Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


32. It's My Birthday (Part One)



I woke up quietly around 6 am, I know it's really early but I have to. My feet came in contact with the floor, I scurried along the wood floor over to the closet. Looking through it I found my navy blue studded collar chiffon dress, walked to the bathroom and got dressed. (If you want to see the outfit with the shoes go to Forever 21 and search up Studded Collar Chiffon Dress, its the one with the blond model (: ) After that I curled my hair a little and put on some mascara and my clear baby lips, not wanting to wear too much make up. 


I grabbed my clutch and phone then went downstairs, I tried my best being as quiet as I could going downstairs and exited Jess' place. I let out a loud sigh in relief that I didn't wake up anyone and started walking to the nearby Starbucks. If you're confused as to why I'm up on  Wednesday at 6 am is because today is my birthday, in all honesty I don't like my birthday. The reason to that is every since I met Jess she goes full out crazy and plans some huge party for me. I really appreciate it but it gets a bit tiring after a while. She doesn't have to do that for me! I'm not special or anything. 


I open the door to Starbucks and once I stepped inside the sweet smells of the sweets and the coffee surrounded me. I smiled a little and went over to the line to wait. Once it was my turn I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with Caramel on top. It was my favorite drink from here, I don't know why but it was, I then paid and went back outside and went for a walk. My phone vibrated in my pocket a couple a times so I took it out and checked that it was Jess, I just ignored it knowing she wanted me to go back home, before I put it back into my pocket I checked the time, locked it then slid it into my pocket.


Walking around the park was nice. No one was there so I was all by myself which was what I wanted. I really don't mind being alone, I'm kinda used to it from when I was little so it doesn't bother me. It was boiling hot outside today in California, nothing unusual. After a while of more walking I decided to leave. This time instead of going back to Jess' place I was going to mine, I haven't been there since school ended which was about a month or two ago.


Finally reaching to the front of my house I pulled out my keys that I had in one of the zippers of my clutch and unlocked the door, stepping inside everything was just the same it was since the last time I was here. I closed the door behind me locking it and went over to my couch and plopped onto it. I took out my phone and checked it, I had five missed calls and 11 messages. The calls were from two from Jess, one from Kian, and one from Sam, and the last one was from Harry. The messages were from Harry and Jess, I unlocked Harry's first and read his: 'Happy Birthday Love! xx.' I smiled and then looked at Jess' messages. All of them were of her freaking out asking where I was and to come home. I responded to her saying: 'Girl, calm down I'm fine. I'll be at your place in 15 minutes' I locked my phone and headed for the door to go back to Jess' Place.


I knocked on the door once but before I could knock again the door swung open and I was engulfed into a huge hug by Jessica. I tumbled a bit back not expecting that then hugged back giggling a little. "Jay I thought you got kidnapped or worse and I was about to call the police but Kian and Sam stopped me and you scared me! I was so excited this morning cause I was walking to your room cause I made you pancakes cause it's your birthday and when you weren't there I flipped out." Jess said all at once, my eyes widened and I pulled away from the hug. "You were going to call the cops, seriously Jess. I was just out for a walk, plus I couldn't get kidnapped too many people are in this house and anyone would have noticed." I said. She nodded then smiled "I love your outfit! Happy Birthday by the way" she said hugging me quickly once more. I smiled and said "Thanks." I walked inside with Jessica and into the living room to find Kian and Sam talking to each other thinking about places where I would be. I giggled at how concerned they were about me then once they hear my giggle they both snapped their heads my way and smiled. "JAY!!!!" they screamed in unison running over to me pulling me into another big hug.


After everyone was calmed down knowing that I was home we all chilled in the living room. "Wanna go to the mall?" Jess blurted out randomly. "Um sure, why not?" I said nodding my head. "No don't leave me here with Kian!" Sam said joking around as he clung onto my waist. "Hey!" Kian said acting offended and smacked Sam in the back of his head. I laughed with Jess at their silliness, "You guys can come if you want" I smiled at them both and they both nodded. A thought came into my mind and my mouth hung open, they all noticed and Jess spoke up. "What's wrong?" my eyes widened and I spoke "Where are Brooke, Nina, Hunter, and Ethan?" She laughed and said "They're at a hotel, they wanted to go see this movie premiere so they stayed there" I sighed in relief. "I haven't seen them in two days gosh I thought something happened." Kian, Sam, and Jessica all started laughing and I just shook my head. "Oh shush" I said crossing my arms over my chest. "So are we going to the mall or what?" Sam said, We all got our things and headed to the door to go to the mall.






Sorry for the boring ending but there's going to be a part two for this! Also sorry for the shortness... I can't believe this has 3,000 reads! It's amazing I was so happy thanks so much for reading this. It means a lot to Jess and I. The next chapter will be very exciting and interesting long too! So stay tuned! Love you guys a ton! Hopefully new chapter will be out soon! I'm just really busy now, I have practices and so does Jess and things are really busy at the moment but we are trying our best for you amazing guys. Love you guys. Thanks for everything again!


Stay Beautiful



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