Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


10. Kisses In The Rain



I see Jazmine staring at the sunset, her green eyes are so beautiful. I look around and I see Liam and Jessica kissing, guess he asked her out already. "Hey look!" I point to Jessica and Liam while they sit together. Jazmine looks over at them and smiles and says "How cute". "We should be cute together" I tell her. She giggles and says "I'd like that" she says before smiling at the ground. I say "Well I've been thinking a lot lately... and I really really want it to be me and you, not just me." "Wait, what do you mean?" she asks looking up at me. I make her face the sunset and grab her waist from behind and whisper into her ear, "Would you be mine?" I wait for her response nervously and then she turns around and looks at me, then says "Yeah, of course" she replies smiling. I smile really big and lift her up and spin her around. I hold her hand and walk over to Jessica and Liam. "Look at the lovebirds" Jazmine says teasing them. They both turn around and look at us smiling. "We should get going, yeah?" Liam says. Liam and Jessica stand up then it starts pouring.




It started to rain, it practically ruined the day. Jazmine and My make-up starts running as the rain hits our face. Liam and Harry look at us shocked and say "Why are you girl's wearing make-up?" Me and Jazmine cover our faces with our hands then I say "I know I look disgusting" "Me too" Jazmine says. Liam uncovers my face as Harry does the same to Jazmine and Liam tells me, "No you don't, you don't need to wear all that you're perfect just the way you are." I smile and look over at Harry and Jazmine, he kisses her, I look back at Liam's eyes and he leans in closer untill our lips touched. Then we hear a whole bunch of people screaming Liam and Harry's names, we look back and notice a whole bunch of paparazzi. Jazmine and I take a head start and try to run as fast as we could, Jazmine has an advantage since she decided to wear sneakers and I wore heels.


We make it to the car soaking wet and get inside, we waited a minute or two for Liam and Harry to get in. Harry started to drive as fast as he could away from the park so the paparazzi wouldn't come for us. We make it to my place and go inside. We all dry off and I give Liam and Harry a T-Shirt and some sweats that belong to my brother. Me and Jazmine rush upstairs and change into our PJ's. I sit on my bed and Jazmine sits on hers. We call Harry and Liam upstairs, we hear them running as fast as they can to get here. They walk inside and lock the door and trip over each other. Me and Jazmine start laughing really hard to the point that we start crying.


I pat the empty space next to me so Liam can come with me. He pulls the blanket and covers us and we cuddle. Harry lays next to Jazmine and puts his arm around her. "Why don't we all watch a movie?" I suggest. "Sure" they all reply. "I'll get it" Jazmine says as she gets up and puts the movie in the dvd player. When she finishes she plops back onto her bed, we watch the movie.
30 minutes into the movie Harry and Jazmine fall asleep, I see that Liam is very tired and I tell him, "Go to sleep love, I'll turn off the movie." He says "Alright, I'll be waiting here for you." I go and turn off the movie and tv, I jump back to the bed and cuddle up next to Liam and give him a goodnight kiss. I fall asleep in the warmth of his arms. 



A/N: Hey guys! Hope you likes the chapter. We stayed up 'till 1 writing this for you lovely readers. Stay tuned for more!


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