Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


26. Problems




We were all talking about what has happened is the last few months, like our family and friends back home. "What about JJ and Ashley? How are they doing?" I asked looking at the girls, they smiled real big at me and Jess, I looked at Jess and gave her a confused look and she did the same to me. I turn back to face Brooke and Nina and say "Are you girls okay or are you like high on something?" they both laugh and say "We have a surprise for you girls" Nina said smiling real big "And it is what it?" Jess said looking at them. "Ashley and JJ are going to be here tomorrow cause we bought them tickets to come! Since you girls missed them so much!" Brooke said smiling from ear to ear. I quickly get up and crawl over to Nina and Brooke and pull them into a big hug, seconds later Jessica joins us. We pull away and crawl back to our spots.


"At what time are they gonna be here?" I asked excitedly, "10 am" Nina said checking her phone for the flight details. "Okay, thanks so much for doing this! You didn't have to tho." I said smiling at Nina and Brooke, Jess nodded agreeing on what I said. "Anything for our besties" Brooke said smiling. We were all so happy, I look over to Jess, she placed her head on Liam's shoulder and said "I'm going to finally see my little duck" "She's grown an inch or two" Ethan said "And her hair is long" Nina said looking at Jess. "Really? Aw I'm missing out on everything." Jess hides her face in Liam chest trying not to cry, "You'll see her soon love, don't worry" Liam said patting Jess' head. I smile at how cute they are, they're like that couple that never have any drama. Never have a problem, they just love each other so much. It's so cute honestly, I look down and start playing with my fingers wondering if that's the relationship I'll have with Harry.


He notices that something wrong, he squeezes my hand signaling me to look up at him, "What's wrong?" he asks looking at me with a worried expression on his face, I smile and say "Nothing's wrong." "Sure?" he looks down at me and I nod at him, letting him know I'm fine. He then pulls me onto his lap and embraces me in a hug from behind, I smile and rest my head on his chest. "oooh!" I hear Brooke say as she starts laughing like the goof she is, I look up at her and laugh "What?" I say "I don't know" she says. We both burst out laughing while everyone looks at us with weird expressions on their faces. "You are one strange girl love" Harry said chuckling, "And proud of it!" I exclaim giggling.


We decide to have a movie marathon for the rest of the day since it's 5:46 pm. Girls sit on one couch while the boys sit on the other, so that way the guys can bond and us girls can catch up. 



Jessica's P.O.V 

I sit next to Nina and Jazmine since I don't talk to Brooke as much, I hope that changes.

I glance over to Liam, he shoots a wink at me with a smirk appear on his face. He's so sexy, I can't help my blush. I cover my face with my hands I can hear Liam giggling Jazmine looks at me and says "Woah how you doing tomato"  "Oh shut up." I snap back at her. "He's got you tied around his finger and so do you" Nina barely gets out of her mouth before I glare at her "Wh-what d-do you mean?" I say stumbling on my words. "You both are so in love" Nina says. "I guess so?" I reply with a confused look on my face "Has he said I love you yet?" "No..." I drop my voice to a whisper looking down "Don't worry Jess he hasn't cause he might not be sure that you feel the same way." "Sure he does.." 

I start getting angry "Yeah he does, he doesn't even look at other girls. You're the only one" "Um, how's it going with Josh," I quickly changed the subject "Good, good we've been together for so long, I love him." Nina vowed "Ah true" I replied. "You love Liam right? Or are you still in love with Ethan." Nina whispered to me. "What why would you say that?!" I start to get louder "Cause I can see the way you look at both of them" Nina responds quietly, my stomach drops to the floor "NO!" I shout at Nina "I only like Liam" I respond "So you like him only? So you love Ethan?" Nina may be the only girl that can come at me making me face all the questions, that I don't have the answers to, without getting a slap across her face. "Hey Jess right that we met the boys at an ice cream shop?" Jazmine says, "WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS YOU KNOW THE ANSWER YOU WERE THERE RIGHT?!" I clench my fist, storming out the room with my rage. Once I reach my room I lay down grabbing my phone. 

I text Jazmine 

“Jay I'm so sorry. I didn’t mean to scream at you I'm just mad I love you xx –Jess” 

I hear a knock at the door, ignoring it will make them go away right? Not. The knocking increases by every second I scream "WHAT!"  "Jessie?" I hear, it's not who I expected to come up, it's Ethan. "Come in" I see the door opening when, his figure comes in sight I start examining him with my light brown orbs "Hi" Ethan says "Hey," I look down to my phone 

“Text from: Jay


It's okay, why are you mad?”

"So what happened down there?" Ethan asks, I lock my phone and look at his eyes. I pat a spot next to me on my bed for him to sit down, "Well... I'm not sure what happened. I just know I couldn't control my anger and I yelled." "Why?" He asks "Nina, she started saying nonsense and yeah." I say "Mhm," he responds "It's the truth" I addressed to him "Calm down silly" he touches the tip of my nose, while a grin appears on his face, "Mhm Kay" I see his face coming close to mine he brushes my nose lightly about to attach my lips to his, I turn my head, he ends up kissing my cheek, he grunts. I look down and say “Why’d you do that?” He then says “I wanted to kiss you..”

"I know it's not a good time to say this but-" I cut him off "Shh, just forget about it." I grab his hand, going downstairs. While walking down the stairs I see Harry behind Jay about to scare her, I chuckle causing Jay to look back "Darn it Jessica!" Harry screams at me "Sorry boo guess it isn't your night," I laugh. “Hey! He’s my boo” Jay says sticking her tongue out at me. Next thing you know I see Jay hopping on Harry's back, while Harry stumbles forward trying to adjust to the extra weight put on him "Haha dumbass" I direct towards Harry. "Why are you being so mean?" Harry asks looking at me. "Cause I can." I reply, "Jess be nice" I hear Jay says, "Okay mom." I reply grinning "Stop it, I'm not your mom!" she says, I can't help but chuckle "I know haha" “But still apologize!” she said looking at me, “Sorry Harry” I say looking at Harry sticking my tongue out at him. “And you say you’re not her mother.” Harry said looking at Jay. I laugh for a bit. I see Harry spinning around causing Jay to scream "Let go of me!" "No no no, you got on you're not getting off" He tells her. "Put her down Harry" I tell him him "Only if she gives me a kiss" He replies with a cheeky grin. "Umm... Okay" Jay says, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Harry pouts, sticking his lower lip out. "Not there!" he says responding a bit childish. "Where?" Jays innocent face fills up with confusion "Here" he puts Jay down on the floor touching her lips. "Fine" she says, she gets on her tippy toes and gives him a quick peck.


I see Liam looking at me with a rare emotion that I haven't seen in a while, "Why can't we do that?" I hear Ethan whispering in my ear obviously he was acknowledging the little scene that occurred with Harry and Jay. I let go of his hand, maybe that's why Liam's expression was like that. I walk over to Liam, sitting on his lap "Hey babe" I smile at him "Hi love" he replies smiling, his deep voice starts to get raspy "Why are you so sad?" I ask "I'm not sad babe" he says looking at me. "Then what's wrong?" I asked him looking puzzled, "I'm jealous.." he says looking down. "Why?" I ask, "Are you really asking me this question?" "Yeah, I am" I said crossing my arms "Ethan he just knows you so well. I was going to go up there but everyone agreed to let Ethan up since he knows you more." Liam says playing with his fingers "Aw babe" I say looking down at him I pick his chin up so his eyes can meet mine "If I liked him I wouldn't of left him to come to you, okay?" I said smiling at him, he smiles nodding his head.


I let my eyes go down to his luscious pink big lips he licks them. I look at his eyes I see him staring at my lips now, I bend down a bit our noses are rubbing against each other our lips a centimeter apart he pulls me down slowly so our lips can meet we start kissing passionately, I feel his hands on my waist when he starts to tickle me a bit "Stop, haha" I say trying to not get out of the kiss "No.." He giggles smiling "Then I’ll stop kissing you" I affirmed "Okay ill stop" we keep kissing when I hear Brooke saying "Woah two couples showing the love" I smile and pull away from the kiss. I feel a sticky substance touch my back, "What the f-" I try to get out before something hits me again. "CHOCOLATE FUDGE FIGHT" Ethan yells, I see Jazmine and Harry looking at me.

Nina, Ethan, Hunter, and Brooke have water guns pointing directly at the four victims, sadly I'm one of them. "Don't move maybe the dinosaurs won't see us." I say, Harry starts chuckling at my words "Haha dinosaurs! I guess both of you are so weird!" Harry said remembering at what Jay said earlier. More chocolate fudge comes towards us "I TOLD YOU NOT TO MOVE!" I hit Harry on his arm, "Ow!" he whimpers out. "Every man for themselves now" I say before running off to the pool. 

I jump in the pool trying to hide from my best friends. It's pretty cold, I can feel my lungs screaming for air so I decide to go up a bit for some air when I see Ethan jumping in making my vision go to a blur with all the water splashing in. I feel arms going around my waist "Jessica you didn't let me tell you but, I still love you okay? I've been thinking about you since the day you left. I love you so much and I know Liam won't be able to love you as much as I do come back to me please I won't let you go this time please just give me a second chance" His voice cracks, I'm completely shocked I seriously didn't know what to do. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him close for a hug, I tug my head into his neck, I can feel tears coming down my face "I love you too Ethan. But I love Liam as well." I look up and my stomach tightens when I see Liam looking at us his lips snarled with rage as he leaves. What did I do now….





Hey lovely readers! Sorry for the long wait, but here is an extra long chapter for you guys. Hope you enjoy, Jess and I enjoyed making it for you guys. Thanks for all the reads! Means a lot to us. So stay tuned for more! Comments are appreciated, contest coming up soon so watch out! Thanks for reading! 


Stay Beautiful



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