Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


21. Jess' Place




I take out my keys from my pocket, and unlock the front door. Me and Jazmine run up to my room, we start unpacking my clothes and etc from my bag. In about 5 minutes we finish, Jay leaves her bag in a corner since we're going to drop it off in a while. We both head downstairs and see that the boys aren't there, they left a note on the door. I walk over to it and get it,


"You found the note! Well Me and Harry went to our flats to drop off our stuff, we got a last minute call from our manager. We needed to meet up at Louis' place for a band meeting, text you when we're done. 

Liam x. (:"


"They had to leave" I tell Jay, "Oh okay" she replied. I run upstairs and get my Mac Book Pro and come back downstairs. We both sit at the couch and get on Skype to see who's online, my phone buzzes so I check it, I got a message from Ethan. 

"Hey! Wanna Skype? Hunter is skyping with me and we wanna see you guys!"

I scream out of nowhere from excitement. I really miss him, Jay looks at me as if I was mental. "Ethan and Hunter wanna Skype with us!" I yell with joy, "CALL THEM!" Jay screams with a smile from ear to ear, I click on Ethan's profile and hit the call button. Me and Jay try to look as normal and calm as possible, Ethan picks up and it starts connecting. It finally shows their faces, Me and Jay scream, we couldn't control ourselves. "OMG HIIIIIIIIII" I say jumping up and down. "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY" Jay says, smiling really big. "HELLOOOOO" Hunter and Ethan say waving and smiling like goofs, I fall off the couch and eat the floor, Jay looks down at me and falls to so I wouldn't feel left out.


We hear Ethan and Hunter dying of laughter from the floor we quickly get up and sit back down, strands of our hair sticking up and on our face, Hunter and Ethan turn even more red from laughing, "Don't you ladies look attractive" Ethan says laughing, "Yeah, very sexy" Hunter says with a wink, we start laughing again then we hear a thud, Me and Jay look over at the door, "What's that?" Ethan says looking curious, I see Liam and Harry on the floor, "Eavesdroppers!" Jay yells giggling, Liam and Harry quickly get up and run towards us. "No! The door was closed and we tried opening it..." Liam said trying to deny the truth, "Sure" I said smiling.


Liam sits down next to me and gives me a peck on the lips, Harry sits next to Jay and kisses her cheek. I look over at the computer and see Ethan and Hunter with their eyes widen, looking like they were going to pop out of their sockets. "That's-That's-That's-Tha-" Hunter starts studering, "Yeah Bro, it's them." Ethan says. "Them who?" I say looking at them with a death glare, "You two would obsess over them" Hunter says smirking, "What?! We didn't even know them! We just met them a month ago, what the hell are you talking about?!" Jay says turning pink. "Stop lying, you two have like a bajillion posters of them back home" Ethan said laughing. Jay and I turn red, I cover my face and Jay makes a huge 'face palm'. Liam and Harry then say "Awww, they obsessed over us" then they both hug us really big. Jay and I break away from the hug with our ninja skills, Hunter and Ethan start laughing again and we give them death glares.


Jay starts speaking to change the subject, "So when is your flight at?" "We'll get there tomorrow in the afternoon" Hunter says smiling like a goof. "What?" Liam and Harry say in unison, "Well this is Ethan and Hunter" I say pointing at them, "And this is Liam and Harry" Jay said pointing at them. "So that's them..." Harry says looking at Jay like he's about to kill her, she looks at him with her eyes widened, "So this is the guy you have like millions of picture with?" Liam says looking at me raising one of his eyebrows, I look at him and nod. I turn back to look at Jay and see her jumping up and off the couch, knocking a few things down, she runs around the coffee table with Harry chasing her behind "Don't kill me!" She screamed jumping around the living room, she quickly jumps onto the couch and sits between Liam and I. Harry grabs Jay and sits her next to him, I look at the computer and see that Hunter is turning red, 'That's weird...' I think to myself, I snap out of my thoughts when Liam whispers in my ear, "Do you like him more than me?" I whisper back "I love you both equally, but you a bit more cause I'm yours" He smiles and looks into my eyes, I overhear Harry saying "You're mine, you know that right. Nobody else's." All of a sudden Liam crashes his lips against mines.


A few minutes pass by and I notice that Ethan hung up, same with Hunter. I pull away from Liam and look for Jay, Harry's sitting on the couch alone, playing with his fingers. "Where's Jay?" I ask Harry, "She said she would be back in a few minutes, I don't know she just went upstairs." "Oh alright, I'm gonna go check, be right back." I quickly sprint up from the couch and speed upstairs to my room. I open the door and go inside my room, I see Jay sitting down in the corner on her phone. I walk over to her and sit next to her, I look at her face, she's really concentrated on whatever she's doing, I look at her phone and see shes in a group chat with Hunter and Ethan. "Why'd they hang up?" I ask her, looking at her phone, "I'm trying to figure that out." She replied. She started typing: 

"Hey, what happened?" -Jay

"Lost connection maybe?" -Hunter

"Yeah, same here" -Ethan


She looks up at me and shakes her head, "They're lying, I just know it" "Yeah, I know" I reply, "Well I'm hungry, Pizza?" Jay says "YES!" I reply jumping up and down, "Calm your self girlie" Jay says laughing. "Okay okay, I'm calm" I reply smiling. "Leggo" Jay says before heading downstairs, We both walk into the kitchen, I take out my phone and order 3 large pizzas, Jay's sitting on the counter texting someone, "Who you texting?" I say, "Louis, I'm telling him to come over with the boys, like we can chill outside." she says looking up at me, "Bet" I said. When we finished talking we went to the living room, "You guys hungry?" I say looking at Liam and Harry, "Yeah!" they reply in unison. "Alright, we just ordered pizza, and the boys are coming over." I said sitting down on the couch. Jay takes out her phone and texts me,

From: Jazmine

'Ok so like Me, Niall, & Louis have this plan for tonight right, so like we are all going to be playing truth or dare. Then Louis is going to ask you "Do you love Liam?" Then you're gonna say, "I have a confession....I love Niall." then Liam is gonna be like whatttt and then Niall is going to say "We have been together for a few days now." and then we just make it up along the way for a few minutes'


I reply back "Bet!". Jay looks at me and gives me a mischievous  grin, the door bell suddenly rings. I get up and answer the door, Let the prank begin. 





I'm here waiting for the girls to open up the door, I can't wait to prank Liam. His reaction is going to be priceless. The door opens up and Jessica invites us inside, We all hug the girls and go sit at the couch. "Okay so the food should be here in about 10 minuues, until then what do you guys want to do?" Jessica says, "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" I scream out with a smirk. "Yeah!" They all say, everyone sits down in a circle. Liam sits next to Jessica then Jazmine, Harry, Me, Zayn, and  Niall. "I'll go first!" Jay says, she looks around at everyone and picks Zayn. "Zayn! Truth or Dare?" she says, "Um...Dare" He says, "I dare you too...slap someone's bum!" Jay said giggling. "Alright" Zayn said getting up, he walks over to Liam and slaps his bum, he then comes back to his spot and sits down. Everyone starts laughing, now it was Zayn's turn to pick someone, he looks straight at me "Louis! Truth or Dare?" He said with a grin, "I pick..Dare!" "Then I dare you to put ice down Harry's shirt." I smirk and run quickly to the kitchen and grab a bowl full of ice, then go back to the living room, I immediately pour the bowl of ice into Harry's shirt, he lets out a girl scream and we all start laughing while he tries getting the ice out of his shirt.


When we all settle down It was my turn to pick someone, I look at Jessica and say "Jessica, Truth or Dare?" "Hmm, Truth!" she smiles, "Then is it true that you love Liam?" She starts the prank and pretends to be thinking, she then speaks up and says, "I have a confession to make, I love Niall..." Everyone gasps and we all turn to Liam, his mouth making a perfect 'O' shape, He starts getting red, then Niall comes and sits next to Jessica and says "We've been together for a few days now.." Harry is as shocked as Liam. Liam looks at Jessica and says, "You've been cheating on me?" Niall puts his arm around Jessica and says "She's never liked you lad, sorry." Then I look at Liam with a sympathetic face and say "She told me too." Liam's face drops, it looks like he's about to cry so I say "YOU HAVE JUST BEEN PRANKED BY LOUIS, THE TOMMO TOMLINSON, NIALL THE POTATO, ZAYN THE VAIN, JESSICA THE MASTERMIND, AND JAZMINE THE GUADALUPE." I get up and run out to the kitchen laughing, everyone following me behind.


Then Liam starts to get sensitive and says "Why would you do that to me?" "That should teach you a lesson, for not trusting me." Jessica says. "I do trust you love!" "Then you should trust me with Ethan, I'm not going to do anything with him! He's my best friend, I've known him since I was five." Jessica turns to look at Harry and says "You should also trust Jay with Hunter! That's her best friend" Niall, Zayn, and I nod our heads, "It's true mate." Niall says. It stays silent for about a minute until we hear the door bell ring, "I'll get it!" Jay says before running to the front door.




I can't believe that the boys did that, knowing that I'm sensitive. I love Jess, but I can't stand imagining her or even seeing her with another guy, that's why I'm so protective with her. I have a weird feeling that either Ethan or Hunter likes Jessica, I don't know, I should just trust Jessica. Jessica snaps me out of my thoughts when she hugs me and says "I'm sorry for doing that" "It's fine love, I promise to you that I trust you, no matter what" "Alright" she says smiling. Jay walks into the kitchen with the pizza and sets it on the counter, before she could even walk away Niall attacks Jay and takes 3 slices of pizza and runs off to the backyard. We all grab a slice of pizza and head outside, we all sit down on the grass and start talking for a bit. It starts getting dark outside so we all head inside, its around 10 pm and Jess falls asleep in my arms, I look over at Harry and Jay and notice that Jazmine is sleeping.


Me and Harry take them both up to the rooms and lay them on the bed, we quietly get out of their rooms and close the door. All of us pick up the mess we made and crash on the sofa for a bit. In a few minutes Louis, Niall and Zayn are dead asleep. Me and Harry start to talk, "We really need to trust them Harry." I say "I know, it's just that I don't want them stealing our girls away from us..and it seemed like they liked Jay and Jess." Harry said looking at me, "I noticed that too, but maybe they just missed them or something, you know?" I said looking at him, thinking. "Maybe, guess we'll find out soon" Harry said getting up, I wake up the lads and tell them that we're leaving, we all quickly get out of Jess' place and lock the door. I just really hope that nothing happens between them.




Me and Jay wait a while until we hear the front door close, we were faking that we fell asleep. We really just needed to clean up the house and call them to know at what time we are going to pick up Ethan and Hunter, "They left" I tell Jazmine, she's texting Hunter and Ethan. "Alright, c'mon lets hurry up, we'll only have a few hours of sleep if we take forever to clean" Jay says, "Yeah, let's go" I start walking downstairs while Jay decides to clean the upstairs area of the house, while I clean the downstairs area. I start cleaning the kitchen for a few minutes. I quickly finish and clean the dining room and living room, I walk upstairs and look for Jazmine, "GUADALUPE!" I scream looking around for her, "WHAT?!" she yells back. "Where are you!?" I yell back, "Right behind you" she says in a normal tone, I quickly turn around and fall backwards and scream, she scared me so much right now, she starts laughing at my reaction. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" I say sitting up from the floor, she helps me up and says "Sorry, I just really wanted to do that" she starts skipping off to my room and plops onto her bed, we both decide to go to sleep so we can wake up early tomorrow. I can't wait 'till tomorrow, we're finally going to see our best friends.


A/N: Hey lovelies! Jay & Jess here. Hope you like the chapter, took us 2 days to write this, tell us what you think. Comment! We would really love getting comments, Not sure about a new chapter coming out tomorrow. On Friday night and Saturday night, long chapters will be out those two days, Not sure about Sunday. Hope you enjoy this chapter! Don't forget to comment and follow us on twitter! Tell us that you're from movellas and we'll give you a shoutout. Stay tuned! (: x.


Stay Beautiful








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