Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


18. Ice Cream Stop




I wake up around 9 a.m. I'm snuggled into Liam's warm chest. I cuddle up with him for a while, I love him a lot, I'm not sure if he loves me the same way I love him. I kiss his cheek and he smiles, I kiss him on the nose and he starts to wake up. "Morning love" he says smiling "Morning" I reply giving him a small hug. Liam and I get up and walk over to Harry/Jazmine's bed. We grab Harry's ankles and pull him off the bed, he lands on the floor and wakes up "Ouch, was that really necessary?" he said rubbing his eyes, he's still sleepy. "Yes it was, now go make us some food" Liam said laughing.


Liam and Harry go into the kitchen to make breakfast, I sit next to Jazmine and stare at her for a moment, I wonder if she feels me staring at her. Her eyes open at the second and I fall back 'cause she scared me. "Stop staring, it's rude." she said giggling. I start laughing and crying at the same time cause I hurt myself but it was funny that I fell. Liam comes running to the bedroom with a fork and says "What's wrong? What happened, why are you crying babe? Are you okay?" I start laughing at his concerned face. He's so cute when he cares about me. "Yeah love, I just hurt my arm. Don't worry so much" I replied. "How am I supposed to not worry?" He asked me making a funny face. I start giggling at his adorableness, Liam comes over to me and picks me up and takes me to the kitchen, Jazmine follows us behind.


Jazmine sees that Harry made a lot of food, so she runs to him and jumps on him giving him a big hug, I start laughing and Liam joins me too. "I guess I should start cooking more often" Harry said laughing at what Jazmine did. "Yeah you should." Jazmine said giggling. Liam starts feeding me, he's so adorable, I do the same to him. Liam keeps babying me because I fell. We all eat breakfast, when Jazmine and I finished we rushed to the rooms to pick out our clothes for today. I see that Jazmine was nervous, while I was happy and excited, Jazmine picks out a short hot pink strapless dress, she picks up her long beautiful hair into a ponytail and adds a bow. I decide to go with a  short purple dress and let my red straightened hair down. When we get out the boys open there mouths and say "You ladies just keep getting more beautiful everyday." Jazmine and I giggle and look at each other, we all make a group hug.


After that we all go to Harry's car and get in. I sit in the back with Jazmine again, we keep driving but then Harry stops at an ice cream shop. We walk out and Jazmine says "What are we doing here?" "Well it's been a month that we met you guys at the ice cream shop, so we decided to bring you to one just for a little while" Harry says. I look at them and say "No ice cream fight this time, okay?" We all laugh and Liam grabs me by the waist and says "Of course not love" Harry puts his arm around Jazmine and we all go inside the ice cream shop. We order and sit at a table and start eating our ice cream, I take Liam's ice cream and eat it all, he starts tickling me. He knows that  I can't stand being tickled. When we finish eating we walk outside, Harry grabs Jazmine and starts kissing her. It was the cutest thing ever, it was so unexpected, they kiss for a long time. Liam and I are just watching them until Liam starts kissing my cheek, then my forehead, and then my neck. I giggle and he kisses my cheek again. "I love kissing you" Liam says smiling,


"Why?" I asked curiously. "Cause I want to show you how much you mean to me, with just one smile you changed my world completely and with every kiss you make me want more. You seriously mean a lot to me and I never want to loose you okay, babe never. I promise" I look into his beautiful brown eyes that I fell in love with, I want to tell him I love him so badly but I feel like it's too soon. I smile and kiss him, this time it was the longest kiss we ever had, our hands were intertwined together. Jazmine and Harry finally pull away and they say "Look what we have over here". I smile and pull away and say "Well you guys had fun today" Jazmine and Harry start laughing and say "So did you guys." We all smile and head back to the car.      

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