Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


31. Kian and Sam



I froze when I saw Jessica's mom. "H-Hi Emily" I managed to choke out. Jessica was standing next to me fiddling with her fingers nervously, "Hi Jay" she replied back giving me a smile. "Um I'm going to get cleaned up, I'll be back in a few." I quickly let out in a breath as I run up to my room. I lock the door once I'm inside and head to the bathroom and take a fast shower. 




After getting cleaned up I dried my hair and let them stay as their perfect waves. I threw on a baby blue sleeveless crop top and some white shorts. I slipped on my white converse and went downstairs slowly not wanting to interrupt anything. I peeked out into the living room and saw Jessica, she got dressed too. She was wearing a purple hoodie and dark blue skinnies. Her mom, Kian, and someone else familiar was sitting with their backs facing me. Jessica was sitting in front of them talking. She spotted me and said "Hey Jay!" I mentally facepalmed as I was trying to not have anyone notice me, everyone turned to face me. I waved my hand and said "Hi everyone!" with a smile plastered on my face. "Jay!!!!!" Kian yelled as he got up and ran over to me. I laughed at how random he was and then I was quickly pulled into a bear hug. I hugged Kian back and giggled, "Are you okay?" he pulled away and said  "Yeah totally" before giving me two thumbs up. I just shook my head and smiled. "You haven't grown a bit Jay" Kian said looking down at me, "I know, I'm gonna be a shorty for life" I said before chuckling. 


"Oh do you remember Sam?" Kian asked before turning his to face Sam and pointed at him. I smiled at Sam then back at Kian, "Yeah!" I said. Sam and I used to hang out a lot when I went to go visit Jess when she used to live in Washington. By this time I hadn't realized that Sam got up and walked over to me and Kian. He pulled me into a big hug "I missed you tons!" he said pulling away from the hug and smiling at me. "Same!" I replied giving him a smile.


We all chatted for a bit and then Jess' mom went to make dinner for us. There was a knock at the door and Kian went to get it, it was Jess and Kian's dad. After we all said greeted her dad we went to eat. Jess sat next to me, Kian in front of Jess, and Sam next to Kian, and I sat in front of Sam. Jess' parents went to eat outside to talk about stuff. 




We all finished eating and started talking. I got a message from my phone, I opened it up and saw it was from Kian.


Kian: Jess! Guess what?!


Me: What??


Kian: Sam has a crush on Jay :D 


Me: Oh um cool...


I locked my phone and pushed it into my pocket. Kian looked at me with a 'What's so bad about that?' face. I just shook my head and mouthed to him 'I'll tell you later'


"Jess can I talk to you for a few minutes?" Kian said getting up from the table tugging on my arm. I shot him a death glare, gosh this boy doesn't have any patience. "Fine" I said getting up and walking into the kitchen. Kian dragged me into the kitchen and said "What's so bad about Sam liking Jay?" I crossed my arms over my chest and said "Two reasons, one Jay has a boyfriend. Two now she has two guys that like her." I let out in a breath.


Kian eyed me suspiciously and said "Jay has a boyfriend?" Oh shoot. I just wanted the ground to swallow me right now and make me dissapear. Kian is really protective over Jay and I. Before I could say anything he ran off into the dining room with me running behind. "JAY YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!" Kian yelled throwing his arms up in the air, Jay and Sam stopped laughing at whatever they were laughing at. Jay's eyes widened and I saw Sam frown but he quickly wiped it off his face.


Shoot Jay's gonna kill me.




I looked at Jessica and narrowed my eyes at her letting her know that I knew she spilled. I'm not mad at her, every one makes mistakes and it's fine. I looked back at Kian he had his arms folded over his chest and was tapping one of his shoes on the floor. I sighed and said "Yeah I do." "I do not approve of this" he said shaking his head. "You might since he's your man crush.." I mumbled to myself. Yes Kian has a man crush on Harry Styles, and Sam has one on Niall. He narrowed his eyes at me and said "What did you say?" I swear Kian can be so protective it scares me. "I said, you might since he's your man crush!" I almost yelled at him. His eyes widened and said "You're dating Harry? Harry Styles?" I nodded my head and said "And Jess is dating Liam. They're really sweet and nice to us so please just let them be." His eyes widened more, before he was about to say something I got up and took Jess with me upstairs leaving Kian and Sam alone.


"Jay! Why'd you tell him!" Jess said smacking my arm once I closed the door. "Because! I'm tired of him acting so protective and crap. He just needs to let us be it's our life not his." I said before sliding down and sitting against the door. I was attacked into a hug by Jessica. I just laughed and her action "Thank you! At least some one understands." she smiled at me after finishing her sentence. I smiled a goofy smile and said "Welcome."




Right now Jess and I were downstairs talking on Skype with Harry and Liam. Jess and I were in a fit of laughter, Harry was sliding across the floor in socks and slipped. "I....can't..breathe!" I managed to say between my laughter. Jess nodded, her face was really red from all the laughing which caused me to laugh even harder. "What's going on?" Kian said running downstairs to find me and Jess on the ground crying and laughing. Jess and I calmed down and I spoke up "We're video chatting with Harry and Liam, Harry just slipped and fell. That's why we were laughing" I giggled remembering what happened a few seconds ago and wiped the tears from my eyes. Sam came down too and was now standing next to Kian. He waved at me and I smiled and waved back. "Love who are you talking to?" Harry said from the computer, I turned to face him and said "Jess' brother."  I turned back to face Kian he was glancing at the computer screen. I laughed and said "Would you like to join us?" He smiled and said "Really? Yeah!" he shouted like a little nine year old and ran over to me. "You too Sam!" I said and he came over as well.


"Harry, Liam. This is Kian and Sam." I introduced them to each other. Kian and Sam were huge fan of the boys like us. I knew they were trying to play cool until I decided to embarrass Kian for what he did earlier. I smirked and looked at Jess. She looked at me confused and I just nodded my head. "Harry?" I said poking my head to the camera so I could show up, "Yeah?" he asked. "Guess what?" I said smirking and looking back at Kian. His eyes widened as he knew what I was about to do. I heard Sam chuckle. I turned back to tell him but Kian quickly tackled me to the ground saying "DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT" I laughed and managed to get away from his grip and quickly went to the camera and said "Kian has a man crush on you!" I then started giggling as Kian turned red and Jess and Sam started laughing. Kian then tackled me to the floor again tickling me saying "Why!!!" I couldn't stop laughing, I was very ticklish. "Okay Kian that's enough" Sam said pulling Kian away from me. I sat up and fixed my hair. Harry and Liam were laughing too. "It's fine to have a man crush" Harry said directing to Kian. "I know I know" he said as he waved his arms up in the air. I really missed having Kian and Sam around.


They're like my two brothers.







Hello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed the long chapter. I was having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas but I came around and managed to make it (also thanks to Jess for the ideas! c:). Kian and Sam? Do they sound familiar to you? Well Kian and Sam are two YouTubers! If you'd like to see them visually go check them out and their videos on YouTube! Just search up: superkian13 or kiansasm13.


I'll try and upload on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I have practices and stuff for exams. I'm really busy but I'll try my best to make at least a chapter or two! Video is almost done so be ready! Love you guys a ton! Stay Tuned for more!!!!!!!


Stay Beautiful



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