Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


11. Packing Our Bags & Water Guns




I wake up before any one wakes up, like always. I take a glance to my right and look at Liam, he looks so peaceful like an angel when he sleeps. After I snap out my thoughts I turn my head to the left and look for Jazmine, I scan her bed but she isn't there. Only Harry is there, I wonder if she's downstairs. I get up quietly, not waking Liam up I slip out of bed and notice Jazmine on the floor, sleeping. How does she always end up on the floor? I start laughing softly so I don't wake the boys. I walk over to Jazmine and jump on her, causing her to shoot up and smack me by an accident. "Ow!" I whisper shout at her. "Sorry! That's why I tell you not to wake me up" she replies. "Shh!" I whisper, I point at the boys "They're sleeping" I state. "Let's draw on their faces" she says whispering with an evil smirk. "Bet" I reply whispering and laughing softly. 

We both get some Sharpies and sit criss-cross-apple-sauce next to our individual victim. I look over at Jazmine as she's about to draw on Harry and I whisper, "1, 2, 3," We both draw on their faces for about a minute when Liam starts to slowly wake up. Me and Jazmine crawl off the beds slowly and dash out to the kitchen. We begin to make waffles and pretend we did nothing. We hear heavy footsteps coming from the stairs. Me and Jazmine start setting up the table acting so innocent, like we're little angels. We grab some cups and utensils and set them down as well. Liam and Harry make it to the kitchen and give us both evil glares. We look at them and start laughing then Harry runs towards Jazmine and tries to get her. But she makes an epic ninja move and escapes. Did I mention that she's in gymnastics, and we're both cheerleaders at school. Guess I forgot. Liam dashes over to me and starts to tickle me. I smack him softly on the face by an accident.


He looks at me and gives me a puppy dog face and says "ow" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" I tell him hugging him. He hugs me back and says "It's alright, your hug makes me feel better" he then gives me a soft smile. Jazmine barges in the kitchen furiously and I tell her, "Calm down Guadalupe" I start laughing and she sends me a death glare and says "My name isn't Guadalupe!" she snaps back. Liam looks at me and says "why do you call her that?" "It's a long story" I reply giggling. Harry walks in and says "I'm sorry kitten" as he walks over to Jazmine and hugs her. "Don't touch me" she says pushing him away. "Wow you guys have been together for about 14 hours, and you're already fighting" I state "But she started it!" Harry says "No I didn't!" snaps back defending herself. I got frustrated so I went outside the front yard and picked up the weekly paper without looking at it and went inside. I hear Harry and Jazmine still arguing from the kitchen so I decide to sit at the living room and read the paper. I see a picture of Me & Liam kissing, same with Harry & Jazmine. You couldn't see me and Jazmine's face but I turned a bit more mad than what I was before. Liam walks into the living room and sits next to me on the couch. "What's that?" he asks before taking the paper and notices that we are in it. "I'm gonna get grounded.." I say and put my head in my hands. Liam looks at me and pulls me into a big warm bear hug. "No you aren't" he says whispering into my ear, I hug him back and hope that was he says is true. "Liam can you call Jazmine?" I whisper at him. "Sure love" he says before calling Jazmine.


Jazmine walks into the living room and sees that I'm upset, "What's wrong?" she asks calmly before plopping down the couch next to me. I hand her the paper and she takes it, her eyes widen when she sees the pictures. "Wow, they really have nothing else than to just go bother people" she says before storming up to my room and locking the door. "Let's take our mind off of this alright?" he says then turns on the t.v. I nod my head softly. First channel: 'Who are Liam and Harry dating?' He quickly changes the channel then the next channel says: 'Liam and Harry caught kissing mystery girls' he switches the channel again and the next channel says: 'Quiénes son esas chicas misteriosas?' oh my god they even have it in spanish. I lay my head on Liam's shoulder and he kisses my forehead and he says "Everything is going to be fine" "No it's not gonna be fine, my parents are on vacation at Washington D.C. visiting family, they are going to be home in 2 weeks. But they are definitely going to see this on the news." "I'll explain to them when they come back from their vacation." "Alright" I say.


About a few minutes of dead silence Liam speaks up and says "I want to take you to somewhere" "Where to?" I ask. "It's a surprise, now go upstairs and pack your bags, tell Jazmine shes coming too." "Ok" I smile at him, "How much luggage should I take?" I ask making my way up the stairs. "About two days of clothing, also some party clothes." "Alrighty" I say winking at him and making my way to my room. I try to open the door but it's locked, I knock and Jazmine asks "Who is it?" "Me" I tell her. I hear her footsteps getting closer to the door and she opens it. "Hey" I say happily. Jazmine walks over to her bed and  shoves her face into a pillow. "Are you still mad?" I ask her, she  sits up and looks at me, "Yeah, just a bit" she replies softly. "How come?" I ask sitting down next to her, "Remember when  Harry started chasing me around?" She says "Yeah" I reply, "Well after he gave up chasing me I walked over to him and he told me that all of us are going to a surprise place for the next 2 days and Harry told me that he wanted me to meet his parents and sister 'cause they are on vacation there." she says "But why are you mad? Like he just wants you to meet them." I replied looking at her, "'Cause I don't want to meet them, like what if they won't like me?" she says looking down and starts playing with her fingers. "But they will! You're amazing, and don't forget your my best friend, haha" I reply smiling. She looks up at me and smiles "You're the best you know that right?" she says hugging me. "I've been told" I say laughing a little.


We start packing and getting ready to go to our mysterious destination. When we finish packing we go downstairs and look for Liam and Harry, We search the whole entire house but they aren't here. "What if they ran away?" Jazmine says. "I think they did" I reply, All of a sudden water hits my back, I turn around and see Liam and Harry with two water guns, one in each hand fully loaded.




I shoot water at Jessica's back, she quickly turns around and see's me and Harry with water guns. She quickly runs to Jazmine and they both dash outside to the backyard. Harry and I quickly run after them and make it to the backyard, when we reach outside there is no one there. We start looking around for the girls when suddenly Jessica jumps on my back causing me to fall forward with her into the pool. Its so cold! When we reach the surface I dropped the water guns and look at Jessica. She starts laughing and takes the water guns and starts shooting me. I put my hands up in surrender as she starts to laugh. "give up easily?" she asks. "Yeah, guess I do" I said before pulling her into a hug.




I'm hiding behind the huge potted plant looking constantly side to side, making sure that no one is coming for me. I stay there for about 3 minutes until Harry passes in front of me without noticing. I walk quietly behind him and pick up the hose that is on the floor. He doesn't notice anything until I start spraying him with the water. He turns around quickly and starts soaking me with the water gun. I let go of the hose and start running away from him as fast as I possibly could, I look back and watch Harry eat the floor. I stop running and start laughing from what just happened to him. I walk over to him and help him up. He drops his gun and pulls me into a tight hug and says "I can't stay mad at you forever" before pulling me into a small kiss. I pull away and smile at him and say "me too." 



A/N: Hey there! (: x.

Thanks for reading this chapter! Hope you liked it. 
We literally stayed up 'till 1:30 a.m. to write this chapter for you lovely people (:

Stay tuned for more!


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