Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


19. Meeting Their Parents




We were all sitting in the car listening to music, I look at Jessica and Jazmine through the front mirror and notice them whispering, Jessica and Jazmine start turning pink and they start laughing. I hope my parents love her as much as I do, I mean who doesn't love Jessica? We finally arrive at the restaurant and we all get out, I look over at Jessica and Jazmine, they are as pale as a ghost. I walk over to them both and give them a hug. "Don't be nervous. I'm sure they will love you both!" I say excitedly, The girls just nod quietly. We all start heading towards the entrance of the restaurant, I'm with Jessica and Harry is with Jazmine. I open the front door and lets Jessica and Jazmine go inside first, Ladies first! Harry and I walk in after, My mum and Anne hug Jessica and Jazmine and they hug back smiling. After and Jessica and Jazmine meet our mum's they go over and sit at the table to meet the rest of our family. Before we could walk over there My mum pulls me back, and Anne pulls Harry back, "What's wrong?" I ask looking at my mum and at Anne. "You boys made good choices, they are keepers. And they're beautiful." My mum and Anne say, Harry and I smile and nod before walking over to the table. I'm glad my mum likes Jessica.


I sit next to Jessica while Harry sits next to Jazmine. Everyone compliments on how Jessica and Jazmine were dressed. They smiles and say 'Thank you' We introduce each other to the rest of the family and then eat. When we finished we all said our goodbye's and went back to the car. The girls sat in the back together while I sat in front with Harry. I hear Jessica and Jazmine talking, "Do you think they liked us?" Jessica whispered to Jazmine, "I hope they did" Jazmine whispered back, I turn around to face the girls and say "They loved you guys." "Really?" the both asked in unison. I smile and say "Yeah, they did" I turn back around to face the front and look out the window for a bit. Today has been a good day. 




I drive for a bit longer until we reach the hotel. When we arrive we rush up to our room, The girls decide to start packing for tomorrow since we leave at 4 a.m. Me and Liam plop on the couch and start watching T.V. A little while later the girls come into the living room and watch some T.V. with us. I cuddle up with Jazmine, she starts playing with my curly hair. I smile at her adorableness. We all sit there for a while until we decide to go for a walk to the park. We all get up and head downstairs and start walking to the park.  I notice that some fans are running our way , I look around to see if there is an escape route none ... I guess we're out of luck . The girls start approaching to us they ask for pictures , and autographs , of course we say yes we don't want to seem rude I mean they support us . A fan screams "HARRY! Can I take a picture with you and your girlfriend," I look over to Jazmine I give her the look " Do you want to babe? "  she smiles and nods her head . I put my arm around Jazmine and the fan we smile. I look over to Liam and Jessica they are also taking picture with fans , after a while they all Leave us alone.


I smile and look at Jazmines beautiful eyes I run over to Liam and whisper to him "Let's give them piggy back rides" he says "Bet Nigga," I look at Liam like if he is Insane "What?!" I say "I'm just trying to be Hood man you got me mate?" Liam replies I start laughing so hard , Jazmine and Jessica turn around to look at me like if I am weird "Good choice," Jessica tells Jazmine laughing Jazmine says "mmmhmm" . I tell Liam "Just stop," He says "Okay" Liam runs to Jessica and picks her up she giggles and says "What are you doing babe?" He puts her down and kisses her cheek "Get on my back," she smiles and says "Really?" he nods his head, she hops on. I wink at Jazmine and give her a big smirk "Come here babe," I say, she says "Why!?" nervously, I run to her and put her on my back she starts to laugh and says "You are so cute love,"  I smile and say "I guess," "Hurry up curly fry, they are ahead of us," I start laughing and running faster , I trip on my shoe lace and eat the floor Jazmine falls on top of me I start laughing so hard I hear Jessica , Jazmine  and Liam laughing.


We all can't stop laughing after a few minutes Jazmine gets off of me and helps me up .We keep walking to the park calmly we see a wishing fountain Jazmine and Jessica run to it and beg us for a Euro of course we can't say no . I look at Jazmine and say "What did you wish for?" she smiles and touches my nose "I can't tell you silly. It won't come true" I smile and hold her hand we finally make it to the park. I see Jessica running to the swing she grabs Liam's hand. She gets on the swing and Liam pushes her , I take out my phone and take a shot I post it on twitter, 'Love birds'. I look at Jazmine and take her to the slide she runs up it I never have seen such a beautiful girl, she slides down it and jumps on me, "Do you know how much I like you?" she says "Nope I don't" I reply "Well you should" she says "I might have an idea of how much" I reply "And what idea is that?" She smiles,  Liam sneaks behind me and says "I am your father" we all start laughing , I put Jazmine down "What were you guys doing?" Jessica smirks "You know nothing just talking," I say Liam laughs and says "Sure.." Jazmine giggles and says " we weren't haha" Liam says " Jessica and I are going to the store, do you guys want to come along?" "Sure" I say. After a while we get to the store.


Liam puts a necklace on Jessica it says 'Liam' on it she smiles and looks at Liam "I love it" he turns pink and replies "I have one too" he pulls out a necklace saying 'Jessica' she kisses him on the lips and says "How cute are you" I look over to the table and see a ring it says 'forever' I quickly buy it without Jazmine noticing I hide it in my pocket. I pick up a necklace that has the letters 'J&H' on it I put it on her she smiles from ear to ear "Thanks babe, it's beautiful."


We go to the hotel room and start watching 'Toy Story' I lay next to Jazmine on the bed she puts her little head on my chest and closes her eyes I take a quick picture of her beautiful face, she slowly falls asleep. I look over at Liam he is cuddling with Jessica he kisses her head and starts singing to her he Is happier than ever Jessica changed him a lot I'm glad we met them. I love Jazmine so much and I'm going to tell her soon, I'm determined. After 20 minutes Jazmine and Jessica are knocked out I tell Liam "When are you telling her?" "As soon as possible I want her to know how I feel about her I never want her to feel like I don't care but I'm nervous, I just don't want to mess things up" he replies "I feel the same way too, Jazmine is the first girl that gets me really nervous every time I look into her eyes I see happiness I never want to see that change" I say "I know me either the thing that worries me the most is that I tell her I love her but she doesn't love me back then what do I do?" Liam says kissing Jessica on the head "I know she loves you the way she looks at you it's obvious" I say he smiles and says "Jazmine loves you too."


I wonder if she does ..Liam and I keep on talking about Jazmine  and Jessica, when I look at the clock it's 3:30 am "Mate it's 3:30 already we didn't sleep at all" "Man! Seriously?" Liam kisses Jessica on her lips, she opens her eyes and says "Well hello there" I play with Jazmine's hair and kiss her she starts to say "What" I start to laugh I whisper to her "Wake up babe we are going to be late," she finally gets up and says "Wow. It's time already?" "Yeah" I say Jazmine and Jessica quickly run to the bathroom and change I start making pancakes with Liam. When the girls come out we quickly eat, Liam and I run to get ready. We get out of the hotel and drive to the airport, once we are on the plane Liam and I knock out leaving Jazmine and Jessica awake. 10 Hours left on this plane.




A/N: Hey there lovely fans! Thanks for reading, it means a lot to Me and Jess. Please leave comments below! We appreciate it, we love hearing your feedback! Not sure about a new chapter tomorrow, we will try our best! Thanks again. (:


Stay Beautiful



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