Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


24. Seeing Them Again




I wake up around 1 a.m. from my phone buzzing, I quickly shoot up and look around. Harry's sleeping, same with Jessica and Liam, I crawl out of bed trying not to wake Harry up but he woke the minute I stepped on the floor. "Jay?" he said sitting up sleepily, "Yeah?" I asked looking at him "Why are you awake at this time?" he was sitting up rubbing his eyes then he looked at me. "They're coming." I whisper excitedly "Who?" He asked, really curious staring at me. "Hunter and Ethan" I reply smiling, Harry sighs and lays back down, I shrug and walk over to Jessica and shake her softly "Jessica" I whisper. No response. I smack her face softly, "what" she mumbles. "Ethan and Hunter are coming!" I whisper shout. She opens her eyes immediately when I finished my sentence. She started doing this little dance in her spot which made Liam wake up. "Jess? What are you doing?" Liam says half asleep, "Ethan and Hunter are coming" Jess says a bit too excited, I giggle and so does she and Liam just shakes his head and goes back to sleep.



Jessica didn't accept no as an answer, so she knelled down next to Liam and shook him "Please wake up! Please Liam" she said. He didn't respond, Jessica starts to speak and says "LIIIIIAM, LEEYUM, LIAAAAAAAAMMM, LEEEEEEEEAM, LEAYUM, LEYUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM-" "What?!" He finally answered, I'm here sitting on the edge of their bed enjoying the scene. "Pretty please get up" "Why love?" Liam said "So you can meet them, please" Jess begged, He stayed silent for a few seconds. "For me?" Jessica said pouting like a little puppy, "Fine love, for you" Liam said getting up hesitantly. I look over at Harry and notice he's trying to fall asleep. I get up and walk over to him and sit down on the bed, "Harry?" I ask looking down at him, "Yes?" He asked opening his eyes and looking at me. "Can you come too, please?" I ask hoping he'd say yes, "Do I have to?" He asked looking at me, he seemed tired so I didn't bother trying again. "Never mind, just stay here" I said standing up and walking away without looking at him. I grab a hoodie and a pair of sweat pants and head to the bathroom. I change quickly, brush my teeth, and brush my hair. I pick it up into a messy bun and walk out of the bathroom, I grab a pair of boots and put them on. Before I leave the room I get my phone, I dash downstairs and grab a water bottle out of the fridge.



I walk over to the living room and sit down criss-cross on the couch, I take my phone out and check my twitter while I wait for Jess and Liam. Before I lock my phone I check the time, '1:30 a.m.' Jess walks downstairs and plops onto the couch next to me, "HIIIIIIII" she said moving around in her spot, I start laughing and say "Well someone's a happy camper" "Well of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?!" She said smiling at me. "Haha, I don't know" I said smiling. Liam comes downstairs In his PJ's, He's wearing Batman pants and a matching Batman T-Shirt. "You really like Batman don't you?" I said laughing, "YES!" He said running over to Jess and I, "Let's go now since we're ready" I said standing up and walking to the door, "Wait we can't leave Harry behind" Liam said looking at me, I turn around and say "He said he isn't coming" "No he was just getting ready" Liam replied "Oh okay" I say leaning against the door. Harry finally makes it downstairs, He was wearing a White V-Neck with some sweatpants and a green beanie. He makes his way over to me and gives me a quick hug and whispers in my ear "Sorry for what I said earlier, I was just sleepy and grumpy for waking up at this time." "It's okay, I mean you didn't have to come. I just got too excited" I say forgiving him.



When we arrive at the airport it was nice and calm, since we were just going to pick up Hunter and Ethan. No one knew we were coming to the airport today. After Paul stopped the car and told us that it was okay to get out, we headed to the entrance. Harry took my hand as Liam took Jessica's, I grin and looked up at him "You guys are always so protective of us, like all the time." "Well we don't want you getting hurt and plus you are mine." He said giving me a small kiss on the cheek and I smile. "You guys are so silly, we can take care of ourselves too!" I say defending ourselves.Before he could respond the announcer came on the intercom and said "Flight 580 from Miami and Flight 359 from Washington have just landed." I start jumping up and down and look up at Harry as he just covers his face with his spare hand, I look at Jessica and notice her jumping like me too, I giggle and walk over to her and Liam with Harry following right next to me. I stand next to  Jessica, Me and her are looking at the terminal as people are coming out, Still no sign of Hunter and Ethan. I look at Jessica and frown, she does too. When  everyone finished getting out we saw two guys running out of the terminal with others behind as well. They stop at the end of the terminal, I look closely at who it was and it was them, Jess and I gasp. I looked at my best friend that I haven't seen him in forever, His adorable smile that displays his dimples and braces. His brown hair that's always covered by a snap back, and the brown eyes I've missed. Then Ethan standing next to him, His light brown hair in a quiff, Blue eyes and his perfect smile. We detach our hands from Liam and Harry and start running towards them. Before we reached them they took a step aside and Nina and Brooke were behind them. We stopped dead in our tracks, I haven't seem the dark brown curly haired girl with the brown in eyes in forever, and Nina with her long black straight hair, and her dark brown eyes. The girls started running toward us and we ran towards them. We all made a group hug, and start laughing.


"We missed you much!" I said, Jessica nodding her head in agreement. "Why didn't you girls tell us you were coming?!" Jessica said grinning. "Because Hunter and Ethan wanted to surprise you" Brooke said, "I think they're waiting for you" Nina said pointing at Hunter and Ethan, I look at their cute faces, how I miss them so much, same with Jess. Jessica starts running at them before I do, she attacks Ethan and jumps on him hugging him. I laugh and attack Hunter into a big bear hug. They both start spinning us around, I start laughing and look over at Jessica and Ethan. I see that their noses are touching like they always do, I overhear Jessica say "I missed you so much" I smiled and turned back to Hunter which he was still spinning me around, "Stop!" I said playfully looking down at him giggling. He stops and sets me down, I pull him into another hug and give him little kisses on his cheeks causing him to laugh his adorable laugh. He starts to tickle me, knowing it's my weakness.


I hear Liam and Harry 'coughing' to make us look at them, Oh these jealous boys. Hunter stops immediately and looks over at them and his eyes widen, he looks back at me and whispers in my ear "They're way taller in person. It's scary" I laugh and nod my head, I feel someone take my hand so I look to see who it was and it was Harry. He was pulling me away from Hunter, so I grabbed Hunters hand and pulled him with me. I tippy-toed and whispered into Harry's ear, "You're jealous." He quickly turned his head to face me and stopped walking. "Am not!" He said folding his arms, I grinned and said "Then why are you taking me away? Hmm?" "Cause you left me alone." He looked at me and pouted, I shake my head and say "You were with Liam" "But still! You're mine.." he said acting a bit childish. I hug him and say "I know but at least let me go see them, I mean I haven't even said hi to Ethan." He just nods and asks "Can I come too?" "Of course!" I replied smiling. I took his hand and started walking with him and Hunter.


I make it over to Ethan and pull him into a hug. "Jay!" Ethan said hugging back, "You've gotten taller since I've seen you!" I said pulling away from the hug grinning, "And you're still the shorty I remember" He said chuckling. I push him playfully and say "Oh be quiet." After we all finish introducing each other we head to the van, Harry sits by the window, Me next to him, Hunter next to me, and Brooke next to Hunter. Then in the seats in front of us it was, Liam by the window, Jess next to Liam, Nina next to Jess, and Ethan next to Nina. We all start talking like we were in the airport, It's really great to be seeing them again.          





A/N: Hey there! Thanks for 2000+ views! Love you guys lots, hope you enjoy the chapter as much as we do. Also sorry for the long wait, new chapter will be out soon hopefully. Stay tuned!


Stay Beautiful



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