Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


13. Paris



I turn and look at Liam and say "I've always wanted to go to Paris! Why didn't you tell me, silly puppy." I say slapping his shoulder playfully. "Well now your going, and I didn't tell you because it was part of the surprise! Which just got ruined..." he says with a puppy dog face. I give him a warm smile and hug him. He then places a soft kiss on my cheek. I look at him and tell him "You really mean a lot to me" He smiles really big and says "You mean a lot to me too." I look down and start playing with his fingers, "What's wrong love?" he says looking at me, "Do you really mean it?" I say softly. He lifts my head up with his finger and says "Of course I do, I really do mean it love." he looks into my eyes and I look into his, his beautiful chocolate brown eyes that make me melt. I give him a small smile and he give me a little peck on the lips and pulls me into a big warm hug. He puts his arm around me and cuddles up with me and falls asleep. I look over to my right and see Harry and Jazmine about to kiss and I go and say "oooo".  She pulls back and turns red, I start laughing softly so I wouldn't bother anyone. I stay up for a few minutes until I fall asleep. 


-8 Hours Go By-


I wake up and Liam is still sleeping next to me. I decide to wake him up because they are starting to pass our the food, I look over at him and shake him softly. "Liam" I whisper, "mnph" he mumbles. I giggle softly and shake him again, "Liam get up, they are bringing the food now" I whisper. "But I'm tired" he says whining. "Fine no kisses for you" I say before he shoots up in his seat. "Now where are my kisses" he asks me wiggling his eyebrows. I start giggling and say "Later alright?" "But" he looks at me with puppy dog eyes and I give in, he's too cute. I give him a light peck on the lips and say "Satisfied?" "Yes, yes I am" he says smiling. I look over to my right and notice that Jazmine and Harry are sleeping, she's leaning her head on his shoulder and he's leaning his head on hers. I smile and point at them so Liam looks at them, he chuckles and takes his phone out and snaps a picture. "Should we wake them?" Liam asks me while looking at the picture he took. "Nah, just let them sleep." I reply smiling at them then looking over to Liam, he shows me the picture and I giggle, they're so cute together.


I look at him and say seriously "Liam can I ask you something?" "Sure love, what do you need?" he says smiling. "What did you think about me?, like when we first met." I ask,  he sees that I'm being serious. "I thought you were the most beautiful, gorgeous, and prettiest girl that I've ever met in my life, words can't explain what I feel for you." he says giving me a small warm smile. I tear up a bit, no one has ever said that to me before, and actually meant it. "Now don't cry love" he says wiping away a tear that rolled down my cheek. "Haha, sorry." I said smiling a little and turning a little pink. He smiles and says "You're just too cute." He then smiles and hugs me tightly. 


Me and Liam talk to each other 'till the plane lands in Paris


"Flight 269 to Paris has just landed" the lady announces on the intercom. Liam and I look over at Jazmine and Harry and notice they are still sleeping,  wow they can sleep. I get up and walk over to Jazmine and start waking her up. "Jazmine, get up" I say. No response. "Jazmine we arrived" I say again. "GUADALUPE!" I yell at her. She flinches and wakes up, "WHAT!?" she says still sleepy. "We have arrived now wake Harry up and get your things" I say and walk back to Liam. Jazmine wakes Harry up and they get their things and we all walk outside to the airport. Liam and Harry go get one of the cart to take our bags while we wait by the vending machines. We notice a few paparazzi outside the airport looking for Harry and Liam.


"Wow, they really have nothing else to do huh?" I say "I guess they don't" Jazmine replies giggling a little, she knows that I despise the paparazzi. I mean would you like being screamed at to just get a picture. I know I don't. The boys come back with the carts and put our stuff on them. "Ok well we have a car rented outside, but it's over there" Harry said pointing behind the paparazzi. "Can't we just wait a bit so they can leave?" I ask, "Nope, they are never gonna leave. It's either we go or we stay here" Harry says. "Fine" I said. "Now get on the carts, we're giving you a ride" Liam says smiling. "Yay!" I scream like a little kid. I get on the cart Liam's pushing and Jazmine gets on the cart that Harry's pushing. I really don't want to go out there.




Liam starts driving the cart and heads in front of Harry and I. The door opens automatically, and the paparazzi starts going crazy screaming at Harry and Liam. Me and Jessica cover our face with our hands, "Who are the girls?!" one man screams. "New girlfriends?!" another man screams. The boys start pushing the carts faster and make it to the car, we hop inside and the boys put the luggage in the trunk. We wait for them to get inside the car, they quickly rush into the car and start driving away from the madness. "Well that was crazy" Jessica says softly. "You'll get used to it after a bit" I said nudging her arm. Me and Jessica are sitting in the back seats while Harry is driving and Liam is in the passenger seat. I start looking out the window enjoying the view. I can't believe it, we're finally in Paris.




A/N: Hey guys! New chapter might come out tomorrow, depends on our schedule. Hope you enjoyed this short pointless chapter. Longer chapters will come out on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for sure! Not sure about Saturday. 


Stay tuned for more!


Stay beautiful,


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