Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


34. It's My Birthday (Part Three)

A/N: Before you start reading, this is just a filler! Sorry for the lateness again, I've been very busy lately. Enjoy!






I smiled as I saw that everyone was here, including my parents and my other younger baby sister. My eyes started filling up with tears, threatening to spill any second. I hurried over to them and hugged them. "Happy Birthday Jay!" My mom said cheerfully. "Thanks mom" I replied wiping away my tears, I know I'm not supposed to be crying but i haven't seen them in a year! Plus my baby sister was born and I couldn't go visit, so I haven't met her before. She's already a year old and I still have not seen her, sad huh? I turned to face my dad which was holding my little sister. "Happy Birthday Princess" he smiled, I smiled back nodding my head. "Can I carry her for a while?" I asked my dad, "Yeah of course" He replied before handing me my sister. I grabbed her carefully and greeted everyone else before walking to the living room. I sat her on the couch and set her on my lap, Jess joining me a moment after.  


"She's so cute" Jess said in a playful voice as she tickled my little sister causing her to giggle. "Yeah, I can't believe I missed her first birthday. I pouted and faced Jess, "Well you'll be there for the second one!" she said positively causing me to laugh. "True true."


Sam and Kian joined us a while after and we were all playing on the floor with the baby seeing who she'd come to as we all called her. "Come on Jade! Why haven't you come to me?!" Kian whined as Sam held her at the moment. She started laughing as Sam poked her cheeks playfully, Jess and I laughing at Kian's statement. "Maybe she's afraid of you! I was when I was little." Jess said making me laugh even harder as Kian sent her a glare. We all continued playing the game until the doorbell rang, "I'll get it!" Jess jumped up and ran to the door. I looked at Kian and Sam with my eyebrows raised "Someone's eager to get the door" I said and they both chuckled.


"Where is she? Jessica tell me already!" A familiar voice spoke, "Wait! Give me a second, you're so impatient and childish sometimes I don't know how Jay handles you" Jess snapped back. "Hey!" He spoke up again. My lips curved to form a smile and I recognized his voice. "She's in the living room okay" Jess said and afterwards let out a loud sigh. I giggled at how irritated she gets when they talk. The footsteps grew louder as they came closer and closer. Finally his tall figure appeared as he walked into the living room, he was dressed in his usual black skinnies and white V-Neck. He flashed me a toothy grin and then ran over to me, Kian and Sam stopped what they were doing as they saw one of their favorite singers and stared in shock. Harry got on his knees and attacked me into a hug throwing both of us onto the floor. I started laughing loudly him joining me as I hugged him back. "Happy Birthday love!" he said a bit too loudly, "Thank you, mind getting off me now?" I said calming down from my laughing fit. "Actually I'm quite comfortable like this so.." He said joking around, I shook my head and pushed him off me softly.


We both sat up and I turned to face Sam and Kian, both of them watching our little scene. "Kian and Sam this is Harry. Harry this is Sam and this is Kian" I introduced them to each other pointing each of them out at the mention of their names. 


"Oh! I almost forgot!" Harry said randomly as we were all sat on the floor, I looked at him confused and he said "Hold on I'll be back." I nodded my head as he got up and left the living room. Jess and I's parents and siblings were all outside socializing. "Jay, you have a special boyfriend" Jess said with a straight face. I giggled and said "Well you have a serious one so hush." Harry walked into the living room with a huge box, wrapped in a colorful wrapping and a gold bow on top. He set it down on the floor next to me. "C'mon open it!" he pulled me off the floor quickly and hurried me to open the gift. "Alright Alright, calm down curly" I said putting my hands up. I opened the present and the box and inside was an acoustic guitar, I smiled  and looked at Harry, "Look at the bottom corner" he said excitedly. I looked down and saw it was signed by the one and only, Ed Sheeran. My mouth hung open and I looked up at him, "You did not." "Oh I did!" He said smiling. I put the guitar down and engulfed him into a hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much" "It's nothing really" he stated. 


I pulled away from the hug and Sam, Kian, and Jess all looked at me with a weird face. "What's so special about the guitar?" Jess asked, she hasn't seen it. I picked it up and turned it so if faced them, "He got it signed by Ed" I said jumping around in my spot. They all looked shocked and looked at Harry and then back at the guitar. "That is so cool!" Kian yelled causing me to giggled. "It is"





Well this chapter sucked.. Hey lovelies! sorry about the bad chapter! I just wanted to get something out for you guys so yeah, I was rushed. It's unedited so sorry for any mistakes. Sorry for the lateness. I'll try my best to upload soon. Comment and Share! Love you guys.


Stay Beautiful






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