love," he places a simple delightful smile on his lips. I take a bite out of my pancakes "Want me to feed you?" He asks "Haha I'm okay Liam I have hands don't I?" I chuckle "Yeah but umm erm." "It's okay babe" I grin at him being worried I know he's being extra nice cause of what happened but I really like it. I feel my phone vibrate so I unlock it "Hey. Good morning! Where are you? :p" Jazmine texted me I reply back "eating breakfast in bed, Liam made me some (:" we exchange a few more messages and I lock my phones putting my full attention on Liam.


"Baby about what happened yesterday I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-" I place my pointer finger on his soft lips "Shhh it's nothing it never happened okay?" I smile at him. I place my hand on his chest and look up "I love you so much Jessica," he says "I know you do" I smirk at him. Causing him to kiss me. He kisses me for a long period of time since no one is there to ruin the moment. "Jessica but I still feel bad," Liam says heavily breathing breaking the kiss apart "I said it's okay just promise it won't happen again.." “I Promise.” He directs to me I looked up at him and he kissed my nose. I giggled and hide my face in his chest.


Liam's P.O.V.


I honestly don't deserve her I am such a bad boyfriend, why in the world did I hurt her I know she was hiding the pain when is hold her I saw her holding back a few yelps. I want to make yesterday never happen even though we did say I love you.. I would of said it differently you know something way more romantic instead it had to involve tears and hatred towards me. Jessica hides her face in my chest it feels good I feel her hands wrapping around my waist starting to tickle my sides. I let out a loud laugh and say "Stop it Jessica haha," "No!" She screams "fine then I’ll make you!" I cried out lifting her up on my shoulders spinning her around "Liam I am going to fall!" Her beautiful voice calls out "No you won't I’ll never let you go" I state she giggles and kicks her feet "Are you going to stop?" I smirk "No," she giggles I spin her even faster "Fine fine I surrender Liam Payne." I place her on the floor next to my T.V.


"Oh my gosh!! You have an PS3?!" She exclaims "Yeah haha you didn't know?" I say "No let’s play a game!!" She says grabbing the controllers "okay," I smile we sit on the floor, I pat my lap so she'd sit on me she shakes her head and bites her lip damn I love it when she bites her lips. "Please?" I make a puppy dog face to her hoping it budged her "Fine," she blushed sitting on me. I put my face in her hair and sniff her "Liam?" "Yeah?" "Are you sniffing me?" She chokes out "Yeah" I    Quickly say she lets out a giggle "Haha why?" She grins "cause you smell like strawberries and chocolate," I smirk "And you like that?" She chuckles "Yes I very much do." I admit "Well I guess I should always wear this perfume" "Indeed" I smirk at her "Mhm Kay" she blushes "Move in with me?" I say without thinking god I'm such and idiot I close my eyes and expect for the worst "Really?" She said in a high pitched voice I saw her smile and it was so bright and big "Yes really Snowflake," she giggles at my little nickname for her "Okay," she said nodding her head "Really?" I replied surprised "Yeah I mean I wanted to for a while now!" She covers her mouth "Awe my baby wanted to move in with me" she stays quiet "My world my princess my night lover" I winked she turned completely red "Oh my dear now who is making you this red" "You are Liam. Stop!" She shouts covering her face. "Ugh why do you do this!" "Cause it's fun to see you blush and smile" "Take me home." Jessica said "Why?" I pout "To get my stuff aren't I going to move in?" "Yes!" I said with too much excitement.







A/N: Hey there! :D Here's this extra long chapter. Hope you enjoyed haha. I'm working on making a YouTube video so you guys can visually see the cast, the video will be up once the new chapter comes up (I'll give you guys the name of our YouTube channel and the link of the video.) So excited for the upcoming chapter! Let's just say that it's going to be someone's birthday in the chapter and some people get in trouble! So yeah, thanks for reading lovely! Share this with friends or anyone! We'd like for it to get comments as well. We'd love to get some feed back or even just chat, Stay tuned for more!


Stay Beautiful




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