Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


22. Matching Tattoos




I wake up around 9 a.m. The sunlight flashing into my eyes, almost blinding me. I check my phone and see that I have a text from Liam and Ethan, I unlock my phone and go to my messages and check Liam's message. 

"Hey Babe! Want to go to the beach today? I really miss you, sorry if I woke you up, reply back soon! -Liam x."

I reply back and say "Sure, what time?" I check the message that Ethan sent me, 

"Hey JessieBoo! Me and Hunter arrive at L.A. at 2 a.m. our flights got delayed, see you soon! -Ethan (:"


 I reply back and say


"Hey Carebear :P Alright, Me and Jay will pick you up at 2, even tho we'll look like zombies. See you soon! -Jess x."


I get another message from Liam


"We're coming to pick you up at 11, see you soon love! x. -Liam"


I smile and lock my phone setting it down on the nightstand. I get my Mac Book Pro and turn it on, I decide to get something to eat so I run downstairs and get some ice cream, I walk back upstairs. I go inside my room and notice that Jazmine isn't sleeping, and she's not there. I quickly turn around and there she is behind me, "AHHHHH!" I quickly run into my room and close the door, "Open! I'm locked out! I'm gonna die alone!" Jay screams, pounding on the door. I open it and she was about to pound my face with her fist, she freezes and puts her hand down, "That was close..." She says before running into my room, we both plop onto my bed and use my Mac Book Pro. We get onto Twitter and Facebook for a bit then we start randomly looking at pictures of tattoos, we loose track of time and see that it's 10:59, Me and Jay quickly head to the bathrooms, separately. We take quick 5 minute showers and change into our swimming suits and tops and shorts, I walk out of the bathroom, wearing my pink bikini, with my laced white top, and flower shorts. I have my hair up in a bun, and wearing flip-flops.


I notice that Liam and Harry have already arrived, they're sitting on my bed using my laptop. They both look up and Liam says "You like tattoos babe?" he turns the laptop to face me, Me and Jay forgot to close the tab. "Yeah, I've been dying to get one in like forever!" I say, "Wait but why was there two tabs open?" Harry said pointing at the other tab, as if it was on cue Jay walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing her baby blue bikini, with a pink crop top, and blue shorts. Her hair was natural, wavy and she was wearing her white converse. "Hey!" she says with a big smile on her face, Harry was still pointing at the other tab looking at me waiting for me to respond, "Oh Jazmine likes that one" I told him and pointed at her. She looks at me and says "Likes what?"  she says looking at the laptop, she walks over to it and then says "Oh yeah that" she then looks at me and pats a spot on the bed so I would come over. I walk over to her and sit down, "So you guys like these right?" Liam said pointing at them both, "Yeah" I reply.


Liam looks at Harry and they both make weird faces I guess that have some sort of code...I look at the laptop and stare at the tattoo I like, It's any infinity sign that's on the wrist, but It's made with words, it says: "And in that moment I felt.." and then the infinity sign finishes it. I look over at Jazmine's tattoo that she liked: It's a tattoo, but it's on the pinkie finger and it says "trust". Liam closes my laptop and grabs my hand, he pulls me away with him and me laughing. Harry and Jay are following us behind, being calm and quiet like they usually are. I grab my bag and Jay does the same, we all head out to Harry's car, Me and Liam sit in the back while Harry and Jay sit in the front. Harry starts driving to the beach while me and Liam talk for a bit in the back, Harry pulls up his car to a tattoo parlor and parks his car.


"What are we doing here?" Jay says confused, I nod my head and say "Yeah, I thought we were going to the beach" "Well Liam and I decided since you guys really liked the tattoos why not get them?" Harry said, "Ok, fine with me, Jessica can get one, I can't I'm under aged." Jay said looking at all of us, Harry laughs and says "Don't worry love, I know the people here." he said wiggling his eyebrows. Me and Jay start laughing as we get out of the car. Liam and I hold hands as we walk to the parlor. He whispers in my ear "I was wondering if you wanted to get matching tattoos, like the one that you picked, I'll get it too" I smile and whisper back "That'll be perfect." I hug him quickly before we enter the parlor. I sit with Liam and Jay sits with Harry, I'm practically sinking my nails into Liam's hand, I notice what I'm doing and I quickly stop what I'm doing and say "Sorry! I just notice, I'm just really scared.." Liam looks at me and rubs his hand and says "It's fine, and don't worry! Liam's here! Batman" he then hugs me tight. We wait for a few minutes until this guy comes over to us four and says, "Are you guys ready?" "Yeah" Harry said standing up eagerly, I think he's getting a tattoo too. Harry follows the man, Jay behind him, Me behind Jay, and Liam behind me. We all go into the room and take a seat, the man takes out the supplies and sets them on a table, He then looks at us and says "Who's getting the tattoo?" "All of us are" Liam said looking at the guy, I look at the mans name tag. His name is Bob, "Well then who's going first?" he said looking at every single one of us "I'll go first!" I said standing up and heading to the chair where he was going to give me the tattoo, everyone looked at me surprised. "You really wanted to get that tattoo didn't you?" Jay said laughing, "I guess I do" I replied sticking my tongue out at her.



Bob comes over to me and sets a stool in front of my chair and asks me what tattoo I wanted and where, he gets the needle and puts the ink in it. He takes me wrist and starts tattooing on me, I stiffen up the moment the needle touched my skin, "Just relax, it'll be over in no time" Bob told me "Alright" I said relaxing myself. He finished a few minutes later, I went to sit down back where I was. Liam stood up to take his turn, he told the guy the same as I did and in a few minutes they were finished. Jay got up and sat down on the chair, she looked at me and sent me a look as if she was about to die, I started giggling and shook my head, Bob looked at Jay and asked her what she wanted, she told him and he started getting the needle prepared, when she saw the needle she turned her head, looked at me with her eyes widen and mouthed out "HELP ME". I just shook my head and mouthed back "DON'T BE A BABY" she looked at me and nodded disagreeing. He started tattooing her and she calmed down, he finished in about three minutes, she came and sat next to me and just gave me a death glare, I giggled and patted her back "Be strong young warrior" she then looked at me and shook her head saying "Strange child, strange..." It was finally Harry's turn, no one heard what he was getting, he just simply whispered it into the guys ear.


"He took my idea!" Liam whisper yelled in my ear, I laughed and whispered back, "It's okay love" I kissed his cheek and he turned pink, I smiled and looked over at Jay, she was falling asleep. I tapped her on the shoulder and I guess I startled her she immediately shot up and rubbed her eyes, "What?" she asked sleepily "You're tired?" I asked confused, "I think so, I almost fell asleep so yeah I am" she whispered. I just shook my head and turned back to Liam, he was on twitter checking some mentions, he then looks at me and says "When are you girls going to let us mention your names?" "I'm not sure.." I say, "Are you afraid?" he asked me concerned "No, it's just that I don't want to get all that hate..and my parents don't even know that I'm dating you" I say looking into his bright chocolate brown eyes, "Alright" he said. I turn to look at Harry, he's getting another tattoo. I look at Jay and whisper to her "When our we going to tell their fans our names?" "I don't mind honestly, I mean what about right now?" she whispered back, I look at her and nod. I ask Liam for his phone and he gives it to me, I go on twitter and tweet on his account

"Hey guys! If you're wondering what Harry and My girlfriends names are here they are! Jazmine and Jessica (: x"


It immediately gets millions of retweets and favorites. I see some of the mentions say "What are their twitters?!" So I go and tweet:

"@Jessicaaa_M & @HeyItsJay13"


I give Liam his phone back, Jay was using her phone and it immediately starts buzzing non-stop "This is just crazy!" she said looking at her iPhone as it won't stop buzzing. She immediately starts laughing, "It tickles!" she throws her phone in her bag and looks at me, "You could have warned me you know?" she looked at me, giggling. "I'm sorry" I say smiling at her. We all wait 20 minutes, which seems forever till Harry finished getting his tattoos. Jay and I get up before the boys do and run off to the car.



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